VFW Scholarships for Veterans Children

If you’re under the impression that only VFW scholarships for Veterans children can only apply for a VFW scholarship, then think again, because any child can enter into the VFW scholarship program and have a chance to win. That’s right! You can apply to the VFW scholarships even if you or your parents never served in the armed forces for the US military. It seems a little odd why this may be the case because after all, the VFW does have it’s very own special privilege’s by being a member; which is having served in overseas military assignments.

If you look below the service then you may clearly see why that the VFW Scholarships for Veterans Children is open to all children and not only children of those who served in foreign wars for the US. The reason the VFW invites any child; non-member as well as members, to participate in these essay contest is in the subject matter in which the contest is written on – patriotism! The annual theme will ALWAYS be related to patriotism. The VFW is a patriotic organization and they try to foster patriotism any way they can. This is a great way to do it too, and in a noble fashion – by offering essay writing contest in hopes of winning VFW scholarships.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, along with its partners, has 2.2 million members in approximately 8,100 Posts worldwide. The VFW mission is to “honor the dead by helping the living” through veterans’ service, community service, national security and a strong national defense. Providing scholarships is wonderful community service and creates goodwill and patriotism towards the US military, especially when their’s an active war going on and lives are being lost.

The VFW Scholarships

The Voice of Democracy Scholarship Competition
This is the VFW premier scholarship program. It’s a high school scholarship. Audio/Essay & broadcast contest for grades 9 – 12 in which applicants write and record a broadcast script on a patriotic theme. Three million in VFW scholarships awarded yearly & over 100,000 students normally compete. Nov. 1st is entry deadline.

The Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest
This is for grades 6 – 8 and is an essay contest in which applicants express their view on democracy. Estimated $115,000 students compete annually. Nov. 1st is entry deadline.

VFW Scout of the Year Scholarship
For Boy Scouts only. Must have received a Boy Scout Eagle Award, a Venture Scouting Silver Award or a Sea Scout Quartermaster Award to participate in this VFW scholarship. This scholarship program is more specific in nature and is not nearly as accessible as the Patriot’s Pen & the Voice of Democracy Scholarship Competition. March 1st deadline. *For further information on the scouting scholarships, email questions to bhaney@vfw.org or call (816) 756-3390, Ext. 195.

*For questions on any of the above VFW scholarship programs call the VFW National Programs office at 816-968-1117.

The Ladies Auxiliary VFW Scholarship Program
The Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US is the Womans equivalent to the VFW, but only has approximately 581,245 members and is just as influential in the community as the VFW. They are involved in other activities in which the VFW does not get directly involved, but their mission is very similar. There is ‘The Ladies Auxiliary VFW Scholarship Program’ which highlights (3) scholarships for grades 9 – 12. These VFW scholarships are application type scholarships and are judged based on a girls passed activities such as ‘Junior Unit Activities’, ‘School Activities’, and ‘Scholastic Grades’. The three VFW ladies scholarships are:

  1. Junior Girls Scholarship
  2. Young American Creative Patriotic Art
  3. Continuing Education Scholarship
    (For members and their families)

Ladies Auxiliary VFW – National Headquarters
406 West 34th Street, 10th Fl.
Kansas City, MO 64111
Call 816-561-8655 for further information.

VFW Military Family Scholarship Program
This VFW scholarship program has recently been retired by the VFW (07-01-2009). The program provided (25) $3,000 scholarships each year to VFW members who are currently serving in uniform or have been discharged within the (36) months prior to the December 31 deadline.


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  7. I am 45 and am going back to college. Do you have scholarships for this age group? My father served in the air corps in ww2.

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  9. Send me info on the program

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    you must contact via the articles contact info.

  11. To All:

    I am a Viet Nam vet; I have a 30% disability from the government. My disability is service related. My youngest daughter is in her first year at college. She is an Education/Dance major. I am having a difficult time funding her college education. She attends a state school in PA. I would like to know of any or all scholarships that we can apply for as it relates to my situation. Any help or advice would be welcome.

  12. Hello, I am 30 years old a mother of two and a wife. My father served in the Navy for 22 years he served in dessert storm for 1 year. I have decided to go back to school finally after all these years and further my education majoring in radiology tech specializing in ob sonography. My father suggested I look into the VFW for a possible scholarship or grant and being the chiefs daughter I am wise enough to know I need to listen!! LOL any help would be amazing! Thank you!

  13. Kristy,

    apply to as many as you fit the scholarship profile. Read more at military scholarships.

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