Pharmacy Scholarships for Pharmacist School

Scholarships for Pharmacy School Programs

Pharmacy Scholarships

If you are planning to become a pharmacist, there are many great pharmacy scholarships for pharmacist school available for you, and you should take advantage of as many as you possibly can. In most cases, becoming a pharmacist takes six years of higher pharmacy school, and this can be extremely expensive. You need all of the financial aid that you can get – especially in the form of scholarships for pharmacy school that do not have to be repaid.

The first pharmacy school scholarship program that you need to look into is the program offered by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Foundation, or NACDS. There are many different pharmacy scholarships offered through this program, including the main scholarship offered by the NACDS, the Robert J. Bolger Scholarship, the Taro Research Foundation Scholarship, the Edmond Fougera Scholarship, and the Leonard J. DeMino Pharmacy Student Scholarship.

The number of pharmacy scholarships available through this program varies each year, but the most recent number of awards made was 85. The foundation states that a minimum of 65 scholarships will be awarded each year, in the amount of $2000 each. Those who receive the named scholarships for pharmacy offered through the foundation will receive anywhere from $2000 to $5000.

To be eligible for any of these awards, you must be enrolled as a full time pharmacy student, working towards a doctorate degree in pharmacy (Pharm.D.). You must have also completed at least one year of graduate school, at a school of pharmacy. You must have worked or have experience at a chain pharmacy, and intend to follow a career into chain pharmacy. You must carry at least a C GPA. If you have received a NACDS scholarship in the past, you may not reapply, but if you have applied before, and not received a pharmacy school scholarship, you may apply.

With your application, which can be submitted online, you must include a current resume or curriculum, a detailed cover letter, a letter of recommendation from a current or recent chain pharmacy employer, and a signed letter from an acceptable authority figure at your school verifying your GPA.

Another important pharmacy scholarship that you should apply for is the AphA Foundation Student Pharmacist Scholarships Program. This is offered by the American Pharmacists Association Foundation. Ten scholarships are offered each year, in the amount of $1000. There are also many named scholarships for pharmacy awarded through this organization, including the Mary Louise Andersen Scholarship, the Boyle Family Scholarship, the John A. Gans Scholarship, the Colonel Jerry W. Ross Scholarship, the Robert D. Gibson Scholarship, and many others.

Additionally, you need to take a look at the pharmacy college scholarships offered through the Student National Pharmaceutical Association. Again, there are numerous scholarships for pharmacy school available, and while many are only available to those who are entering or have already entered graduate school, in a pharmacy degree program, there are also scholarships in pharmacy available for those just starting their college careers, who are seeking a pharmacy degree as well. Make sure that you apply for all of the pharmacy scholarships that you may be eligible for, even if you don’t think that you will win the award.

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  1. j m a diploma in pharmacy graduate in kenya and wish to ask for scholarship to enable pursue a degree in pharmacy .kindly help.

  2. i am twleve years old i want to be come a pharmacy student i am looking to get a head star if you have some good information please tell me

  3. lauryn,

    concentrate on getting good grades so you can be eligible for a scholarship at this point and do community service that can be documented to prove you’ve done it. Then go to high school scholarships to start targeting those awards that may be a good fit for you.

  4. Good morning.. i am incoming college and i’m seeking to have a scholarship because i want to take a BS pharmacy.. how can i avail your scholarship?

  5. i am incoming first year college and plans to take a BS pharmacy.. can i avail your scholarships? do you offer here in philippines?

  6. jelabie,

    we do not offer the scholarships but merely write about them. I would look into bursaries which are need based. Try your own government bursary programs first.

  7. Deginet hankamo

    Deginet hankmo kintamo from ethiopia iwas grajuated from hawassa health science by drugist know i am seeking to join bsc in pharmacy

  8. Deginet,

    have you considered your gov bursaries?

  9. i finished high secondary school with81,50% can me get scholarship pleas help me i’m from Yemen

  10. You want to look into bursaries from your government firstly. They are easier to apply to and easier to get!

  11. hellow!! i am young Tanzanian completed high school early this year and passed very well, and i wish to study a B.pharm in one of the university worldwide. how can i obtain the help of scholarship please?

  12. Chris,

    look into bursaries and more specifically Canadian bursaries.

  13. Hi, i have done Pharm.D in 2009 from University Of Malakand Pakistan, after doing jobs in various departments now i want to study PhD in Pharmacology. If you could help me to avail a scholarship to support me financially regarding my studies in PhD, so it would to so nice of you.

  14. Syed,

    you must apply for scholarships to see if you qualify for any. Have you considered bursaries? They are need based , easy to apply to and receive. Look into your own government sponsored ones which are simpler then private ones to acquire.

  15. Gedifew Admasu Abate

    i am Gedifew Admasu Abate i have Bachlor Degree in pharmacy in Ethiopia and i want to study PharmD .if you are able to help me avail a scholarship me financially i am kindly waiting ur response.

