College Scholarships For Older Women returning to School

Scholarships For Older Women returning to College

Older Women Scholarships

College scholarships for older women returning to college make women educational dreams possible today that didn’t exist only a few short years ago. For a variety of good reasons some women choose to pursue their educational opportunities later in life. There may have been family obligations that had to be fulfilled first or some other unexpected delay that caused women to delay the beginning of their dream of attending college. Now that they are ready to pursue that dream it is very good to know it can still be achieved. It is not just a dream but a reality. There are more scholarships for older women returning to college which make paying tuition easier now so lets explore a few.

College scholarships for older women are available through many sources. There is the Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund. This women scholarship is targeted towards older women that have been out of school for more than ten years. The criteria are they must be enrolled, or planning to enroll in a technical or university school. These older women scholarships has five top winners, which will receive $10,000 a year. There will be 50 more chosen that will receive $1,000 a year.

Another scholarship for older women returning to college comes from the AARP Scholarships Foundation. They want to extend these scholarships to older women over 40. It is their goal to give women a chance to go back to school and fulfill their dreams of getting an education and starting a career. They award 100 scholarships ranging from $500 to $5000.

The Jeannette Rankin Womens Scholarship Fund is another great place for scholarships for older women. The Jeannette Rankin foundation has a vision. This vision is to break the cycle of poverty in women that are 35 years or older and that are in the low-income bracket. The JRF has been giving out about 500 scholarships a year to qualified women. The requirements are that women must be 35 or older. They must be low-income. In addition, they must be a United Stated citizen. The applicant must be enrolled in, or accepted in an ACICS accredited school. These applicants can be looking to gain a vocational or technical degree, an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. They will also consider things like what your goals are, the challenges that you have faced thus far and your financial situation.

The Jeannette Rankin Scholarship is set up as to not discriminate against color, race, creed, sexual orientation or disabilities. The JRF older women scholarships application for 2010 have already passed but there will be information posted for 2011 by November 1st.

It is possible for older women to get the education that she has always wanted. It is possible for women who are 35 or older and living at a poverty level to pursue a rewarding career. There are older women scholarships like these listed that can make her dream come true. They will give older women the information to get on the right track and get the education that they deserve.

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  1. Hi, I work at Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund and I didn’t see another way to contact you, so I’m just leaving a few notes here.

    We award about 80 scholarships a year and some of those are renewals. The school can either be regionally or ACICS accredited. Applicants cannot already have a bachelor’s degree.

    The website I’ve included is for our qualifications page; please use it to make sure you qualify and to apply in November.

    Best of luck to you all!

  2. Bently,

    thanks for keeping us updated on your JRF scholarships!

  3. What about purely african women like kenyans of age 25 and above? Please advice.joseph

  4. joseph,

    you may apply to any of the scholarships written about on our site but you must go directly to the sponsor of the scholarships website to apply to most. Go to free student loan scholarship search to do a fast and easy scholarship search to get started right away to quickly see what student aid you may be qualified for.

    You can also look into no cosigner student loans if you don’t win any other financial aid. College loans without cosigners allow you to get your student loans all by yourself without relying on someone else to help you or cosign for you regardless of your credit.

    Also go to go to Fullbright scholarships for disabled to read more which may be able to help you.

    Go to VLIR scholarship and read about what may be your best bet.

  5. I am a 58 year old Afro-American female who as recently returned to school. I have been in school part-time for two years and I continue to pursue my education as long as my health permits me to do so. I have a 3.58 GPA and my area of focus is Behavioral Science. With the economy being as it is today, I find myself getting deeper into dept with student loans. I would like to stay in school until I receive my Bachelors degree; however things are really getting tight. I have several medical conditions which require my to get me to spend a lot of money on medications, but I am always present in class and I do not miss school. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Pamela,

    try the FSD grant. It sounds like you may some disability problems which will allow you to qualify. The Aarp scholarship has been very helpful for many too. Adult college scholarships will be an area to research more into. Also go to easy scholarships for moms. This website features many scholarships for females as well as mom scholarships only. Apply to all the female scholarship programs.

  7. College Scholarships for Women Over 50 | - pingback on September 28, 2010 at 1:44 pm
  8. Hi,
    I am a 30year old kenyan woman. I have been looking accross the web for scholarships that are geared specifically towards LGBTI students from African but so far i have only come accross options for students of African-American decent.

