Coffee Scholarships Grants

Coffee Scholarships Grants

Coffee Scholarships Grants

Below are a few notable coffee scholarships grants that may perk your interest to apply. Most are from well-known coffee companies and are unique in there offerings.

Hit the Books Scholarships Grants

The name of this scholarship is “Hit the Books Scholarship” and is sponsored by a website which offers coffee products for less money. It’s owned by Coffee Serv Inc whose owners have a passion for education and want to help those students who feel the same.

To qualify students must be 18-25 years old and enrolled in college which is accredited.

There is a spring coffee scholarship with a deadline of January 31st and a fall coffee scholarship with a September 30th deadline.

These coffee scholarships & grants pay only $500.00, but it may be a simple scholarship to win. Students must summit an essay of not more than 500 words on the importance of education in their personal lives and how this scholarship would help them achieve their goals in attending a higher education institution.

Students will have a better chance of winning if they find a way to talk about their love of coffee within their essay in a seamless manner keeping in mind what their main topic is all about.

The coffee scholarships will judge winners based on student needs and successfully writing their essay based on the required topic along with weaving their coffee passion into their article.

This actually sounds like it would be a lot of fun writing this essay!

Dunkin Donuts Scholarships for Education

Dunkin Donuts is super committed to stable community and this is what drives them to offer their coffee scholarship program. They feel education is the driver of a robust community.

High school seniors can apply who have a well-rounded nature demonstrating leadership qualities, community involvement, academic strength, and work some experience. Students can go to the DD website to see if your zip code has scholarship eligibility their at Dunkin Donuts coffee scholarships.

Read even more about Dunkin Donuts scholarships.

Caribou Coffee Scholarships

Caribou Coffee provides scholarships, but the website which offers them for Caribou doesn’t tell much about it now. They most likely will explain more when application time opens up for acceptance from February 1st through March 31st of each year.

The Center for Scholarship Administration Inc. (CSA), is the non-profit, independent organization which runs their coffee scholarship program.

Starbucks College Achievement Plan

Starbucks has a program they administer through Arizona State University ONLY; and they say it will be 100% tuition coverage to earn a bachelor’s degree. You must be an employee to participate in it too, so it is limited. If you want to work at Starbucks while attending college then this program may be a perfect fit for you. Read more at Starbucks coffee scholarships grants.

DJ Black Coffee Foundation and Bridges for Music Scholarships Grants

DJ Black Coffee is one of South Africa’s greatest exports in the entertainment industry, they do not distribute coffee. The DJ Black Coffee Foundation scholarships grants is vital in the nations building & rehabilitation of SA through its CD sales along with donations from the government and foreign investors. People with a disability are helped via education programs and they are socially integrated within society.

This is called a coffee program but by name only. It is for South African students who are physically challenged in some way and hold a Grade 12 certificate. Applications open up October.

*More coffee student aid: Tim Horton’s Coffee Scholarships


  1. How can i apply please? i’m a Nigeria, just graduated from Secondary School and looking forward to study Computer Science in the University…. please i need help

  2. luckingz,

    you should direct this question directly to the sponsor of the scholarship. Have you looked into bursary programs from your government? Go to: to read more on it.

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