US Bank Internet Scholarship Program

The US Bank Scholarship Program

US Bank Scholarship

The US Bank Internet Scholarship Program is a bank scholarship worth applying for because it can be a fast and easy scholarship to win. This is because you apply for it online. US Bank makes their bank internet scholarship application process as painless and simple as possible when applying to scholarships today. Many scholarships are time-consuming to apply to but US Bank seems to understand that a bank internet scholarship program is just that by applying online.

If you’re wondering who US Bank is they are owned by U.S. Bancorp which has a whopping $281 billion in assets. This bank is one of he biggest in the world. In fact they are number five with commercial banks in the US and has over 3,000 banking offices scattered bout. They can handle just about any financial product you may need or desire.

You have to meet their qualifying criteria first to see if you’re eligible or not before applying for the US Bank Scholarship Program which seems to be not terribly difficult to do. You first must be enrolled in college by September of 2010 and a senior in high school or a freshmen, sophomore or junior in a college which uses the US Bank No Fee Education Loan Program. This is their own private student loan program by US Bank which is a credit based student loan program – meaning your credit has to be good in order to qualify for the loan. Along with that you must be a US citizen or a permanent resident alien. If you meet these conditions you can go online and start to apply to the US Bank internet scholarship program immediately.

The US Bank Internet Scholarship Program will award (40) $1,000 US Bank scholarships for 2010 which is ten more than the previous year. Winners are selected at random so everyone has an equal chance to win making this a fast and easy scholarship to win. US Bank has been awarding scholarships for the last (13) years. It’s nice to see US Bank give back to the community educationally especially in today’s turbulent economic times.

You can apply online through March 31st of each year and winners will be notified by April so you don’t have to wait long to find out if you won or not. If you have any questions on the US Bank Internet Scholarship Program you can call 800-242-1200 and get your questions answered quickly.

Along with the US Bank Internet Scholarship US Bank handles many other financial products for college students to assist them through college and they are helpful such as student loans, checking accounts and pre-paid spending cards. These are the financial products all students need when they start their college journey.

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