Unknown Easy Glen Bell Taco Bell Scholarships Grants


If you’re an employee of Taco Bell corporation, you have an easy chance to earn their unknown student scholarship compliments of the Glen Bell Scholarship Program. These undergraduate and relatively unknown easy scholarships, are offered to employees who are interested in advancing their education at both universities and vocational schools throughout the United States. Both full-time and part-time students have an opportunity to earn Taco Bell scholarships grants.

What do you have to do in order to qualify to win a Taco Bell scholarship from your employer?

First, you must have been employed by a company or franchised owned or licensed by Taco Bell for at least six months prior to the application deadline for the little known Glen Bell educational scholarships. You also have to work at the store for an average of at least 15 hours a week. Any hourly employee who meets these criteria is eligible to apply for these easy college scholarships.

If you are a senior in high school, or have graduated from high school, you may be able to win one of the Glen Bell Taco scholarships, provided you have maintained a grade point average (G.P.A.) of at least 2.5. This Taco Bell scholarship program is available to both full and part-time students at any accredited undergraduate or graduate school in the United States.

For those candidates who are planning to attend four-year universities, these undergraduate Glen Bell scholarship awards are for the amount of $2,000. Students planning to attend vocational or two-year colleges may earn $1,000 toward the cost of their college tuition. Although these funds are awarded for only a single year, any student who meets the qualification requirements for this merit scholarship may apply again to win this unknown scholarship.


Students are expected to submit a transcript and other required documents by April 1st of the scholarship year. Those who win will be notified of their status in May. This Glen Bell Taco Bell college scholarship money will be given to the student in two equal checks, delivered to his or her home in August and December of the year in which the scholarship is received.

Remember, though, you must continue to remain an employee of Taco Bell Corporation at the time the checks are distributed. If you aren’t planning to remain a part of the Taco Bell workforce while you are completing that year of college, don’t apply for this Glen Bell scholarship!

Factors that determine a student’s likelihood of receiving this unusual award include academic excellence, participation and leadership in community and school activities, and work experiences. Any unusual or personal circumstances are considered, but these easy scholarships for college are not awarded on the basis of a student’s financial needs. An outside appraisal of each student’s circumstances, however, must be completed and documented.

Taco Bell has also has a new program called the Giving ‘Back to this Community Program which has three different categories. It’s an all year round program unlike the Glen Bell scholarship program which you can apply to only once per year. They are:

Bell Community Grants

Worthwhile grants are provided by Taco Bell to Orange County, CA organizations> These organizations must be directly involved with building projects within the community, help with educating teen students and involved with hunger relief.

Taco Bell Foundation for Teens

The Taco Bell Foundation for Teens focuses on programs to encourage teens to want to graduate from High School. If they do then Taco Bell’s aim is to have them become educated, caring and productive members in today’s society.

World Hunger Relief

Taco Bell realizes world hunger is a major problem in the world. they band together with YUM! Brands, Inc and other YUM! affiliates with the resources in aiding the hungry. Taco Bell indicates their efforts produce 90 million plus meals to the hungry. One such program is the United Nations World Food Program.


If you believe you might qualify for this simple scholarship award, don’t wait. Get started now and find out more about what you need to do to win this unknown scholarship. Don’t pay more than you have to for college. Try and Win college tuition money now. Let the Glen Bell Taco scholarships start helping you prepare for your future career today!

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  1. Hello, my name is Kelsey and I work at Taco Bell in Elkhart, Indiana. I’m looking for the application designated for Taco Bell employees. Could you help?

  2. Kelsey,

    glad to help you. You can print it out and fill out their application and send in.
    Good Luck too!
    Go to Taco Bell Scholarship application.

  3. my mom has worked in taco bell for the last 15 years , could i be granted a scholarship ? if you need anymore info please contact me at mifily_0515cmp@hotmail.com

  4. Milly,

    Questions regarding the scholarship program should be addressed to:
    Glen Bell Scholarship Program
    Scholarship America
    One Scholarship Way, P.O. Box 297
    Saint Peter, MN 56082
    Telephone: (507) 931-1682

    Come back and let us know what they said!

  5. hello i have a question..
    can i apply for the taco bell scholaship if i dont work there?

  6. Karen,

    you must be an employee of Taco Bell to apply for their Taco Bell fast food scholarship program.

  7. I am a Taco Bell employee and about to be a college freshman. When will Taco Bell be offering this scholarship again?

  8. Mark,

    go to Taco Bell application for all the contact details. You may want to call them to confirm everything has remained the same.

  9. Simple Advice for Easy to Get Scholarships | UnclaimedScholarships.us - pingback on February 17, 2010 at 12:15 pm
  10. I’m trying to apply for the Glen Bell Scholarship where do i go to apply???

  11. Rigo,,

    glad to help you. You can print it out and fill out their application and send in.
    Good Luck too!
    Go to Taco Bell Scholarship application.

  12. Daniel Spears

    Is it too late to apply for the scholarship for Fall 2010?

  13. Daniel,

    you can go to Taco Bell Scholarship to keep up on when to apply.

  14. When i go to the website i do not know where to go there is not a link to the application.

  15. taylor,

    go to Glen Bell Scholarship Program. It may be closed at this time and you may have to check back periodically to see when you can apply which is around February of each year..

  16. I clicked the link that was posted various of times and it does show information, but I need the application. Would you by chance have a number or email I could get in touch with someone about this concern?

  17. Dalleshia,

    the link works for me, but here’s contact info.
    Email: tacobell@scholarshipamerica.org
    Call: 1-507-931-1682

  18. hi i work for taco bell and i want to go to a local collage and i want to know if i can get help from you …

  19. Norma,

    you can go to Taco Bell Scholarship to keep up on when to apply.

  20. Hi, I’ve worked at Taco Bell for over a year and next year I will be attending college as an incoming freshman. I tried applying for this scholarship, but it says its not applicable my region. Is this scholarship only available to workers in Orange County? Thanks

  21. Samantha,

    go to Taco Bell contact and ask them this question direct, or call 1-800-Taco-Bell.

  22. I am a current worker at taco bell, I would want to apply for this scholarship.

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