The Unusual MOST Memphis Scholarships Grants


The unusual Memphis scholarships grants now offer eligible students funds for private education at either the elementary or secondary level. If your tired of the increasing illiteracy rates and decrease in the number of high school graduates, the officials of Memphis, Tennessee, are turning to a new way to offer educational incentives to excel in school.

This Memphis scholarship fund, known as the Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust, or MOST, is designed to help students make the most of their educational future. Through these Memphis scholarship grants, students receive tuition money to help defray the cost of private school educations. The Memphis opportunity scholarship are awarded without regard to race, gender, religion, or academic achievement.

The Memphis scholarship program was begun in 1998 by a group of private businessmen to provide scholarships for the disabled. Since that time, the fund has assisted more than 2,000 children to gain access to educational opportunities otherwise closed to them. This fund is matched, in part, by the Children’s Scholarship Fund, a nationwide organization dedicated to making tuition assistance money available to students throughout the United States.


How effective is this program? Most children who attend private schools under these Memphis scholarships regularly exceed the academic scores of their peers on standardized tests. Furthermore, both the parents and students reported greatly increased satisfaction with the education the children received as a result of these Memphis scholarship opportunities.

Currently, Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust applications are being accepted only for students in pre-K through grade 1. Older students may be considered for Memphis scholarship assistance only if they have some type of documented disability, and will be attending a school that specializes in assisting children with this disability.

More than 70 private and charter schools in the area cooperate with the Memphis Scholarship Fund to offer recipients this unique chance to overcome the obstacles presented through substandard public school education. Although the Memphis scholorship does cover up to three-fourths of the cost of these institutions, parents are required to pay the remainder of the cost out of pocket, which can still present a hardship for some.

Students who qualify for the Memphis scholarships may continue to receive the awards through their eighth grade of education. They may do so provided that their family continues to meet criteria for financial need. In addition, the family must pay the remaining tuition to the school without defaulting on the expense. On average, MOST scholarships cover approximately one-fourth of the cost of the tuition at a private university.

For those students who excel academically, high school MOST scholarships are also available. These scholarships, which help to defray the cost of tuition, are awarded on a competitive basis. Students who receive these Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust scholarships may receive up to $2,150 to help with private school tuition.


MOST Memphis scholarships offer young people an unusual chance to succeed and improve their educational prospects. Although this requires a significant commitment of time and money from the parents, most of those who enroll under the MOST scholarship program believe the financial sacrifice is worthwhile; the added benefits offered by a private school that excels academically will last for a lifetime.

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  1. Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust MOST Income scale.
    2008-09 Eligibility Scale
    Maximum Income Based on Total Annual 2007 Income

    Household size Up to 75% Up to 50% Up to 25%
    2 $0-$13,690 $13,691-$25,327 $25,328-$36,963
    3 $0-$17,170 $17,171-$31,765 $31,766-$46,359
    4 $0-$20,650 $20,651-$38,203 $38,204-$55,755
    5 $0-$24,130 $24,131-$44,641 $44,642-$65,151
    6 $0-$27,610 $27,611-$51,079 $51,080-$75,547
    7 $0-$31,090 $31,091-$57,517 $57,518-$83,943
    8 $0-$34,570 $34,571-$63,955 $63,956-$93,339
    For each additional
    child add $3,480 For each additional
    child add $6,438 For each additional
    child add $9,396

    To determine your eligibility, find your household size on the left side of the chart, and then cross reference.

    The participating MOST schools listed below (listed in alphabetical order);offer educational eligibility to low-income families in Memphis who participate in the MOST Memphis scholarship program. There may be more that are added daily.

    Alcy SDA Jr. Academy
    Barbara K. Lipman Early Childhood School
    Bishop Byrne Middle and High School
    The Bodine School
    Bornblum Solomon Schechter Day School
    Breath of Life Christian Academy
    Briarcrest Christian School
    Brinkley Heights
    Central Baptist
    Central Day School
    Christ Methodist Day School
    Christ the King Lutheran School
    Christ the Rock Christian Academy
    Christian Brothers High School
    Concord Academy
    Cotton Tail Christian Academy
    Creative Life Preparatory School
    Cross Creek Christian Academy
    De La Salle Elementary at Blessed Sacrament
    Elliston Baptist Academy
    Evangelical Christian School
    Evergreen Montessori School
    Faith Heritage Christian Academy
    First Assembly Christian School
    Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal School
    Harding Academy
    Heritage Baptist Academy
    Holy Names Elementary
    Holy Rosary School
    Hutchison School
    Immaculate Conception Cathedral School
    Immanuel Lutheran School
    Incarnation Catholic School
    The LaGrange School of LaGrange Presbyterian Church
    Lamplighter School, Inc.
    Lausanne Collegiate School
    Little Flower Elementary School
    Lord’s Tabernacle Christian Academy
    Macon Road Baptist School
    Madonna Learning Center
    Margolin Hebrew Academy
    Maria Montessori School
    Memphis Catholic Middle and High School
    Memphis Junior Academy
    Memphis University School
    The Neighborhood School
    Our Lady of Perpetual Help
    Our Lady of Sorrows
    Phoenix School for Creative Learning
    Pleasant View School
    Presbyterian Day School
    Resurrection Catholic School
    Rossville Christian Academy
    Sacred Heart School
    Shady Oaks School
    Southern Baptist Educational Center
    St. Agnes Academy – St. Dominic School
    St. Ann – Bartlett
    St. Anne – Highland
    St. Augustine School
    St. Benedict at Auburndale High School
    St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School
    St. George’s Independent School (Collierville, Germantown and Memphis campuses)
    St. John Elementary School
    St. Joseph Elementary School
    St. Louis Catholic School
    St. Mary’s Episcopal School
    St. Michael Elementary/Middle School
    St. Patrick’s School
    St. Paul School
    Tipton-Rosemark Academy
    Westminster Academy
    Woodland Presbyterian School
    Woodlawn Baptist Academy
    Word of Faith Christian School
    World Overcomers Christian Academy

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