The Davis Scholarship is International


The Davis Scholarship

The Davis Scholarship given out through the Davis United World College Scholars Program are available at 91 different institutions in the United States and represents one of the largest international scholarship programs available in the world. Founded in 2000, the Davis United World College Scholars Program currently provides financial support for over 2,000 different students at their various partner colleges having grown immensely since its origins. With partners like the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and Harvard College as institutions which participate in the Davis Scholarships program, it is difficult to deny that the organization provides support for great potential educational outcomes.

Essential to the goals of the scholarship program is providing assistance at an international level, giving out the vast majority of its assistance to foreign nationals. While a good number of scholarships are given out to citizens in the United States, the program really garners its great respect from the fact that so many of its recipients are financially needy students outside of the US. Davis Scholarships represent a fantastic opportunity not only to American students but to interested applicants all over the world, giving not only a single year’s worth of aid but also allowing students to renew their Davis scholarships in following years.

Important to understand is that grants are not given directly to individual students through a Davis Scholarship. Rather, the Davis United World College Scholars Program provides grants to its 91 participating institutions which are then given out as Davis Scholarships to winning students. In order to be eligible for a Davis Scholarship, students will need to check eligibility requirements at the institutions to which they are applying. This of course means that deadlines will also change institution to institution. The basic eligibility requirements are pretty simple in that they require students be attending a college from a school identified as participating with the Davis United organization and be able to demonstrate financial need. Students looking to identify a college which receives Davis United grants should look at their website under “Participating Institutions.” While the links will not always bring you to a website detailing the Davis Scholarship provided at that particular institution, it’s a great way to get an idea of where students may be able to go and receive financial aid from the program.

A good example of a place which offers Davis Scholarships is the College of Idaho which in 2011 funded six different Davis United scholars. This program gives out $10,000 per year for undergraduate studies at the College of Idaho and also offers dedicated support services for enrolled students. Eligibility guidelines require that students not be transferring in from another institution, and be enrolled at the College of Idaho. All Davis Scholarships at the College of Idaho are renewable for up to four years.

Students interested in attending the University of Richmond can receive a Davis Scholarship of up to $20,000 depending on financial need. They are all renewable for up to four years. It becomes clear pretty quickly that an immense amount of money is available for students interested in becoming a Davis United World College Scholar.

Students from 133 different nations around the world have received a Davis Scholarship for one amount or another. Paramount to the program is the demonstration of financial need, meaning that students coming from poorer areas of the world with a heavy need for assistance will find a good friend in the program should they be able to meet academic criteria. Since criteria vary heavily from school to school, students will need to look through and contact the appropriate persons responsible for implementation of the program at their university of choice. Since so many different awards are given out every year, and the selection pool with regards to institutions eligible to give out awards is relatively small, students have a decent chance of snagging one of these Davis scholarships if they have the academic chops and are able to demonstrate what they need in terms of finances.

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  1. Aubrey Tlhagale

    I would really like to get a scholarship because i have Management Assistant N5 and would really appreciate if you helped me complete my N6.

  2. Joseph Kawele

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Zambian citizen currently holding Unconditional offer of a study place on an MSc in Water Management (Community water supply and sanitation in October, 2011 at Cranfield University, UK applying for a scholarship to enable me undertake this important study which will contribute to the attainment of the Millenium Development Goals in Zambia.

    I will be very grateful if my application will be considered.

    Thank you.

    Joseph Kawele

  3. Joseph,

    you can apply to any scholarship we write about by going directly to the website of the scholarship sponsor. A link is normally provided at the end of the article. You must apply to see if you qualify.

  4. Dear Sir Or Madam,
    Iam a 21 year old student in UGANDA who has currently acomplished high school with a serious aeronautic,technological,IT, electrical and electronic engneering experience with over five wins in scientific exhibitions.iam greatly honored to inform you that am good in circuit assembling,planning,network planning,social engneering and i can accurately assess all the knowledge and science behind any flying object because am a prospectus person with integrity.
    Sir or Madam, am greatly honored to express my request with great interest to your position to help me find a sponsor to find my aeronautic course that i would like to pursue,am so ready to do whatever is needed in to be supported to archieve this academic pursuit.
    Thanks so much for you time.

  5. Ofentse Mogori

    im a student at Thuto Bophelo Nursing College,im in my 1st year(auxiliary), writting final on july2012. Im applying for this bursary because where im attending fees are to high i can nolonger afford them as my mother is nolonger working. I really want to continue with my studies please help.

  6. Ngwa John Ngwa

    lovely day to my superior.
    I am a student in the University of Buea,South West Region.Cameroon.
    I study Geology and in my second year.
    It would be my great joy to further my studies abroad but my parents fund are just not sufficient for that.
    All i ask is to assist me get an enrollment in a good University in the USA.
    My parents call me Ngwa John Ngwa.
    Thank you for reading.

  7. Ngwa,

    Apply to the scholarship to see if you qualify. Also look into bursaries too.

  8. shenaz mohamed mother

    my son is 35 years old deaf and mute needs a scholarship in hairdressing and beautician course abroad as we are in Kenya and such course are not available
    assistance will be highly appreciated.

  9. shenaz mohamed mother

    i have a son who is deaf and mute and he would like to peruse a course in hairdressing and beautician abroad as Kenya does not have such a course and he has done basics and has a certificate from city and Guilds,please assist

  10. shenaz,

    you may apply to any scholarship your son feels he fits the guidelines for. Take action and apply. Also; have you looked into government educational bursaries? Also go to:

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