Microsoft Scholarships in Computer Science

Computer Science Scholarships by Microsoft

Microsoft Scholarships

If you plan to enter a computer science related field of study when you attend college, you should definitely consider Microsoft scholarships to help pay for your education. Each year, Microsoft awards approximately half a million dollars in Microsoft college scholarships, and those MSN scholarships tend to be quite lucrative.

Those who win a Microsoft scholarship program will have an entire year of their college tuition completely paid for by Microsoft. Additionally, those who win one of these awards will also be required to attend a twelve week summer internship, which does pay a salary. This internship takes place at the Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, Washington. There are rare instances where an internship may not be offered to a MSN scholarship winner, however.

The deadline for applying for the Microsoft scholarship program occurs each year in mid January. Winners are chosen based on their eligibility, the quality of their application, and their true interest in the software industry specifically. Additional considerations include your commitment to leadership and of course your financial need. Although the awards are merit and need based, preference will be given to those who are considered to be minorities within the computer science field, in an effort to create more diversity within the field. There are four categories of scholarships offered by Microsoft, and they include General Scholarships, Minority Scholarships, Women’s Scholarships, and Students with Disabilities Scholarships. One application will work for all Microsoft college scholarships that you are eligible for.

While there are MSN scholarships available for those who are in graduate programs, most of the awards made by Microsoft each year will go to undergraduate students and those who are just entering college for the first time. These awards are not just made to students in the United States. Instead, they include students in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. These Microsoft scholarships are merit based, and you must have at least a 3.0 GPA, and maintain that GPA. If you have a possible GPA of 5.0, however, you must maintain a GPA of at least 4.0.

Should you win a Microsoft Scholarship, the award amount will be paid directly to your school, and it cannot be transferred to a different school other than the one listed on your application. The funds can only be used to pay tuition, and this does not include room, board, books, or other fees associated with your education.

Many people work hard to get a computer science scholarship from Microsoft not only for the financial help, but also for the opportunity to work in the internship program in Redmond, Washington. This internship is highly coveted, and will offer the student real world experience. Often, those who win the awards and participate in the internship are offered an employment opportunity with Microsoft upon completion of their studies, but even if you are not offered employment through Microsoft, this looks great on your resume and makes it easier to get a different job within the industry.

For more information about Microsoft college scholarships and to apply for one of these awards you can visit the Microsoft Scholarships. You will need to go through a registration process at the site.


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