Catholic High School Scholarships Grants Programs

The rising cost of tuition fees is putting a lot of parents and students in a dilemma. Both the parents and students are looking for other alternatives, because just good grades alone cannot pay your fees. The Catholic High School scholarships are an annual award for high school students who simply can’t afford to pay Catholic tuition.

It is student financial aid, which helps the students to pay their education expenses such as tuition fees, other supplies, and books. The principal of the school or the administrator normally is in charge of administering it for the school.

The Catholic High School Scholarship or financial assistance is standard for all Catholic High Schools. It is tuition assistance. The financial need of the student and parent is the basis of this scholarship, and is not based on the athletic ability, musical ability or academic ability of the student.

Once the student is admitted to the Catholic high school the parents then, have to apply for the scholarship or tuition assistance to the administrator, proving they need financial help, and they cannot afford to pay the students tuition. On the basis of this financial need, the scholarship will be granted. The Catholic High School Scholarship is given to any eligible student who attends a Catholic High School.

Applying for the High School Scholarship

• You can get the application to apply for the scholarship from the principal of all Catholic High Schools.
• There will be a deadline before which you have to submit your application. This varies from school to school.
• The local processing takes some time and then the award will be decided. Each school has its own committee to review the applications and decide the scholarship depending on the student’s financial need.
• The scholarship is based on financial need and not in regard to color, race, origin, gender or creed. The parents income is the deciding factor in receiving the Catholic high school scholarship.

The student who receives financial aid from the school must maintain a good disciplinary record and maintain good grades. The student’s record will be periodically checked and if he/she fails academically or in disciplinary record, the school has the right to expire his/her scholarship.


Eligibility is based on financial need of students/parents household income. For Roman Catholic High School scholarships, preference will be given to former graduates of Roman Catholic High School.

There is no doubt that the Catholic High School Scholarship is a great boon for students and a relief for the parents. High school students who are interested in studying in a Catholic high school now can receive financial aid to do so if financial need is clearly displayed.

Catholic High School Scholarship Pointer
You can also contact the Catholic Knights and inquire about their Catholic high school scholarships programs at 800-927-2547 or 414-273-6266.

Best Recommendation for a Catholic High School Scholarship or Grant
Making an appointment and sitting down speaking directly with the person who is managing the financial aid for the Catholic high school is always recommended. There may be more programs recently added which you can qualify for, or you can inquire into other outside sources that may be available in which awards scholarships or Grants for Catholic high school students. The administrator will be up to date on the latest programs and can advise you of these other sources so you can contact them directly. There may be students presently attending the high school who are receiving these other Catholic high school grants from these brand new new sources.

*Newly Discovered
The Alliance for Choice in Education which is based in Denver, Colorado offers the ACE scholarship which is specifically for students in grades between Kindergarten and the 12th grade. They help families pay for tuition at private schools, but is only available to those families that qualify for the federal free or reduced lunch program. The program only pays up to $2000 annually for the lower grades and up to $3000 annually for students in grades nine through twelve. This is another option to investigate.

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  1. The First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA) has high school scholarships for Catholics. You must meet their qualifications though to be eligiable. They are a little tight unless you are a member. The Scholarships for Catholic students is as follows:

    32 High School Scholarships of $1,000 each.

    8 freshmen
    8 sophomores
    8 juniors
    8 seniors

    Contact info:

    First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association
    24950 Chagrin Blvd.
    Beachwood, OH 44122

    Call direct at (800) 464-4642.

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  3. I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. Please help me. I am Catholic by Denomination, and Tanzanian by nationality. I have been admitted to attend the Tyndale University /Seminary, in Ontario Canada, for Winter (2009/2010) intake, to pursue Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies. I desparately need any kind of Christian Scholarship that will help me with a full scholarship ($40,000) to pay for tuition fees, living expenses, Return air-ticket (Dar-es-salaam to Toronto Canada and back to Tanzania), and for visa processing charges. I am A christian with a very good standing. Please help me. Be blessed.

