American Legion Samsung Scholarship for Veterans Children

Samsung is one of the largest electronics company in the world today. To show their appreciation to the US forces who helped them in the Korean war when they were resisting communism, Samsung endowed a five million dollar scholarship fund to the American Legion and The American Legion Samsung Scholarship for Veterans Children was established.

The Samsung scholarship for Veterans children are high school scholarships, more specifically for Juniors only. The winners of this Samsung American Legion scholarship can only use the Samsung scholarship monies solely for undergraduate study (tuition, books, fees, and room and board). The applicants are selected based on past academic performance; their involvement in school & community functions; along with community service. Financial need and those who are descendants of U.S. veterans of the Korean War will receive additional bonus points in the selection process.

To be eligible you must be a high school junior who was involved with either an American Legion Boys State or American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Program. You must be a direct descendant of an US wartime Veteran who served during specific time periods. Applications are taken at the time in which the applicant applied for his/her respective Boys/Girls State program.

The American Legion scholarship for Veterans children award breakdown of past winners have been: ten $20,000 scholarships and 88 $1,000 scholarships. This varies from year to year, but very similar.

If you fit American Legion scholarship for Veterans children criteria for this award you can apply at: Samsung American Legion Scholarship Application. All the specific detailed instructions are there. It may take some time completing this Samsung scholarship application, but it may be worth it in the end. The specific questions you will be asked to explain about yourself are:

  1. Describe your most significant challenge or accomplishment and explain its value to your life.
  2. Explain your long-range goals for school and career. Describe what specific skills and personal values you want to foster in yourself to achieve these ends.
  3. Describe any circumstances that may affect your family’s ability to provide for your college education.
  4. Describe any “community service /volunteerism” activities in which you have been involved during your high school career (grades nine through eleven). If your “community service/volunteerism” was
    required, explain why.
  5. Activities – List the clubs, teams, and organizations you belonged to or participated in during grades nine (9) through eleven (11). List the dates you participated (mm/yy), number of hours. per week or month, total hours and accomplishments or honors earned.
  6. State/National Awards and Honors. List up to five state or national awards/honors you have received. (For example, All-State Choir, National Merit Semifinalist.)
  7. School/Local Awards and Honors. List up to five school or local awards/honors you have received. (For example, DAR Good Citizen Award, American Legion All-Star, 4-H, Scholastic Athlete Award.)
  8. What do you like to do for fun and/or enjoyment?

If writing about all these things come easy, then you may be a good candidate for the American Legion Samsung Scholarship for Veterans Children.


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