Dell Scholarship – The Dell Scholars Program

The Dell Scholars Program - Dell Scholarship

Dell Scholars Program

The Dell Scholars Program is sponsored by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. This Dell scholarship is not based on merit but rather on need. The Dell Scholars program was not created to examine grades as much as the people who earn them. Students who faced challenges in life trying to achieve their educational goals and endured builds character. They become role models in their community and can make a huge difference in the lives of people around them. At least that is how the Dell Scholars Program looks at things. It is for this reason that the foundation has issued over 300 Dell scholarships in the last 6 years at the tune of around $31 million dollars.

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation truly believes that excellence does begin in High School; but it is not simply based on academic scores; but rather on the goals and attitude of those students who are striving to make a difference. The Dell Foundation does support a college readiness program to help prepare High School seniors for the next educational level. The foundation is sincere in their belief that education opens doors and allows each adult to reach their full capability.

The Dell Scholars Program goes above and beyond financial aide. This program offers mentoring and leadership services that prepare, guide and assist a scholar through 6 years of educational bliss. The Dell scholarship award of $20,000 is only a small part of what the Dell Foundation offers its scholars. To qualify a student must have participated in a two year college readiness program sponsored by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. They have to be in their graduation year and have a grade point average of at least 2.4.

In addition; the prospective student has to be in need of financial support. They have to show need and be in the process of entering a 4 year degree program. Furthermore; they have to be a U.S. citizen or a permanent legal alien. The foundation looks at the application very closely. They look to see what the student’s ambition in life is. They want to know if the student has goals and if they do; what their plan to make them a reality is. They are looking to see how well the student can explain the challenges they have faced or are presently confronting. They want to see applicants with motivation and determination and of course to see if you can show you truly need the financial assistance.

The Dell scholarship is geared towards students who know what they want; and know how they are going to get there. It is designed for those students who strive on hard work and the rewards that result from it. That is what the foundation looks for in prospective students and that is pretty good criteria to live by. The application process for the Dell Scholarship Program opens in November and closes the following January 15th.

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