  4. Mary,
    you must contact your state/province of which you live…the educational department and discuss your financial aid options. It sounds like your a studey abroad student and the country of which you live may be able to assist you on financial aid for study abroad students. Go to Study Abroad Scholarships Grants and Fulbright Scholarship and become a Fulbright Scholar to read more which may help. Also go to GSLC or the Global Student Loan Corporation which may help too.

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  6. lucila Mendoza jasso

    I would like to have more information on how to aply for Scholarship Grant programs there are out there for my dauther she attends a Catholic high School and I need help payin for her school she is a great dauther, please help. Thank you

  7. Lucila,
    try reading private high school scholarships. You must show financial need. Set an appointment to speak to the high school principal about this.

  8. Lucila,

    try talking to your Priest at your church if you are involved there too!

  9. Has anyone got any info on the Angela Mason or Region One Scholarship applications for West end children attending Catholic Private Schools in Louisville, KY?

  10. Shonnes,

    you may want to go to Catholic Private Schools in Louisville, KY to see if this helps you.

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  12. Brian Woznicki

    I am the father of two Catholic high school students. One will be a senior, the other a junior. I am physically disabled; all of my income goes to nursing care. The students’ mother is also disabled, but has a part-time job. We want our students to complete their high school education. Can anyone suggest funding sources?

  13. Brian,

    have you contacted the high school to see if they have a financial need based scholarship program? If not contact them to set up a face to face meeting with the principal. He will know all the programs available for you. Also ask him if there are private financial need based donors who are associated with the school who would be willing to donate the cost of your childrens’ education to the school. They would recieve a write off for doing so. You may be surprised to find out that the principal does know someone like this maybe through his church who would be a willing donor for you since you are disabled. You should also use this approach through the church you are a member of. Set up an appointment face to face with your priest/pastor and express your needs to him on how important it is to have your children receive a Catholic education and ask him directly if there is a private donor willing to help you – or if the church can help you. Keep in mind you are asking for an education which is hard to say NO too. You may find that someone may step up and help you out. If you don’t ask you will never know the answer.
    We will see if we can find out if there is other grant help on our end and we will post it if we find out something which could help you. But the above starting with the principal of the school will be the best source for you because he will know what latest financial aid help is available out NOW because he is dealing with it on a daily basis because private schools are trying to increase enrollment today more then ever because enrollments are falling off with most private schools and one of the principal’s main job is to increase and maintain enrollment at his school. He is your main source for you right now. Get his email and send him a message to get the wheels turning for you and follow up with a phone call.
    Other resources:
    Knights of Columbus scholarships.
    Christian scholarships.
    Catholic scholarships.

  14. I am going to be a freshman for the begining of the 2010-2011 school year. I will be attending Xavier College Prep., in Phoenix, Arizona. I am looking for grants or scholarships that are avaliable to me. I just need help on finding businesses or corperations that fund this. Any help?

  15. Zoe,

    since you are set to go to a particular college then you would have to deal with them. Set an appointment and see which scholarships you can apply to or financial aid such as student loan grants that will work for you. You have alternative student loans which are very good too. Also go to finding a student loan scholarship too.

  16. Sir,

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    College Manimala P.O Kottayam Dt. Kerala State South India.*

    This school is owned and operated by Cardinal Padiyara Educational Trust.
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    Now we have up to +2 level class . We are giving quality education for the
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  17. my daughter is trying to get into Marian Catholic high here in Chicago Heights IL, I am looking for any scholarships that will apply to incoming freshmen to help with her tuition . I am working sign parent and can not afford the tuition but my daughter has been a honor student since fourth grand and now carries a 3.9 GPA and this is her hopes to attend this school.

  18. latonya,

    go to unknown scholarships to get some out of the box ideas. Inquire to see if their is any type of work programs at this high school attached to tuition payment. Talk to the principal to see what type of work/tuition plan he can work out for you.

