The Toshiba ExploraVision Scholarship from NSTA

Toshiba Exploravision

Toshiba Exploravision

The Toshiba ExploraVision Scholarship Awards from NSTA have been around for nearly (2) decades and are not showing any signs of decline or interest. To the contrary the ExploraVision program is becoming more popular and respected because it’s one fun scholarship to participate in & try and win. And if you don’t win, the experience in itself is the real prize.


The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) manages these awards which were created in 1992. Since that time almost a quarter of a million students have competed in quest of the savings bonds worth $5,000 and $10,000 dollars. More importantly the students are enthusiastic about participating in a program that allows them to be innovative with the opportunity to contribute. Not only do the winning teams receive savings bonds but they also receive great Toshiba products as well.

There is actually more than one Toshiba Scholarship & grants to choose from. Toshiba contributes a ton of money around the globe in different countries geared towards encouraging and funding educational programs and scholarships. Toshiba is committed to establishing opportunities for students who display exceptional educational pursuit in various fields geared at improving society. Toshiba is very focused on students in K-12 and trying to prepare them for innovative positions in science, math or technology fields when they enter college.

In reference to the Toshiba ExploraVision scholarship program the participants are encouraged to decide upon a technology that is utilized in the present and then attempt to explain what that same technology might resemble (2) decades down the road. In this competition students join with teachers and mentors on a journey of exploration into science and technology. Each team has the opportunity to define their vision for the future. It is a challenging and rewarding experience for all involved.

The teams competing in Toshiba ExploraVision are typically in groups of 2, 3 or 4. The whole purpose is to offer the reality of a research and development team experience. A teacher serves as a coach for each team. That coach is responsible for assembling the entry paperwork with their team and then submitting that paperwork to the NSTA. It all begins when each team chooses a technology that exists in their lives. Before each team presents their vision for this technology in the future they must first explain how it works and then present why, how and when it was invented. At this point they can then present their vision of the technology in the future. Each team must prepare a complete and accurate report of their entire report and vision.


This Toshiba ExploraVision Awards presents (4) teams with a $10,000 first prize savings bond. They also award (4) runner up teams with $5,000 savings bonds. In addition, all winning teams receive an expense paid trip to the nations capitol in June with their parents to participate in the awards ceremony. Each winning student also receives a Toshiba product. Those (500) who were chosen as Honorable Mention will also receive a unique and special gift from Toshiba. Every team that enters will win an entry gift. Teachers and mentors also receive gifts and each school from the winning teams will receive a Toshiba laptop. All of this makes this Toshiba ExploraVision scholarship extremely popular with students interested in science as a career. 

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