Unique Kohls Scholarship Program Cares for Kids


Most college scholarships are primarily for high school or college students. Kohls Corporation really cares for kids, because they have opted to take an unique Kohls scholarship approach to recognize young people who are active in their communities. Through the Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship Program, 2,100 youths aged six to eighteen have a unique opportunity to receive recognition for their community involvement and contributions.

This Kohl’s store scholarship was organized by a corporation that understands that children of all ages are essential members of their communities and have a unique part to play in the lives of those around them. The corporation has taken steps to ensure that every child has a unique opportunity to win college scholarship money. For this reason, students from each of two age groups are chosen for these awards. One group consists of children aged six to twelve. The second group consists of children aged 12 to 18. One student from each group is chosen at each Kohl’s store located throughout the United States to be a recipient of this unique reward.
This Kohls scholarship program, funded by Kohl’s Corporation, has been in operation for eight years, and has awarded over $200,000 annually to students who make a vital contribution to their communities. The Kohl scholarship program accepts applications during the autumn of each year. Adults may nominate students online at Kohl’s corporate website until March 15th each year.
Of all the students who complete a Kohls scholarship application and are nominated, two students from each store throughout the nation are selected to receive a $50 gift card to the store. Of these winners, 170 young people will receive regional undergraduate scholarships. Ten of these regional winners will become national Kohls college scholarship winners.
In addition to winning a free scholarship for college, national winners will have the opportunity to select a charity of their choice. Kohl’s Corporation will then donate $1,000 to each of these charities. Students who are national scholarship award winners will be notified of their achievement in July of each year.
In previous years, the company has recognized students who became involved in their communities in a wide variety of ways. Some students were responsible for organizing efforts to assist in hurricane relief. Others have demonstrated community concern by riding their bicycles for charity efforts. A few students even took the initiative and planted and cared for an urban garden.
These Kohl scholarships grants are unusual because, unlike most academic scholarships, the student’s grade point average does not play a primary factor in the selection of the scholarship recipient. Instead, the student’s ability to focus on the needs of others and make the world a better place is of greater importance.


If you know a student whose idea contributed significantly to a neighborhood or community project, or who has a strong interest in making the world a better place for others, nominating him or her for this university Kohls scholarship grant may be the perfect opportunity to express your approval and respect. Don’t let this unusual scholarship opportunity to recognize someone for caring go to waste because – spread the word today that Kohls cares for kids!

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  1. i have a nephew that is autistic and is 7 years old. he is making shirts to help pay for his autistic school because federal funding has been cut. is there any scholarships for this.

  2. Lisa,

    go to disability scholarships and read more. Contact directly any scholarship sponsor that may apply to your nephew.

  3. I saw an ad on tv this weekend about $500,000 in grants to be awarded to 20 different schools. Would you please e-mail me some more information on this? Jo Ann Gardner joanng@cpsbla.us

  4. Jo Ann,

    you can go to Kohls Scholarships to read more.

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