Unusual and Unknown Engineering Scholarships Grants for College


Many unusual and unknown engineering scholarships are available to students who have the natural tendency in tinkering with things to determine how they work; or maybe you enjoy using mathematical formulas to build or construct equipment or other devices. Then an engineering degree may be the perfect fit for your educational goals.


How are you ever going to find the money to finance this expensive degree program? If you are seriously interested in pursuing a degree in this field, consider learning more about or applying for one of the many unique and unknown engineering scholarships that are available to students just like you.

Many engineering scholarship students make the mistake of overlooking engineering grants from the Society of Automotive Engineers. When the majority of people read about S.A.E. Grants, they believe that these are only available to students who are entering automotive engineering programs. This is not true. Any student who is planning to begin a career in engineering is eligible to apply for these valuable awards.

For example, the Tau Beta Pi SAE Engineering Scholarship offers six scholarship of $1,000 each to freshman students who are interested in beginning a degree program in engineering. Academic requirements are quite strict; students must have a 3.75 grade point average (GPA) to be eligible for these scholarships. Qualified candidates will also have Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores that rank in the 90th percentile in both math and critical reading.


Another engineer scholarship called the Detroit Section SAE Technical Scholarship is available to both the children and grandchildren of individuals who are currently members of the Detroit Section of the Society of Automotive Engineering. This scholarship program for engineering students was created because the members recognized that fewer qualified students were entering engineering fields. This engineering grant award is for $5,000 and is granted to two freshmen. These engineering scholarships are renewable provided the student maintains a 2.5 GPA.

Because the majority of people who enter engineering degree programs are male, the SAE Women Engineers Committee established a scholarship fund dedicated to young women who wished to enter the field.  These women engineering scholarships are offered to female students who maintain a 3.0 GPA and are accepted into an accredited engineering program. This one-time award of $2,000 is offered to female freshman students because of a generous donation from the Mercedes-Benz USA Corporation.


Minority engineering scholarships can be found through the NACME; which is renown as the nation’s largest private source of scholarships for Latino women and men, American Indian and African American in engineering. In fact; 15% of all the minority engineering graduates from 1974 were awarded some type of minority engineering scholarship financial aid from the NACME and are active in there engineering careers.

NACME selects certain engineering schools to partner with them on helping students to become much more successful, and they get great school participation when it comes to an engineer scholarship grant. 



Many colleges and universities also offer private engineering scholarships for engineering students. For example, Clarkson College, located in New York State, and Calvin College, situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, have scholarship funds established by endowments that are reserved for engineering students. The requirements for individual colleges vary, so students should check with the university they are planning to attend.


Start searching for all the unusual and unknown engineering scholarships that are out there, and apply early. Although there are a number of engineer scholarships available, many of them are very competitive and are based largely on GPA and SAT or Achievement Test (ACT) scores. Many of the engineering grants scholarships that are renewable also require students to maintain a high GPA. Develop good study habits, and prepare for four years of hard work. Students who dedicate themselves to doing this, though, find that engineering scholarships and a degree is well worth the work.

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