Aarp Scholarships for Women 40 and Over could be Easy Scholarships

The Aarp scholarships for women 40 and over is the perfect way to help pay for tuition, fees, and your books when thinking of returning back to school for improving your job skills, education & training when they could otherwise not afford it. They could prove to be easy scholarships to win if you fit their scholarship criteria, which is not difficult to do. Aarp awards up to 100 scholarships every year ranging from $500 to $5000 which depends on the cost of your particular education or training program you have selected.

The Aarp scholarship is designed to financially assist women 40 and over pursuing new job training and skills so they can eventually have a solid career to support themselves. It’s perfect for a women planning on returning to the workforce after a long work absence. The are perfect scholarships for older women returning to college.

To be eligible women must presently be attending an accredited school or technical program within 6 months of the scholarship award date, and if an applicant wins an Aarp scholarship they must fully complete their program until culmination. You are not required to be a full-time student; attending school part-time is acceptable. It’s one of the few women scholarships where you do not have to be a full-time student to receive the Aarp foundation women’s scholarship.

When applying for the Aarp scholarship, the application will ask the standard basic scholarship information (name, address, etc) and also ask the applicant to respond to some essay questions too. You will be asked to write about your educational aspirations; and how you overcame very important challenges in your life. In addition, applicants must prove financial need & limited assets, and have a low monthly income to be eligible for the Aarp women’s scholarship program. This should include many women looking for a scholarship today. Aarp scholarships are also renewable every year, which means you would reapply annually if you still meet their guidelines to receive more Aarp Foundation women’s scholarship money.

The AARP Foundation has a scholarship committee who will select Aarp educational winners, and are selected based on financial need; how significantly the Aarp scholarships for females will have changed their lives, their families and also the community in which they live. Educational aspirations of the applicant are also a factor in the selection process too.

The Aarp womens scholarship receives strong support from the Bank of America and the Women’s Leadership Circle Cabinet with financially sustaining this scholarship for women. A strong benefit in winning an Aarp Foundation scholarship automatically allows you to become a member of their exclusive ‘Scholar’s Network’. It’s a ‘Women’s Leadership Circle’ in which women join an Aarp online community to correspond with other members who have similar interests as well as take part in live online chats where you will be able to learn from experts in a variety of subjects. Having this type of professional connection will help you make the best career choices along your professional path. It’s like having a personal tutor who will help you make the right decisions on just about any topic.

Some women will not fit into this criteria for an Aarp scholarship, but many will. If you do, it may be an easy scholarship to walk away with. It just may be an easy paperwork shuffle! Go to Aarp scholarships for women 40 to apply online.

Aarp Scholarship Contact Information
601 E Street NW
888-OUR-AARP begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            888-OUR-AARP      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
email for questions –
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  1. Priority consideration for Aarp scholarships for women 40 are given to women in three categories:

    *women raising children of another family member (such as grandparents raising grandchildren, or those raising siblings or nieces/nephews).

    *women who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time .

    *women in dead end jobs (those with no opportunity for advancement, low pay & and lacking either health or retirement benefits).

  2. Hello,

    My name is Steve Baldon. I am 57 years old and I have been a member of AARP since 2003, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of membership. During the time of my membership, I have always been employed. That changed recently when the factory where I worked in North Carolina ceased production and shut down. As a result of the plant closing, the company that I worked for provided tuition reimbursement for non-business related courses in an effort to allow employees to retrain for new careers. I have always had a passion for cooking, so I enrolled in culinary school. Almost two years later, I am about to complete my studies for an Associate Culinary Arts degree. So far I have a 3.95 GPA, and perfect attendance for the past 5 quarters of school while working full-time. I totally understand the need to assist women in this area (scholarships). I was just wondering if AARP has any scholarship programs for men over 40 years old?


    Steven L. Baldon

  3. Steve,
    at this time we can find no scholarships for men from Aarp. We will keep looking though. It seems odd that they don’t & sort of discriminating too. Even a token $500 Aarp mens scholarship would make me feel better about this.

  4. Steve,

    check out these culinary scholarships which may help you!

  5. Thank you for your reply and the information.

    I also sent a quirie to AARP. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say.


  6. I am interested in going back to school. I was a teenager mother of three girls and I missed out on alot of opportunities. Can you please send me some information about this program or contact me at 502-718-1225. Thank you in advanced

  7. Go to AARP scholarships for women over 40. Email them on any questions about the program and they will respond promptly. Go to Aarp scholarship questions to answer many of your question about the program.
    Also do a free scholarship search. It’s a quick student loan scholarship search by this free scholarship search service located here…student loan scholarship search. Click on the ‘Find Free College Money’ link. It’s free and fast and produces as good as you can get results.

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  9. Thanks! for the compliment!

  10. Joanne Richardson

    Thanks a million.

  11. I am looking for AARP grants available for women over 50 looking to start up their own business. Is there a specific link for this?

  12. You xcan go to Aarp Scholarships to apply to their scholarship program.

  13. I am so excited to explore the possibilities of scholarships for women over forty. It has been such a struggle to hang onto my house and pay all the bills and attend graduate school at my age of 68. I was (am) an artist in clay for my entire working life living on the sales of my pottery both functional and decorative. I never expected that sales would just dry up. In 2005 I had to close the businesses and sadly discovered that I had no marketable skills. I was left with no choice but to go back to school. I have chosen mental health counseling because I figure I can be as old as I am and still be a therapist. I plan to work with older people where services are practically nil or with families in family therapy. I also intend to work in some of the art as an art therapist. For an entire year I searched for employment using my life long skills of teaching, designing, selling, making – but the demand for clay workers in any capacity has no place in today’s world. I intend to search this aarp site and apply for some of the scholarships. Thank you so much

  14. Angela McKenzie-Dixn

    I am 55 years old and returning to school to receive a Masters Degree in Public Policy. I am interested in working for organizations or lobbying to protect the rights of seniors.

    What are the various grants, scholarships or other types of financial assistance is provided by AARP?

  15. Angela,

    go to scholarships for women 40 and over. Here’s is the new link which was just recently updated.

  16. I am a 75 year old male who is looking to suppliment my fixed income by starting a new business in internet marketing. I have been a member of AARP for ten years. Are there any grants for seniors starting a new business?

    Ronald Saucier

  17. Ronald,

    you may want to go to Contact AARP and direct that question to them.

  18. I would like to attend a technical school but don’t know if you fund it. It’s called Bauman Nutrition College located in Penngrove, Ca. They also have one in Santa Cruz, CA.

  19. Janice,

    Bauman has payment plans but no direct student aid programs. They do recommend some nice student aid options at Bauman Nutrition College student aid recommendations. Look also into the Pell grant and student loans no cosigner programs which are administered by the government and are second to none when it comes to student loan programs. Also read up on some unknown scholarship tips too!

  20. Weird Scholarships for Girls | - pingback on October 4, 2011 at 11:20 am
  21. Michelle Jackman

    Why is it that I followed the link where you click on what age you are and they are trying to get me to enroll in a school? I am already enrolled in college. This wasn’t any help at all!

  22. Michelle,

    you must of clicked on an ad. Sorry!

  23. I would like to pursue an oline DBA program but have no money to pay. I am looking for a scholarship to enable me to do that. I am a widow and already struggling to pay their fees. Now at 55 I feel I can do my Doctarate degree. Here in Africa these opportunities are not there especially for widows who cannot afford to quit jobs.
    Please assist

  24. Ityai,

    go to free college tuition and read more. Also; read about mom scholarships which have many awards for females only.

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