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KFC scholarship from Kentucky Fried Chicken an Unknown scholarship


You may of eaten at Kentucky Fried Chicken many times, and never realized that when your a graduating high school senior and graduating between 12/1 – 8/31, your eligible to apply for their unknown KFC scholarship program. You most certainly want to do so because KFC is not chicken when it comes to awarding scholarships.  It’s the best scholarship among fast food chains with no other chain even coming close to what the KFC scholarship program offers to the finalist who win.

Here’s why…read on.

KFC has their very own chicken scholarship handed out every year, and it’s a solid paying fried chicken scholarship at that. It’s called The KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program and it will pay for your tuition, fees, books, room and board. Up to $5,000 per year in KFC scholarship money can be awarded, and a total of $20,000 over four years in helping to complete a bachelor’s degree for those students who attend post-secondary colleges within their states of residence. Kentucky Fried Chicken hands out a whoping (50) to (60) KFC scholarships each and every year. Wow! This is unbeleiveable, especially coming from a fast food chain.

Colonel’s Scholars scholarships are a program of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation, which is essentially a charity. It is supported and funded by KFC, its employees, franchisees and KFC patrons (which is you and me when we go there to eat).
The KFC scholarship program criteria aren’t too difficult to meet either. You must demonstrate financial need, be a US citizen or permanent resident, plan to attend college at a public, in-state college or university (start date no later than 9/30/09), and seek a bachelor’s degree. Your cumulative high school GPA must at least be 2.75, which is low when it comes to scholarship eligibility standards, and you must of graduated between 12/1 and 8/31.


What the KFC Scholarship program looks for when it selects the winners, or finalist in May of every year, are people who demonstrate an exceptionally strong entrepreneural drive, and a “never give up atitude”. The winners will all have exhibited a perseverance to overcome and eventually succeed type drive inside them.

Applying for the KFC scholarships is done December 1st through middle of February, and you will be notified in May if your a finalist. An independent selection committee selects the KFC Colonel’s Scholars for each year.

How the KFC Scholarship Application Process Works
Since you can’t apply until December 1st of every year, you want to check to see what is posted at the KFC Scholarship program application page starting September 1st through December 1st just to see what it may say. It states that the program is closed between February 15th through August 31st if you go there between those dates. From December 1st to February 15th is where you can submit your application online only. You will be asked to register, to set up your account first. Once that is complete, you will be taken to a KFC scholarship eligibility quiz page to see if you pass that. This little quiz will weed out many people who have no chance to win whatsoever. If you do pass that, then you gain access to the main online application where you can work on the required application essays and other forms of qualification type writting test at your leisure until February 15th at which time you must submit your final application. You just log in and out during those periods and when finally done, hit the final sumit key. This is nice because you don’t have to complete everything at one setting.

This is one exceptional unknown scholarship offered through KFC, simply because of the large scholarship amounts awarded, and the number of scholarships handed out each year. Every high school senior should apply for this KFC scholarship if you seem to be fitting all the above KFC qualifications and also have the entrepreneural drive, which KFC will reward you for. This is by far the best unknown fast food scholarship today. KFC is not chicken when it comes to handing out college scholarships, that’s for sure!


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  1. Here’s the contact information for learning more on this KFC scholarship. You can email them asking to notify you when the process opens up for submitting applications. They will put you on the heads up list when something is about to begin.
    Cindy Harbin, CFRE
    Executive Director,
    Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation, Inc.
    “Honoring Colonel Sanders”
    1900 Colonel Sanders Lane
    Louisville, KY 40213
    (502) 874-2075 O
    (502) 874-8792 F
    (502) 551-1358 C

  2. Phillip Trotter Jr

    Hi, I’m very interested in the KFC Scholarship program. If you could please give me information to apply I would really appreciate it. Thank You

  3. Phillip,
    send off an email to cynthia.harbin@kfc.com. Let her know what you want and she will help you. See above comment for more KFC info.

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    Thanks a lot for your information

  6. Jeffrey,

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  8. I’am very interrested in you K.F.C scholarship, please help!

  9. Asley,
    Go to KFC scholarship for futher details on when to apply.

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  14. due to the busy schedules from work, most people would just prefer to eat on fastfoods ..

  15. of course when you dont have time to cook, fastfoods would always be the best option.

  16. I am interested in the KFC scholarship and would like more information on it so I can apply please and thank you.

  17. Angela,

    go here to apply for the KFC scholarship.

  18. So if you can email me the information I would greatly appreciate it and I thank you so much in advance for all your help

  19. hi my name is leslie and im very interrested in you K.F.C scholarship, can you please help ?

  20. leslie,

    you must apply to find out if you qualify to win first. Go to KFC scholarship application. Applications will not open until December 1st 2011.

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