Davidson Fellows Scholarship may be Best

Bob and Jan Davidson established the Davidson Institute only a decade ago. This non-profit organization was created to promote Talent Development. It seemed that there were very many gifted young people who were falling through the cracks in the system. What began as a dream of support has developed into one of best scholarship in the United States, if not top in the entire world – The Davidson Fellows Scholarship.

For those under the age of 18 who have put together a significant body of work the Davidson Fellows Scholarship awards 10,000USD, 25,000USD and 50,000USD annually. This body of work must fall into one of the established categories. The choices are Science, Mathematics, Literature, Technology, Music, Philosophy and Outside the Box. Those whom are chosen as Davidson Fellows are brought to Washington, D.C. where they are acknowledged for their accomplishment in Congressional meetings and a reception in their honor.

The deadline for applications is March 3rd. To qualify the applicant must be under the age of 18 as of October 1st. Applicants must also be either United States Citizens home or abroad due to active military service. Permanent residents may also qualify if they reside in the U.S. One of the key requirements is that all Davidson Fellows should be able to participate in the events that will take place in Washington, D.C. in September every year. One parent or guardian must be able to join you. (The Davidson Institute will take care of all the lodging and travel expenses).

This Scholarship is designed to reward the exceptionally gifted young minds of today. The principle is simple, support the young minds and encourage them to create a significant body of work that will have a high impact on our society. They are looking for projects that offer an innovative solution with broad range implications that will make a difference in our lives. The Davidson Fellows Scholarship also rewards those who can create a prodigious performance. The category of Science is broken down into physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and earth and space science. Mathematics can be broken down into calculus, number theory or fractals. Music can be defined as talent as a composer, instrumentalist or vocalist. Literature must present a portfolio of literary styles. Philosophy must present a portfolio showing analyses of basic assumptions or ideas pertaining to human thought or culture. Outside the box must be a project that is University graduate level or comparable. An expert in that field must supervise these projects.

An expert in their field of study must nominate an applicant. A CD presenting their project must be submitted with the application. The judges will make their decision on the following criteria: 50 points for the quality and range of the project, 30 points for the significance of the project and 20 points for the applicant’s knowledge and understanding of the project.

To be awarded a Davidson College Fellows Scholarship is an exceptional honor because it may be the best scholarship awarded today because it is so comprehensive. The Davidson Fellows Scholarships has already awarded over 3 million dollars to the brightest innovators of our gifted youth. The door is wide open for intellectual achievement opportunities. If you are interested in being the next Davidson Fellows Scholarship recipient you can find out more information through their official application booklet at Davidson Fellows Scholarship Guidelines.

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  1. The reason that the editors of this educational website feel it’s the top or best scholarship for a young person to compete and win is the philosophy behind the Davidson Scholarship itself which is:
    ‘The Davidson Institute for Talent Development is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to recognize, nurture, and support profoundly intelligent young people and to provide opportunities for them to develop their talents to make a positive difference.’
    We feel this is the whole reason behind education itself. Intelligence should be nurtured and allowed to develope so that it can make a positive difference on all of us!

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