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There is weird unknown left handed scholarships being offerred by Juniata College located in Pennsylvania and it’s being sponsored by the Mary Francis Beckley Scholarship Foundation. There are thousands of unique and unusual minority scholarships available to qualified students each year. Many are offered based on a student’s ethnic background or other personal attributes. One characteristic that many people may not even realize puts them in a minority, though, is their status as a left-handed person.

You probably weren’t aware that left handed people are a minority. In fact, only ten percent of the entire population is left handed! One college in Pennsylvania, however, both recognizes and celebrates this individual diversity. Each year, Juniata College awards up to $1,500 in academic scholarships each year to students who experience some type of handicap as a result of being left-handed.

These scholarships for left handers are funded by the Mary Francis Beckley Scholarship Foundation. This weird scholarship just for being left handed was founded in 1979. Since that time, at least 40 students have been awarded scholarships from this fund. Left handed scholarship students are identified by a question on the data form that each college freshman completes.  Woman don’t have to worry either because Juniata has scholarships for left handed females too!

Those students who have excellent academic records are chosen as left handed college scholarship recipients. Any left-handed sophomore, junior, or senior student attending Juniata College is considered for this left handed award. Only students attending this college, however, are eligible for this weird unknown scholarship opportunity.


This college offers a wide variety of programs, including Programs of Emphasis, or Majors, in accounting, biology, communication, education, politics, and language. Each student attending this college has a unique opportunity to win one of several merit unknown scholarships. The amount of these awards, in many cases, ranges from $8,000 to full tuition scholarships.

Although many scholarships for left handed people websites frequently mention left handed scholarships, the award offered at Juniata College is the only one designed specifically for left handed students. This is somewhat weird, considering that one in ten persons are left-handed, but apparently, many left handed philanthropists choose to donate unknown scholarship monies to other funds or organizations rather than funding college tuition for other persons who are left handed.

Unless you are considering attending Juniata College, though, start looking for other ways to fund your college education. You aren’t going to win a left handed college scholarship just for being left handed unless you just happen to decide to go to college in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. And, although Juniata College offers a sound education with an excellent graduation rate, the small size of the college is a big indicator that not all left handed persons are going to be able to attend college here.

If you are planning to go to school here, though, and you do happen to be left-handed, it might not hurt to at least ask about their left handed scholarships when you are filling out the data form. Unless you’re willing to look out for unusual and weird scholarship opportunities to finance your education, you may not see them even when they come your way.

Keep your eyes open so you don’t miss out on a great opportunity to win your share of weird unknown scholarship college education money each year. Good luck, and keep looking for little known creative ways to finance your college education!


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  1. College scholarships for left handers can be found at Juniata College, located in Pennsylvania. These scholarships for left handed people are sponsored by the Mary Francis Beckley Scholarship Foundation. This is sort of a weird scholarship, but you do have to have an excellent academic record to be considered for this scholarship for being left handed and have a disability. Then you must attend Juniata College to finalize the full award. The website for Juniata College proclaims that their college promotes individualized thinking, instead of a rubber stamped one, which many colleges do today. Before accepting a scholarship for left handed people from Juniata first consider what makes a Juniata education unique.
    *Programs of Emphasis that enable you to create a field of study that interests you.
    *Core courses that expand your horizons.
    *Real-World Experiences – research, internships, and study abroad creating career momentum.
    *Actively engaged faculty who are committed to helping you succeed.
    *A two-adviser system that provides each student with not one, but two, sources of academic support.
    If you are a candidate for scholarships for left handers, then the above may entice you to attend this left handed college anyways, even if you do not recieve a scholarship for being left handed.

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  7. I am left-handed,and would like to know how do I go about getting the scholarship for this? I’m due to start Ivy Tech June 7 of this year and do not have enough money to pay for my tition and not enough for books.Could you please tell me what to do. Thank-You
    Rodreese Chamberlain

  8. Rodreese,

    you can go to left handed scholarship to apply at Juniata College. Also, go to student loan scholarship search and click on the ‘Find Free College Money!’ link and do a quick free scholarship search as a first step. This service is free and they are hugh, which means they are connected to almost every college so therefore they can search out more scholarship options for you.

    If you need student loans and have to get them all by yourself go to student loans without cosigners website and they discuss the best student loans for all students.

    The more you apply to the many scholarships out there the better your chances of landing one becomes.

  9. So wheres the application for the left handed scholarship?

  10. Gina,

    you can go to left handed scholarship to apply at Juniata College. Also, go to student loan scholarship search and click on the ‘Find Free College Money!’ link and do a quick free scholarship search as another option to find a scholarship. This service is free and they are hugh, which means they are connected to almost every college so therefore they can search out more scholarship options for you.

  11. i am in a tertiary level and i feel depressed to use my left hand in front of everyone, i usually feel like as if they will think i am a disabled person and also i don’t know how to cope with this type of this situation.I somewhere somehow get surprised to see some of people displaying their left-handedness in a public place while i can’t.

  12. I am a left-handed person but only in the 8th grade. I am going to be over there after I get a good job with some money to go over to pennsylvania, but right now I am broke and I do not own a car, AND I have my dream of either going to Georgia Southern University (since I live in Georgia right now). I will visit there after I get the job and the right amount of money to visit that institution of knowledge and minoritized students, because I feel like there are not many leftys in my school of Midway Middle at Midway Georgia. If you guys can email me, I’d welcome it and it is no problem at all.

  13. Lukas,

    read more about high school scholarships for college and start applying to the ones you can apply to now.

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