Fun Scholarships for College from Funny Guys

Fun scholarships for college from very funny comedians Jay Leno and David Letterman

Fun scholarships

There are some fun scholarships for college out there to look into from some very funny guys. They don’t necessarily focus on academic abilities or sports like many scholarships do, but these fun scholarships offered by the very funny comedians Jay Leno and David Letterman sponsor types of funny scholarships that are off the beaten path. Nevertheless; they can help you to accomplish your financial goals of helping to pay for college.

Since fewer students are aware that these types of college scholarships exist, there tends to be fewer applications. Therefore by expanding your own knowledge of them you will be able to get an advantage. Many of these types of funny college scholarships are based in a particular area of creativity. They are generally funded by individuals that have a passion for that area and have been successful in it such as Letterman and Leno.

David Letterman and Jay Leno both late night talk show host considered themselves to be average students. They offer fun college scholarships for other average individuals that do want to go to college. They want to make sure people know that you don’t have to have the top grades in school to be a success. If you seem to fit this category, then don’t automatically assume you have to pay for college on your own.

The David Letterman scholarship has been in place since 1985. You must be attending Ball State University and be taking courses in telecommunications. The winners are those that can show they have a creative mind rather than the focus being on previous academic achievements. Along with an application, a project must be submitted that includes both written work and some type of film or video. This is an annually awarded scholarship with the first place being $10,000; second place earning $5,000; and third place is $3,333. I would assume that the video you make not only be very creative, but also should be unique, weird, wacky, strange and of course funny to receive the David Letterman fun scholarship, because this is what Dave likes.

Tonight Show host Jay Leno, known for being a car enthusiast, started his fun scholarship in 1997 to preserve the art of auto restoring and repair. The Jay Leno Scholarship is called the Fred Duesenberg Memorial Scholarship and you must be attending McPherson College as a sophmore, junior or senior to receive the $20,000 award given to one student annually. You must show extreme promise in the area of car restoration and be gifted at McPherson College to nab this fun scholarship. The winner also gets to spend a summer on an internship with Randy Ema Inc, a car restoration guru, as you look over his shoulder to learn secrets that are not taught in the college classroom. This experienced pro who has seen it and done it all in car repair and restoration, will also teach these same secrets to you.

If you see yourself fitting into one of these fun scholarships from these funny guys, then maybe you will be laughing with Jay Leno and David Letterman on their shows some day after your awarded their funny scholarships.

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  1. It seems everyone graduating high school and getting ready to attend college would like a fun scholarship for college. I mean, most kids going to college are looking for some, if not a whole lot of fun when going to school along with studying hard. Remember those days, study hard and party harder! Well the famous late night talk show hosts Jay Leno and David Letterman have their very own fun scholarships. At least that’s what they think of them, and you may too. David and Jay have a passion that is all their own. Jay loves antique cars, and loves to restore the old ones, simply because they don’t make the old ones anymore so you have to restore the old ones. David is the crazy comedian always looking for the next great laugh and will do anything to find it. When being awarded the Leno funny scholarship you must have a passion like Jay himselve about cars, and be good with your hands to restore to “like new” old cars. David letterman on the other hand requires you make a video when applying to his scholarship. He will judge to see if yours is the one for his fun scholarship. If you win, then you become a guest on one of their shows….maybe if your that good!

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  4. Great tips in this article, I’m a classic car lover as well and I love to restore cars during my extra time, my latest challenge is really a convertible 69 Judge.

  5. LOL, that is way too funny. I am going to share this.

  6. Joseph Kawele

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Zambian citizen currently holding Unconditional offer of a study place on an MSc in Water Management (Community water supply and sanitation in October, 2011 at Cranfield University, UK applying for a scholarship to enable me undertake this important study which will contribute to the attainment of the Millenium Development Goals in Zambia.

    I will be very grateful if my application will be considered.

    Thank you.

    Joseph Kawele

  7. Joseph,

    you can apply to any scholarship we write about by going directly to the website of the scholarship sponsor. A link is normally provided at the end of the article.

  8. Hi I am a senior in highschool and i would like to apply , but my only dilemna is a i am a Canadian, what avenue can i go on to find such scholarships in Canada? Or would you consider a Canadian as a recpient?
    want to go to University.
    Caroline Kotler

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