Udall Scholarship for Native Americans is Unique

The Udall Scholarship Program

Morris Udal Scholarship

The Morris K Udall Scholarship awards, administered by the Udall foundation, are awarded to the new generation of Americans that are dedicated to preserve and protect their national heritage through studies in environment and Native American health and the tribal public policy. More than $15 million has been distributed till 2008 to the various candidates through (80) (eighty) annual truly unique scholarships and various Honorable mention awards. The objective of the program is to identify and prepare future leaders across a wide spectrum of environmental fields including engineering, science, urban planning and renewal, health, justice and economics. The future Native American and Alaska Native leaders are also to be identified in Native American Health care and tribal public policy through this native American scholarship.

The Morris K Udall foundation was established in 1992 by the US Congress to honor the Congressman Morris King Udall. The main purpose of the foundation is to promote the natural resources, identify critical environment issues, develop better workforce to handle environmental issues and provide access to environmental education. The Foundation also develops and rewards Native American and Alaska Native professionals in health care and public policy. The Udall Trust Fund was set-up in 1994 for various initiatives including the Udall Scholarships, Internships, Environment Conflict resolution and Parks in Focus.

The Udall scholarship is awarded based in three categories:

  1. To students who have demonstrated a commitment to a career related to environment. (non native Americans)
  2. To Native American and Alaska Native students who have demonstrated a commitment to a career related to tribal public policy.
  3. To Native American and Alaska Native students who have demonstrated a commitment to a career related to Native Health care.

The Morris K Udall Scholarship expects to award a whopping eighty (80) scholars in 2010 with up to $5,000 for various educational expenses. Additionally, fifty (50) Honorable mentions of $350 each would be awarded to sophomore and junior level college students. With such a large number of Udall Scholarships presented each year, everyone who fits the criteria should immediately apply.

The Udall scholarship is open for all US permanent residents that are pursuing full-time study during the 2010-2011 academic years and have a college grade-point average of at least a “B” or equivalent. The nomination of the students is done by the college or university – through the Faculty representative. Each institute can nominate six (6) candidates for the Udall scholarship. Thenomination materials are available on the Foundation’s website from September 2009 and the deadline for submission of nomination is March 2, 2010. The nomination can be done for all the three or any one of the above categories. Institutional nomination is done using the online registration process and the various nomination materials needs to be provided through mail at the Foundation office in Tucson.

“We are remembered for the way we treated other people” – these lines clearly state the objective of the foundation – and work towards the benefit and growth of others. The statement of the Udall scholar of 2008 – “this Udall Scholarship says to me that someone outside my tribe, outside my nation is saying that we see what you are doing, and we see that it is important; therefore, we want to help you the best way we know how.”  These lines clearly highlight how objectives are achieved and would be for years to come.

This native American scholarship is more than just payment of a student’s tuition; it’s a reinvestment in the preservation of the native American environment and national heritage by becoming a future native American leader. In short it’s a way of life. Watch this video to find out more on this unique scholarship – Morris Udall Scholarship. It will inspire you.

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