The Coca Cola Scholarship is Refreshing like Coke

Coca Cola Scholarship Program

Coca Cola Scholarship Program

The Coca Cola Scholarship Program is not afraid to open the wallet when awarding their Coke scholarship. The Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation awards almost three and a half million dollars to over fourteen hundred university students annually. Now that is refreshing! Coca-Cola distributes these scholarships and stipends through two different programs. The first is the ‘Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation’ and the second is the ‘Coca-Cola/All State Community College Academic Team.’ Let’s take a look at these two programs and what they can do for you. The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

Applications for this program must be submitted by midnight on October 31st. This program provides cola scholarships based on achievement. There are (250) coca cola scholarships available. These Coke scholarships are available to High School seniors as long as they can meet the requirements of eligibility. After all the applications are in, 2,200 will be chosen as Semifinalists. This is where the fun begins. Once you have been selected as a Semifinalist, you will be asked to fill out a second application. You will also have to write an essay and be requested to submit your official transcripts. Finally, you will be asked for (2) letters of recommendation.

Those second applications will have to be turned in by the middle of January. By the middle of February the selection committee will choose 250 Finalists and they will continue on to the interview part of the program. Everyone of these 250 Finalists will be ask to travel to Atlanta where personal interviews will be conducted. From these interviews 50 students will be selected as Coke National Scholars and will be awarded a $20,000 coca cola scholarship towards college. The remaining 200 students do not come up empty-handed. They will receive a $10,000 Coke scholarship towards college and be selected as Regional Scholars.

Criteria for Scholar Coke scholarships are you must be a high school seniors enrolled in a high school in the United States or in one of the Department of Defense schools. This scholarship is not just offered to United States Citizens. You can also be U.S. Nationals and Humanitarian Parolees. It is also available to U.S. Permanent Residents and Temporary Residents. Asylees and Refugees along with Cuban-Haitian Entrants are also eligible. As you can see the door is wide open for many to apply. These seniors must also be planning to attend a U.S. accredited University or college aimed at earning a degree. A 3.00 GPA must be have been carried through their junior year. No children or grandchildren of any Coca-Cola company’s are eligible.

The Coca-Cola All-State Community College Academic Team Program

This program awards $450,000 annually in stipends for academic scholars. The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is the sponsor. At least one student from every state will be designated a New Century Scholar and be awarded a $2,000 stipend. The second group of (50) or more students will be designated Gold Scholars and be awarded a $1,500 cola scholarship stipend. The third group will be Silver Scholars and get $1,250. The final group will be called the Bronze Scholars and take home a $1,000 stipend. In addition to that, another (150) students nationwide will be chosen as National Finalists and are awarded a $1,000 stipend. Students do not fill out applications. They are nominated from their school. This is only available to students enrolled in a community college. Nominees must carry a 3.50 GPA or better. Those interested can check with Phi Theta Kappa in your school to find out how to become a nominee.

Coca-Cola has presented many opportunities to award students and it is up to each individual in these hard times to take advantage of their generosity. With the Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation awarding 3.5 million dollars to (1400) colleges, your chances may be much better then many other college scholarships awarded today. It is one of the best scholarship opportunities. Grab a bottle of Coke and take the time to fill out the coca cola scholarship program application now, because things may really go better with a Coke.


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  1. To Whom It May Concern:

    Please do not let my e-mail address fool you. I am an honor student at Cabell Midland High School and am very interested in your scholarship.

    My parents would have enough money to send me to college on their own, but they have spent it all on Coke products, as they are avid Coca Cola Drinkers. My mother often jokes saying, “When you bury me, just make sure you put a six pack of diet coke in the casket and I’ll be a happy woman.”

    Seriously though, I am interested in your scholarship and would much appreciate a quick response as I am very close to your deadline.

    I thank you in advance for your time.

    Sarah Puckett

  2. Sarah,
    Grab a bottle of Coke and take the time to fill out the coca cola scholarship program application now, because things may really go better with a Coke.

  3. I am a (biochemistry) junior at Baylor University in Waco,Texas, which is home of Dr. Pepper, yet my family members are avid Cole drinkers as shown by the many entries to
    Please consider me for a scholarship.

    Thank you,

    Marisa McKee

  4. Marisa,

    you must apply directly yourself to their website.

  5. Best Accounting Scholarships | - pingback on January 11, 2010 at 12:34 pm
  6. Hi am nigerian hold on let me introduce myself i won the best coca-cola consumer in my school and my sis an addict.well i will be very glad if am considered thanks.

  7. Akinsola,

    great job. Just apply directly to coke for their scholarship.

  8. Need to know if you have grants/scholarships for elementary schools?

  9. Domingos F. Alberto

    Iam Domingos F. Alberto from Mozambique and Iam crazy for driking coke here, so please consider my scholarship for highier education.

  10. Domingo,

    good luck after you apply for the coke scholarship! You may also want to apply to the Pepsi scholarship as well. You may not like Pepsi as much but Pepsi just might like you.

  11. Hello I am an international student, I was wondering if your scholarship could be use outside of the U.S, by non-U.S citizens/residents

  12. Edgar,

    you would have to contact them directly through their contact webpage and direct this question to them. Go to their scholarship webpage then contact section. Go to study abroad scholarships to read more on what you are looking for.

  13. Jonathan M Scott

    I am a freshman at Morehouse college and need assistant with my spring semester.

  14. Jonathan,

    you must apply to any scholarship to see if you qualify for it. Go to list of scholarships to get started. Also look into unknown scholarships and easy scholarships.

  15. mike kyewalyanga

    i am a student at Mbarara UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY based in UGANDA. I do MBChB in my second year but with a difficulty in paying TUTION FEES. I run to you for help to make my future bright.

  16. Isaah Flaherty

    I am a senior in Elmont high school.
    Am I still in time to apply?

  17. Isaah,

    you can go to: and call or email one of the people to get an up to date answer on your question – good luck!

  18. My name is Natasha Moskal, and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island. I believe that I am a strong candidate as a recipient of your scholarship/academic award. Can an application form me sent to me @ Natasha Moskal 7C Street Merrimac, MA 01860

  19. is still coca cola scholarships still available?. am tanzanian live in Tanzania now, can i apply for it?

  20. Emanuel,

    you may want to direct this question to the scholarship sponsor via their contact page.

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