Belgium Scholarships for International Students

Belgium Scholarships

Belgium Scholarships

How would you like to continue your education by studying abroad? There are Belgium scholarships for international students that can help you do just that. The studies in Belgium are distinctively French or Dutch. International business and the arts are great programs for students to study in Belgium. There are plenty of places that students can visit while they are in Belgium. It is a great place to not only continue your education but also learn of some other cultures then you are used to. While doing your studies in Belgium you can visit places like Amsterdam and Paris. It can be a chance of a lifetime for a student receiving a Belgium scholarship.

The Benjamin A Gilman Scholarships International are a government designed program to help underprivileged students get a chance to study abroad and would make a perfect Belgium Scholarship. They can give up to $5000 to 700 applicants a year. Applicants must be Pell Grant recipients. This will tell the program that they are in need of help with a scholarship. They must be of great academic standard. They offer these scholarships for international students because they feel we need more business and industry leaders with different ethnic backgrounds. This surely makes the world a more balanced place.

The Knowledge Exchange Institute is another Belgium scholarship that you can apply for. The student must be studying in international business, law, finance, as well as culture, arts and language. These awards are in between $500 to $1000. The main criteria are outstanding student academics.

Some of the other Belgium scholarships are Georges Jules Joyaux Memorial Scholarships, Forest Akers Scholarships and MSU Federal Credit Union scholarships. There are these and many more that can help you study at least a semester in Belgium.

There is also the Belgium Govt. Scholarships from External Scholarship Division Ministry of Human Resource and Development. This is offered to Indian students from foreign countries. It is offered to students who are post graduate and doctoral studies. These are studies in things like Irrigation Engineering, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Nucleic Acid, Protein Chemistry, Microbiology and several more. Students must be of an Indian background from India. They must be able to speak and write in English. There are many other requirements too that must be looked at closely.

You must be accepted or enrolled in a Belgium University to be qualified to apply for scholarships in Belgium. Some of the Belgium scholarships for international students are for low income students applying. Some are based on academic and experience. There are different qualifications on all of the scholarships in Belgium.

As mentioned above there are so many different Belgium scholarships for international students that you can apply for. It is a matter of what you are studying because there are different scholarships pertaining to different studies. Study abroad scholarships can be a rewarding way to earn your education. The above Belgian scholarships can help.

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  1. Please i want you to sponsor me to further my education in abroad

  2. AMOAKO,

    you can apply to any scholarship you see on our website but you must go to the sponsors website to apply. A link is normally provided at the end of the articles.

  3. Thakur Prasad Devkota

    I want to study abroad in Belgium but I could not afford so I am search for the sponcership or scholarship. I am from Nepal the third world country so please help me and suggest me.

  4. I am specifically looking for a Pilot Scholarship in Canada, for my daughter who lives in the Caribbean (Antigua) I am seeking such avenue because of my not so favourable financial situation. I would greatly appreciate if there are Scholarships in that area offered to Caribbean national. Awaiting a favourable response.

  5. Andrea,

    have you considered Canadian bursaries and scholarships? Also look into the The Davis Scholarship and Study Abroad Scholarships.

  6. Henry Asamani

    Can i please get a sponsor to continue my education in Belgium.

  7. Henry,

    we do not provide sponsorship. Read more at VLIR Scholarships. For another alternative read about the DAAD scholarships.

  8. My name is Giffty Takele.I am 18 years old,I am grade 10 student in Asco Progress Academy.I need you to give me the chance to learn.So please give me the chance.

  9. Giffty,

    you must apply to any and all scholarships you are interested in directly with the scholarship sponsor. Go to scholarships for high school sophomores to read more.

  10. hello,
    I am a student in Ukraine but I come from Africa and I am doing my degree program in ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and I am doing this course in Russian. I am in second year. If I could ask, can you please help me continue my studies and complete them in Belgium because, I guess this will help me more, because I will be studying this course in the language that I understand more. I am able to study in either English or French.I would like to study my third year in Belgium next year.
    Please help me and God will bless u!

  11. Djuichou Ndemasong Stella

    I am a student in Cameroon and I am a Cameroonian.I just finished my degree program in Chemistry and will be Graduating this December 2011.If I could ask, can you please help me offer my Master Degree Program in Belgium.I can study in both English and french.Thank you very much and God bless you.

  12. Djuichou,

    you must apply to see if you qualify.

  13. Hello. I am planing to get my undergraduate degree in Belgium in art field. More specifically I studied fashion design for 3 years in Russia. I have been living in The States for 3 years now. So, I was wondering if you know any grants or scholarships for art programs students. Thank you so much for your help.

  14. I would like to further my studies in belgium. I need a sponsor because I cannot afford without help

    Please help me

    Justin Vaughn

  15. Justin,

    unfortunately we do not offer sponsorship’s.

  16. Hello.i am a student in year one studying physics, i will like to transfer to Belgium to study Electrical and Electronics what are my suppose to do?i am a Nigerian i can study in English thank you.

  17. JOHN,

    you should read this article again and it will help you to know which places to contact. Contacting the Belgium department of education is also advisable. Read also about government bursaries. Go to:

  18. hi i am solomon mareye i will graduate in clinical nurse by diploma and we will to arrive scholar programmed bsc nurse

  19. solomon,

    have you looked also into bursaries scholarships?

  20. First and foremost I would like to greet you in the profound name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    My name is Memher Fikremariam Bazezew. I am an Ethiopian Orthodox clergy. I have graduated from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Holy Trinity Theological College with Bachelor Degree in Theology (BTh) on June 2011 with a cumulative GPA of 3.71 and also I have completed M.Th. in 2014 with a cumulative GPA of 3.71. I have also passed through the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Traditional Schools. I have learnt Qene (Geez), Old Testament as well as New Testament Commentary from those traditional schools and received certificates from their respective school.
    Currently, I am serving the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as a preacher as well as a New Testament Commentary Teacher in different parish churches and Sunday Schools. I am also preaching in different dioceses as well.
    I have published five spiritual books that help the faithful to understand the mystery of the Holy Bible in brief and know about their faith in depth. . So if in case you do have scholarship, could you please provide me with the necessary information.
    Warmest regards

  21. Fikremariam,

    you must apply to scholarships to see if you qualify for them. It seems that you have completed your schooling; so I am puzzled by your request. Please clarify. Have you considered African bursaries. Read more at Christian scholarships too; which may help.

  22. aboubacar sidiki conde

    i would like to continue my studies in Belgium in MBA kindly help me to get a scholarship, thank you in advance.

  23. aboubacar,

    you must apply to see if you qualify for scholarships. Have you looked into bursaris? Read more at:

  24. Hello,
    I am student from Bangladesh and I am Bangladeshi. I have completed MS degree on agriculture from Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh with a cumulative GPA 3.77. Now I would like to continue my studies in Belgium in Phd. Kindly help me to get a scholarship.

  25. Ashok,

    best bet is to search the Belgium educational website for out of country students seeking student financial aid. Look into their government educational bursaries too.

  26. Ashok,

    best bet is to search the Belgium educational website for out of country students seeking student financial aid. Look also into their government educational bursaries too.

  27. i am resom tadese 28 years old young man from Ethiopia. i have bachelor degree in pharmacy & currently am working in pharma industry i just want to have my Masters degree in pharmacy.

  28. resom,

    you may want to contact the scholarship sponsor of any scholarship award to see if they award to graduate students for master degrees.

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