Harry S Truman Scholarship Foundation Picks Future Leaders

Harry S Truman Scholarship

Harry S Truman Scholarship

The Harry S Truman Scholarship was created in 1975 by the US Congress in honor of the 33rd president. The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation manages the Truman Scholarship. Since the Foundation is an independent federal executive branch Agency, the Truman Scholarship is a federal scholarship. Congress decided that The Harry Truman Scholarship will be the official Federal memorial to President Truman instead of a statue.

The sole purpose of the Truman Scholarship is to discover and award future leaders by empowering them with the Truman Scholarship Program so their accomplishments can be accelerated. The Truman Foundation believes this will also have a greater impact on the rest of our society and for the better. Truman scholars desire to change the world for the better, but they all may have a different way of doing this, such as becoming a Senator or Congressman/woman who want to help people by getting those things done in government. A Truman scholar may also accomplish this by becoming a school president and lead by example which may positively influence every student & teacher who passes through the University. There is no one way that a Truman scholar is supposed to lead & spread their influence, they just do and their impact is felt by many. The Truman Scholarship helps make this much more possible for the Truman scholar.

Harry S Truman Scholarship Foundation Guidelines & Criteria

  1. Awarded to College Juniors only.
  2. Approximately (70) Truman Scholarships are awarded annually – very large scholarship program.
  3. Currently Truman scholars receive $30,000 for (3) years of graduate education strictly for a career in public service.
  4. Truman Scholars have the benefit of the Truman Scholars Association to network with past Truman scholarship winners.
  5. Must be of service on campus as well as in the community.
  6. Must be committed to a career in public service such as in government, uniformed public service, public research &education, or public interest or advocacy organizations.
  7. Must have good communication skills and the ability to easily bring about change for the betterment of all.
  8. Must have the academic ability to be accepted & excel in graduate school.
  9. Truman Scholars must have all skills necessary & desire to bring about positive changes in communities everywhere for the good of all people.
  10. Truman Scholarship written applications are required at Universities along with personal interviews who will then select up to (4) candidates ((3) transfer students can be selected too).

Going into public service does have its challenges but the rewards far out way them. Public service is not for everyone, but reserved for those who really do want to make a better difference in our world today, and are willing to fight some really tough battles along the way for change which the majority will ultimately benefit from. You must have personal qualities that are multifaceted and the desire & drive to put those qualities in action on the playing field of  life. A Harry S Truman Scholarship is one way to fast start those unique talents into action. Does this sound like you?

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