Posse Scholarship for High School Senior

Posse Scholarship

Posse Scholarship

Are you a high school senior student in need of a Posse? If so, you need to know about The Posse Foundation & the Posse scholarship for high school senior program. While the term ‘posse’ has numerous different meanings, in terms of education, it is an organization that allows for college access for many people who would not be able to attend college otherwise.

The Posse organization exists in numerous urban cities in the United States, which include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C, Los Angeles and Miami. Unlike the qualities that typical colleges judge potential students by, the Posse Scholarship Foundation judges students in disadvantaged communities using a different set of qualities. Due to their backgrounds, these students need help getting to college and getting through college. This is what the Posse Foundation provides.

The Posse Foundation & the Posse Scholarships program use the Dynamic Assessment Process, or DAP, to identify and select students for their program. Students are judged using non-traditional criteria, which allows the recruiters to see the students true leadership abilities, how well they work with a team, and how motivated they really are to succeed. The DAP is a three step process, and students will be interviewed individually and in groups.

The Posse Foundation & the Posse Scholarships program works with partner universities and ten students are selected each year for each university that participates in the Posse program. The ten students at each school form a Posse. They will be given a great deal of support by the foundation – but they also work as a team to support each other. Each student who is selected is awarded with a full four year Posse scholarship.

You do not apply for the Posse Foundation & the Posse Scholarships. Instead, you must be nominated, and not just anybody can nominate you. You must be nominated by a high school or organization that is a part of the Posse nomination network. If you want to be nominated, contact your minister, youth organization leader, or a high school counselor, and ask them if they would consider nominating you.

Of course, a Posse nomination isn’t enough. You must be a senior, and you must be nominated during the first term of your senior year. You must show that you have academic potential by having decent grades, and you must show that you have leadership qualities in your school or the community. Your gender, your financial need and your cultural background have no bearing on whether you are eligible or not. This program is a high school scholarship for college.

The Posse Foundation has been working since 1989 to find and educate potential leaders in disadvantaged cities. The Posse concept seems to be working very well, since the foundation and partner schools report a 90% success rate – meaning that 90% of the students that are selected for the program successfully complete their degree programs, and move into successful careers.

If you know somebody who should be nominated for the Posse Foundation & the Posse Scholarship, and you work at a high school or a community organization, you can become a part of the Posse Nominating Network by contacting the organization. In order to be a nominator, or to be nominated, you must reside in one of the seven cities that the Posse Foundation serves.

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  1. I am looking for scholarships to fill out to help me further my education. I have been on ther websites but am unsure how to fill out the application. Do I need to have a form to fill out & return? If so, how do I receive one? I need to get my information out there. If these are available does my guidance sounselor at the school have the paperwork that I need to fill this out. Thanks so much. I want to get the opportunity to get scholarships and appreciate this opportunity.

  2. Dalton,

    you can normally get the application from your school office to apply for the Posse scholarship. As far as others you apply directly to the sponsor of the scholarship. Your counselor can assist you in ways that may be the best. Make an appointment with him to see what grants/scholarships/need aid to apply to first. Go to FAFSA to read more.

  3. Im a senior and im just looking for ways to help better my poetry. Ive been writing since i was 12. I really love writing and leting my emotions out on paper. I want to further my writing and find a career. I want a chance to prove myslef.

  4. jose,

    go to poetry college scholarships and see if you can land one of them.

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