Most UPS Scholarship Programs are Unknown

UPS Scholarship Programs

UPS Scholarship Programs

The United Parcel Service sponsors many unknown scholarships and a UPS scholarship is unheard of by most students. In this article we are going to cover (3) of those UPS scholarships that derive from different areas of approach. Some UPS scholarships are available for general education while others are designated towards specific career fields. Let’s take a look at the (3) scholarships from UPS we have chosen to examine.


The UPS Foundation Scholarship
This UPS Foundation Scholarship is given only once annually. The UPS scholarship amount is $3,300, which is paid in two separate amounts of $1,650. In order for eligibility there is certain criteria that will have to be met. This UPS scholarship is only available to what is known as ‘non-traditional students.’ These students are defined as those whom did not enroll in a college or university directly out of high school. The applicant must be attending an accredited college or university full-time. In addition, he or she must do so for both semesters. This means they should be acquiring at least (12) credits or more. They must also be participating in a full-tuition program. June 1st of the scholarship year is the deadline for submission. Prospective applicants will have to complete a (200)-word essay explaining his or her goals in life and why they feel they should receive the UPS scholarship. Those meeting the above criteria and wishing to submit an application can submit their UPS scholarship application online.

The UPS Racing Technical Edge Scholarship
This UPS scholarship is a ‘minority’ based scholarship. Five applicants are selected annually to receive a $15,000 scholarship. This scholarship is for the NASCAR Technical Institute. The Institute is located in Mooresville, N.C. Over the last 7 years over $525,000 has been awarded for minority students in the form of racing scholarships. These were designated to those students desiring a career in the industry of automotive and motorsports. These applicants must be strong academically, be involved in their communities and display a knack for leadership potential. Those interested should contact UPS Public Relations at 1-404-828-4250.

The UPS 757 Type Rating Scholarship
The United Parcel Service utilizes over (600) airplanes to deliver to (200) countries around the world. UPS sponsors the 757 Type Rating Scholarship by UPS. It is awarded to two individuals annually who can adhere to the criteria requirements. UPS and the Organization of Black Airline Pilots, Inc. are partners in this scholarship program. All applicants should be members of OBAP and have their dues paid up to date. The applicants should also have logged at least (1500) hours as a fixed wing pilot. In addition the applicant should also have logged at least (1000) hours in a fixed wing jet as the pilot in command. Applicants will offer two letters of recommendation, a resume and have a FAA First Class Medical Certificate. They should also be authorized to pursue education in the United States. All applications have to be turned in by July 15th. Each winner is awarded a scholarship to attend the 757 Type Rating Course, which is tough but rewarding.

These unknown scholarships by UPS are but a few of the many ways UPS gives back to the educational community. Whether it is through general educational pursuit or the desire to work in a specified career, UPS is proud to be a sponsor.

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