Outstanding Best Buy Scholarship for High School Students

Best Buy Scholarship

Best Buy Scholarship

The outstanding Best Buy Scholarship for high school students awards $1.5 million annually to students in high school grades 9-12. The Best Buy scholarship offers $1,500 to one thousand students that reside in the United States or Puerto Rico. Best Buy has been a proud sponsor of this amazing scholarship since 1999. Those interested in applying for the Best Buy 15 scholarship must submit an application by February 15th of the scholarship year. The finalists chosen to compete for this outstanding scholarship from Best Buy will be notified by March of the scholarship year.

Applicants will be judged on many different areas. The reason for this is because they want to award the scholarships to those who present the best overall package. Academics are important but so are many other things.

The Best Buy @15 Scholarship is awarded to students that are attending high school in grades 9-12. The awards offered are broken down by grades. The freshmen’s or 9th graders will receive (20) scholarships. The Sophomore’s or 10th graders will receive twice as many with (40) scholarships. The Juniors or 11th graders will receive (90) scholarships and the Seniors or 12th graders will receive a whopping (850) Best Buy scholarships. That accounts for the (1000) scholarships offered annually by the Best Buy @15 Scholarship Program. This is an awesome amount of scholarships awarded every year by only one company and thats why Best Buy is among the elite on their generousity towards awarding scholarships and this may be one of the best!

Best Buy continues to be dedicated to the belief that high school students can be motivated and prepared for successful futures if they are only provided with the opportunity. They believe that teenagers can shine and this Best Buy scholarship provides the opportunity to do so.

The applicants applying for the Best Buy 15 Scholarship will be judged on various skills and attributes. Not only do these prospective scholarship recipients have to shine academically but they have to demonstrate community support as well. They will be looking to see if the students have volunteered in their communities. This shows good character and leadership potential. Those who show a concern for their community now are more likely to do so in the future as well. Best Buy wants to award the students who will give something back to their community. Work experience is another area that will be examined. Good work experience speaks for itself. The ability to take on responsibility and earn your way is very important.

Although the Best Buy @15 Scholarship began over a decade ago it was not until the 2009 scholarship year that high school grades 9-11 were included in the program. The program used to be for seniors only. Over the past decade Best Buy has sponsored more than $14.5 million dollars in scholarships. The program has assisted over 11,000 students over the years. In 2009 alone over 147,000 students applied for the Best Buy scholarship. This means that 147,000 applicants are competing for only 1000 scholarships. That says a lot about the importance of this program and tuition assistance. Don’t let the numbers discourage you from applying for the Best Buy 15 scholarship though, because many past winners thought they didn’t have much of a chance to win and they did! It is one of the best scholarships for high school students that you can find today.

If you are interested in the exeptional Best Buy 15 scholarship for high school students you can submit your application for the year as long as you do so prior to February 15th. For more information you may visit the Best Buy Scholarships.

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