Best Scholarships Grants from Colleges

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Scholarships Grants from Colleges

When students are searching for colleges with the best scholarships grants, it is important to take into consideration the percentage of costs that are covered by financial aid, including grants and scholarships.

There are numerous college options available, but the most generous institutions actually meet the full financial need of their students. Due to the fact that this requires a significant financial commitment, only a small fraction of colleges and universities around the country are able to make this kind of promise.

In evaluating the generosity of prospective schools, it is important to determine the type of financial aid that is offered and whether that assistance includes just scholarships and grants or a work/study program. Many schools do also include loans in their financial aid packages, so it is important to check the breakdown of the financial aid program of loans versus scholarships and grants.

Colleges with the best scholarships grants include the following:

Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota offers an average financial aid package of $35,456. Considering the school’s annual tuition is more than $42,000, that is quite a generous average. Approximately 55% of the undergraduate students at Carleton receive assistance. Carleton was ranked by U.S. News and World Report as the 6th best liberal arts college in the country. Forbes magazine ranked Carleton as the 31st best college in the country. Carleton was established in 1866 by two local businessmen. Today, the college is a leading source of students pursuing doctorate degrees.

Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California offers financial aid to 51% of its undergraduate student population. The average financial aid package at Claremont covers $35,000 of the school’s $42,000 tuition price tag. Claremont McKenna was ranked by Consumer’s Digest as 5th in Top Value among private liberal arts colleges. CMC was founded as in 1946 as a men’s college. It became a co-ed college in 1976. The 69-acre campus is located just outside of Los Angeles.

Columbia University in New York City carries a $43,000 a year tuition price tag. 60% of the undergrad population receives an average financial aid package of nearly $41,000. Columbia is actually the oldest institution of higher learning in New York and the fifth oldest in the entire country. The school was one of the nation’s first nine Colonia Colleges to be established prior to the American Revolution. Columbia received a donation of more than $400 million in 2007 from media billionaire alumnus John Kluge to be used exclusively for financial aid for undergraduate students. The donation is among the largest single financial gifts to be made to a college or university.

If you are looking for a school that truly offers the best scholarships and grants, consider Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. Located in Needham, Massachusetts, this school offers financial aid to 100% of its undergraduates. That’s right. All of the school’s students receive assistance. The average financial aid package is about $32,500, covering almost the school’s entire $39,000 tuition bill.

Pomona College in Claremont, California offers financial aid to 53% of its undergrad population. The average financial aid package at Pomona is nearly $36,000 and meets almost all of the school’s $39,500 tuition. Pomona College was originally founded in Pomona, California in 1887, but was relocated to Claremont just two years later. The school retained its original name. Today, Pomona College is ranked 4th among National Liberal Arts Colleges by U.S. News & World Report.

Students who think a high sticker price will prevent them from attending an Ivy League school may wish to consider when they learn that Princeton in New Jersey is also considered to be among the list of colleges with the best scholarships and grants. 58% of the undergraduate population at Princeton receives financial aid and the average aid package at Princeton is $35,500, just $1,500 shy of the school’s annual tuition bill.

Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California offers financial aid to a whopping 81% of its undergrad student body. While not all of the school’s tuition is covered by financial aid, the school does manage to cover all but about $3,500 in assistance. The school is also ranked #10 among overall student satisfaction with aid. Considering the hundreds of colleges across the country, that is rather impressive.

Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York offers financial aid to 63% of its student body. This average financial aid package covers all but about $4,000 of the school’s annual $44,000 price tag. Vassar was originally founded in 1861 as a women’s college and became a co-ed college in 1969. It was the first of the Seven Sisters colleges, those strictly for women, to be established.

Rounding out the list is Yale University. 52% of the undergraduate students at Yale receive financial aid. Even more impressive is the fact that the average financial aid package at Yale is just over $39,000 and the school’s tuition is $40,500.

Best advice on getting top scholarships and grants from colleges

Bottom line for best colleges with the best scholarships grants program is that you do not rule out any school you are interested in going to; including all the popular ones (Harvard University) until you see what type of student financial aid program you can build with them.

By speaking to the FinAids office manager at that college candidly about your personal situation you may able to build a full student aid package which includes grants, scholarships, need based college assistance and/or other programs to cover most or ALL of your cost.

Yes, it will require days of filling out the various student aid forms but well worth it. Look at it like a job and you may be getting paid thousands to do it. Then it may seem actually fun doing it as odd as it sounds.

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