  19. My husband (47) passed away from alcohol abuse. Without medical or life insurance all expenses depleted our savings. I am unemployed and my home is in foreclosure I receive social security survivor benefits. In September, 2011 my daughter will begin 10 grade and my son 8th grade. (both catholic schools)The high school principal has been informed of my situation I was unable to pay the 2010/2011 tuition in full and my daughter was not permitted to take final exams. If you could give me any information regarding financial assistance for catholic grammar and catholic high school I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you.

    P.S. we live in Brooklyn, NY but my daughter attends H.S. in Manhattan.

  20. catherine,

    go to private high school scholarships and unknown scholarships. The unknown scholarship website has great suggestions on it to get student aid from places most people don’t think about.

  21. Hi im 15 years old i go to a catholic school in new jersey but i may not be able to attend this upcoming year because of my tuition my mother struggled to pay last year and i dont think its possible for me to attend again but i really need to because public school isnt an option for me considering its very bad…. are there any scholarships for me out there?

  22. Michelle,

    unknown college scholarships may help you. read up on many of the great suggestions on this site. Read more at private high school scholarships too.

  23. My name is April and I’m a single parent of three. My daughter attends a Cathlic Private High School here in Saint Louis and this is her Senior year. I have been struggling to pay for her tution and pay my household bills to keep us off the streets. I’m so far behind that she can’t go back until her arrears are caught up. this is gonna put her so far behind and she has so many goals for life. I tey so hard to make ends meet and i feel like fell my child as a mother. this a very important time in her life and i fear that i have messed it up. I pray every night that god here my prayer and hold my hand through these trials and tribulations in my life. It’s so hard to climb this mountian of my life by myself. If you know of any grants are anyone thats willing to help me, please let me know. I know i have an angle out there some where. Please shine your light on me.

  24. April,

    go to unknown scholarships which will talk about various ways to look for student aid. most is for college but you may get an idea or two which may help now. Have you read tips for scholarships for private high schools? Go to private high school scholarships and read more too. Have you talked to your church about student aid assistance?

  25. My daughter is applying for entry to an Louisville High School (an all girls’ Catholic high school). We are desperately looking for grants or scholarships to help with tuition. Any assistance in this area would be great.

  26. Theresa,

    read about unknown scholarships which you may get some ideas from for high school tuition. read about club scholarships to get more ideas too. Private high school scholarships are not cut and dry and involve creative student financing.

  27. My son is in 7th grade attending to a K-8 Catholic School, He is a good student and a good kid. He wants to go to Holy Family High School. We sould like to know the best resources to get scholarships, grants, financial aid. Please advise.

  28. Maria Nieves Moore

    Hi, My name is Maria Nieves, and I am rearching for any type of finacial aid, grants, scholarship for Catholic High Schools, my son is close to finish his 8th grade and would love to continue his High School education in the Catholic Schools System. Do you have any valuable information to share with us, he would love to attend Holy Family in Colorado.

  29. I’m A fulture freshman who is about to enter high school,and I need tuition to attend a high school to make something out of myself. My mom is a single mom who has high dreams for my little sister and I. I have a Grade point average of a 2.69 and i live in New orleans,lLouisiana.plese consider me for one of your scholarships.

  30. darnell,

    this is not an easy thing to find so look hard and see what you can come up with. Read more at Private high school scholarships.

  31. I’m in 7 th grade and my mom earns less than 40,000 a year, I really need help because my neighborhood is very bad and I really want to go to a Catholic Highschool, if I don’t get any help I will not be able to get a better education

  32. Eunice,

    you may want to see if your church can offer assistance for you. It’s worth a try. Also; you may to contact local business’s in you area that could help you too. Dree up nice and walk in with your mom and give them your best presentation. Tell them that they can pay the high school directly so they will feel more comfortable with helping you.

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