  16. Gedifew,

    you must apply to them to see if you qualify. You may want to look into your government bursary programs since they are the easiest to apply for and get.

  17. Mohamed Moiwai Mustapha

    i am a sierra Leonean with a diploma in pharmacy. i wants to known if your oganization can award me scholarship to pursue a degree in pharmacy. sierra leone is in west Africa

  18. Mohamed,

    We do not offer scholarships but write about great ones for students and where to go to apply to them. You may want to look also into educational bursaries since you are in West Africa.

  19. I am a Jamaican citizen with an Associate Degree in Business studies: Management major who would like to pursue a career in pharmacy within the US or Canada. Are scholarships available to international students as well that you can recommend?

  20. Rushai,

    I would look into bursaries form Canada who have great programs for international students. Also read about country specific bursaries too. Read more at

    You would have to ask the sponsor of each scholarship if they allow international students to apply.

  21. i am currently in grade 13 and hope to apply for scholarship in can u please tell me if i can apply next year and get a scholar the same year or do i have to have a year experience and graduate school as mentioned above

  22. Malcolm,

    you should direct this question to any scholarship sponsor to which you apply. All of them will vary on this.

  23. Cosmetology Pharmacy Culinary School Scholarships And | Home - pingback on October 22, 2014 at 12:40 am
  24. I have completed my high school with good percentage and I am seeking scholarship in pharmacy…can you help me please ….

  25. Sanjeev,

    you may want to go here: and apply to any that you are a good fit for; not just pharmacy awards. Look for pharmacy Foundations too because many times they have awards/scholarships/grants you can apply to. Health scholarships and medical scholarships are to be considered too.

  26. I have completed graduation in pharmacy with a gpa above3.5 and want to seek a scholarship for the m.pharm in please help me how to apply

  27. sristi,

    You must apply to scholarships to see if you qualify for them. We write about where to apply to them so you can easily go to their website and apply. Have you looked into educational bursaries? Especially from your government?

  28. hi, im a graduate of bs biology in the philippines and want to take pharmacy as a second degree in other countrys that offer scholarships. can you help me?

  29. Eis,

    you must apply to all those awards which you feel you have a good chance of winning. Have you looked into Canadian bursaries which =have very good programs for out of Country students? Read more her at Canadian scholarships and bursaries.

  30. Njem Desmond Nanji

    I am a student in the university of bamenda, doing general chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry. i wish to know how to have a scholarship to study pharmacy in higher levels.

  31. Njem,

    you may want to look into government bursaries also. Apply to them from your government educational website.

  32. I have a BSc degree in pharmacy from Addis Ababa University and I need now to take a master degree program in clinical pharmacy or social pharmacy field

  33. Abiot,

    have you looked into educational government bursaries? These are student financial aid which you can apply to from your own government educational website.

  34. geh linda akere

    am a pharmacist and which to have a scholarship to do the PHARM D program in the u s

  35. geh,

    you must apply to scholarships to see if you qualify for one. Have you applied to your own government bursaries??? If not look into them. They are easy to apply to and easier to win. Most are based on financial need.

  36. Munuka Barbara

    I am a diploma graduate in pharmacy and wish for a scholarship to enable me pursue a degree in pharmacy.

  37. Munuka,

    you must apply to any scholarship you feel your qualifications match up to the scholarship criteria. Start applying to as many as possible.


    l am apharmacy technician . i like to join pharmacy scholarship . how i can do it? from Eritrea

  39. HENOK,

    to receive scholarships, you must apply to them to see if you qualify. Apply to as many as you can!


    Hi,am in High School and i want to be a Pharmacist,am from Uganda.thank you for being kind.


    There are links in every article we write about where you can go and apply. These are the scholarship sponsors webpage where you can apply to their scholarship program.

  42. hi i completed my high school having good grades and have graduated in a pharmacy school as a pharmarcy technician and wish to obtain a B pharm, M pharm and even pharm D

  43. nelvis,

    apply to those awards where you feel your qualifications seem to fairly match up. You will not know if you can win a scholarship unless you apply to them.

  44. Nzeribe Emmanuella

    Hello, Plz are there any scholarships or Financial aids for continuing PharmD African students?

  45. Nzeribe,

    apply to as many scholarships where you fit the criteria for. Have you looked in to African Bursaries? Read more too at scholarship websites.

  46. I have been accepted into pharmacy school and I don’t qualify for traditional financial aid (other then loans). I am trying to find a database geared for professional school students (PharmD). Can you offer any advice?

  47. Ruby,

    put in an application at the school you are interested in. Then once they see it, they may offer some advice to you on financial aid. This is what I would recommend to anyone as a first step. A good site for student loans is no cosigner student loans. Otherwise; just apply to various scholarships you feel that may fit your qualifications. Also; look into easy scholarships to apply to.

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