Google Scholarships and the GooglePlex Retreat

Google Scholarship and GooglePlex

GooglePlex Scholarships

If you apply for and win one of the many lucrative Google Scholarships, there is more at stake than just the attractive Google scholarship award amounts that will be issued to help pay for your higher education, you will also be invited to the annual GooglePlex Retreat during your award year. The latest GooglePlex Retreat for 2010 is called Google Fuse and will be held July 15–17 in New York, NY.

Google Fuse exists for the purpose of bringing college aged computer scientists together for very effective and important networking opportunities. The retreat takes place each year at the famous GooglePlex in Mountain View, California. Typically, students apply to attend this important event, and only a handful of applicants are accepted. However, as a Google scholarship winner, you will be automatically invited to the GooglePlex retreat and all of your expenses will be paid, as a part of your Google college scholarship award.

Google Scholarships that are available include numerous Google Anita Borg Scholarship for the United States, the Middle East, Canada, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, the Google AISES Scholarship – in partnership with the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, the Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities, the Google Hispanic College Fund Scholarship, the Google Lime Scholarship for Students with Disabilities, the Google United Negro College Fund Scholarship, and the Google Zawadi Africa Scholarship. While the amounts of these scholarships may vary from program to program, the majority of the scholarships from Google are worth up to $10,000 each – which will go a long way towards getting a higher education paid for.

There are also Google Scholarships for Conference Travel Expense, although these scholarships do not make you automatically eligible for the Google Retreat. These travel scholarships pay the travel and boarding expenses for specific conferences, which include the Google Global Community Scholarship for the Grace Hopper Conference, the Google Travel Scholarship for the AISES National Conference and the Google Women of Color Scholarship for the Grace Hopper Conference.

The GooglePlex Retreat, or Google Fuse (the latest retreat), allows students to form networks that will allow them to share research information, academic information, and industry information and opportunities for many years. This retreat also allows those who are employed by Google to connect with the future generation of computer scientists, to impart important industry information to them, and to see what the future generation has to offer as well. Students are also able to further explore career opportunities in the field of computer science.

While the GooglePlex retreat is usually held in Mountain View, California, it can also be held in New York City, New York. The retreat can last as little as two days and approximately fifty students will win an invitation to the retreat – other than the Google college scholarship winners, who are automatically invited. The length of time, the number of attendees, and the location of the event can vary from year to year. For more information on the GooglePlex Retreat go to 2010 Google Fuse. Remember that even if you did not win any of the Google Scholarships, you can still apply to attend the Google Plex Retreat, although you may be responsible for paying the expenses of attending yourself.


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  2. Mateo Aguirre

    hi i want to apply to a scholarship, but I want to know how can I do it please help me

  3. Mateo,

    you can apply to any of the scholarships listed in this website by going directly to the scholarship site being written about. There is usually a link towards the end of the article to click on so you may apply directly.


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