    Other LGBT Scholarships i came accross support students already studying in the US; I am yet to find one that supports students wishing to join a US University for any course or field of study.

    Can you help?



  9. Vivian,

    you must apply directly to the sponsor to all scholarships on our website.

    try these resources:

    go to the VLIR Scholarship and see if this helps. Go to Fulbright Scholarships
    Other reading which may help you is:

    Benjamin Gilman Scholarship Program an International study abroad scholarship
    Study Abroad Scholarships Grants are Unusual Scholarships
    Athens Greece ASCSA Study Abroad Scholarships

    These are all very goods ones to apply to.

  10. Hi, I am 40 from Indonesia,high school, want to study english at USA where can I get scholarship for college?

  11. ita,
    try these resources:

    go to the VLIR Scholarship and see if this helps. Go to Fulbright Scholarships
    Other reading which may help you is:

    Benjamin Gilman Scholarship Program an International study abroad scholarship
    Study Abroad Scholarships Grants are Unusual Scholarships
    Athens Greece ASCSA Study Abroad Scholarships

    These are all very goods ones to apply to.

  12. I’m 61 and my problem is having a BA. It makes the job of locating funding to complete my last semester difficult. I’m seeking to complete my Paralegal Assoc. degree. I’m unemployed and have a 3 hour round trip to comm. college, attending day and night classes till 9PM (I get home at 11PM).
    I can tell you that my BA in speech communication is not a career maker in a rural Pa. town. Once my financial aid arrives but that is month after classes begin, it gets a bit easier. With little to no money to get to four classes M-thurs. and an internship (Friday). I am frustrated to say the least while maintaining a 3.595 GPA.
    I did apply for scholarships for need but was turned down for lack of funds. The scholarship department suggested I get a loan, a cruel joke to me after my bankruptcy 3 years ago. Worried about finishing.

  13. Linda,

    try going to student loans no cosigner to see if this helps. These loans do not check credit history and are very good federal loans!

  14. Cynthia Hulshizer

    I am a 50 year old woman who is interested in getting a Doctorate Degree. I finish my Masters Degree in August 2011. Do you know of any good scholarships that I could check out? I am also an American Indian (not in a government approved tribe).

    Thank you for your assistance, Cynthia

  15. Cynthia,

    The United States Student Fulbright Scholarship may be able to help. Also go to World Bank Scholarships for Graduate Students. And go to NWSA Women Scholarships Grants.

  16. Yolanda Luongo M.

    Hola, tengo 57 años y vivo en Santiago de Chile. Agradezco me respondan si tengo posibilidades para postular a una beca para mujeres mayores que quieren volver a estudiar en la universidad. Tengo verdadero interés por estudiar Gerontología; pero no dispongo de recursos económicos.
    Saludos cordiales,
    Yolanda Luongo M.

  17. Hello,

    I am a 42 year old mother of 5 children. I would like to return to school to earn my first college degree. I am also of Asian/Pacific Island descent.

    What scholarships do you recommend?

    Thank you

  18. Ahlam,

    first look into scholarships for moms. The Asian Pacific Islander Scholarship would be worth looking into. Aarp scholarships for women 40 and over is a must to research too.

  19. La-Tonya Pearson

    Hi I am a 53 year old mother of three. I am African American looking for a scholarship to help me complete my BS degree in Business Administration because I ran out of grant money while I completed my AA degree.

  20. La-Tonya,

    go to college scholarships for women over 50. Also go to women scholarships which are very inclusive when applying for all women, not just moms. Read also black scholarships for college which may help.

  21. PLEASE help me with funding /scholarships so I may attend NYU for nursing!! I am a highly dedicated, passionate and driven individual with high ethical standards. My belief and mission has been my driving force to see that I fulfill my dream and deep passion to help children with Cleft Lip /Palate in India and abroad. I plan on opening a rehabilitation center for Cleft Lip/Palate upon my achievements. I have been told NO all my life and I defied all odds. I will not let another day go buy where as I will be closer to my dream and helping those children and giving them a new life for those with Cleft Lip/Palate and their families that are in such great need for help

  22. Ms Shore,

    firstly go to and read this if you have already not done so. Next you want to target nursing scholarships to apply to. Read more at and and Apply to any general scholarship you fit the qualifications for. There is many on the above sites.

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