Bank of America Joe Martin Scholarship Program

Bank of America Scholarship Program

Bank America Scholarship

Despite all of the financial troubles that Americans and American banks have suffered recently, the Bank of America is still able to offer the Bank of America Joe Martin Scholarship Program. Joe Martin; a former excutive of BOA was the kind of character which they wanted associated with their bank because he devoted much of his time to improving the community in many various ways so BOA established this memorial scholarship program in his honor. This is an important scholarship program that makes it possible for students to attend college or trade schools, if they are dependants of employees or associates of the Bank of America.

In order to be eligible, the employee must have been employed by the Bank of America for at least one year. If you are a dependant of a past Bank of America employee, and that employee has died, retired, or become disabled, but was employed for at least a year with the bank, you are still eligible.

Of course, being a dependant of a Bank of America employee isn’t enough. This only makes you eligible to apply. The Bank America scholarship is awarded based on your academic achievements, your character, your leadership abilities, and contributions that you have made to your community and/or your school – and preferably both to your community and your school.

The BOA scholarships are awarded in varying amounts, from $1000 to $5000, and there is no indication as to how many awards are made each year. The scholarships are also renewable. This means that the Bank of America will continue to award the student for each year that the student is enrolled as a full-time student, for up to three additional years. The Bank of America Joe Martin Scholarship Program is only available to those students who are undergraduates.

The student must also be under the age of 23, be a high school senior or a graduate of a high school, and must either be enrolled or plan to be enrolled in an accredited two year or four year school. Those enrolled or planning to enroll in vocational or trade schools are also eligible. Once you are awarded the Bank of America Scholarship, you must maintain a satisfactory GPA and remain a full time student in order to renew the scholarship award each year.

When you apply for the Bank America Joe Martin Scholarship program you will need specific information, such as the hire date of the Bank of America employee, the work location, their employee number, and if they are retired, their social security number. You will need their email address, as well as your own. You must include a list of your work experience, your involvement in your school or your involvement in your community. You will of course need your transcript, and you must include a statement concerning your educational and career goals and objectives.

Additionally, you will be asked to include information pertaining to your family’s financial situation. You can omit this information, but if you do, you will only be eligible for a $1000 Bank of America scholarship. Note that while the application can be submitted online, supporting documents that are requested must be mailed in, and must arrive prior to the application deadline. Supporting documents may not be faxed or emailed in.

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