Easy to Get P Buckley Moss Disability Scholarships

The P Buckley Moss Society has three disability scholarships grants worth up to $1,500 which  are easy to get, if you fall into their disability scholarship grant criteria. You may a perfect fit for one of the three below. If you do, it’s a relatively easy scholarshipto apply for. Read below to see if you fit into one. If you do, start filling out their application now. The three disability grants are called:

1)  Judith Cary Memorial Scholarship

2) Anne and Matt Harbison Scholarship

3) P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship

The famous artist P. Buckley Moss had dyslexia in her school years and these disability scholarships grants give special recognition to others who struggle with a learning disability. Established in 1987 by Moss collectors, the P Buckley Moss Society goals are to create an awareness of P Buckley Moss’s art and to have a charity that reflects her ideals. Having these disability scholarships is one way for P Buckley Moss to do this. It sure is evident that P Buckley Moss’s heart is as wonderful as her art, to have her award these disability grants to those who truly could benefit from them.

Judith Cary Memorial Scholarship


This disability scholarship started in 1999 and it is awarded to a student who is working either full-time or part-time toward a special needs certification or an undergraduate or graduate degree in some field of Special Education. One thousand dollars is awarded to one student who is pursuing either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree in Special Education. To apply; applications must be postmarked no later than March 31. Application requirements are that all students are considered regardless of financial need. Also nominations for the Judith Cary Scholarship can be made only by members of the P. Buckley Moss Society which you submit your application to. The criteria to win the Judith Cary Memorial Scholarship award is the following:

1) Nomination by a P. Buckley Moss Society member (brief letter from nominator stating relationship is optional).

2) Completion of a minimum of two years of undergraduate work. Transcripts must be provided to verify this.

3) Proof of acceptance into a specific program to teach special needs students, i.e., letter from a counselor, dean, or administrator.

4) Two letters of recommendation, one academic and one personal (not from a relative).

5) A short essay detailing school/community/work activities and achievements.

6) An essay of 250-500 words discussing career goals, teaching philosophies, reasons for choosing this career, and ways in which you plan to make a difference in the lives of special needs students scholarship for the disabled is named to honor the Society’s first president, Anne Harbison, and her husband, Matt, the first treasurer. Anne and Matt Harbison were very important in the founding of the P Buckley Moss Society. Since Anne was a school counselor, she understood firsthand the challenges faced by the many students with learning disabilities today. Students with a learning disability many times graduate from high school with no acknowledgment of all their learning disabilities toward achieving their academic, technical, or artistic goals. When a student does reach and even go beyond all expectations, there is no recognition from this hard work. The P. Buckley Moss Society created this scholarship – the Anne and Matt Harbison Scholarship to acknowledge this achievement. 

Anne and Matt Harbison Scholarship Program


The second P Buckley Moss Society 

This scholarship is awarded to one student for up to $1,500 per year, and awarded to one high school senior with a certified language-related learning disability who is studying post-secondary education. This disability scholarship is  renewable for up to three additional consecutive years.  Applications turned in no later than March 31. 

The application criteria is:


1) Nomination by a P. Buckley Moss Society member.

2) Verification of a language-related learning disability.

3) High school transcripts.

4) Two letters of recommendation, one from a faculty member at your school and the other from someone who knows you outside of the school (cannot be from a relative).

5) Wite essay responses to the following (4) questions:

1) Select three words that best describe you and provide evidence and examples of these qualities.

2) Explain your specific learning disability, how it has challenged you, specific strategies you have used to cope, and the effects it has had on your life.

3) Discuss your accomplishments in extra-curricular, community, work, church interests. Then focus on the one that’s of most importance to you, explain how you became involved in it, and tell how this involvement has affected you.

4) What are your plans for next year? What career do you hope to pursue? How would this scholarship benefit you?


P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship


The third P Buckley Moss Society disability scholarship grant, is a scholarship that indicates P Buckley Moss’s dedication to young people who have learning disabilities and are interested in studying for a career in the visual arts; the P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship. The award can be as high as $1,500.This will be granted to one or more high school seniors with a demonstrated financial need, a language-related learning disability, and has shown an artistic talent who plans on a career in visual arts. This P Buckley Moss Endowment Grant is potentially renewable for up to three additional years. To be eligible for this disability scholarship you must meet the following:

1) A graduating high school senior.

2) Verified specific language-related learning disability.

3) Verified financial need must be shown.

4) Visual arts talented.

5) Acceptance to accredited four-year college or university or two-year community college.

6) Intent to pursue a career in a visual arts field.

7) Meet the application requirements for the P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship.

The P Buckley Moss Society scholarship recipients will be notified via telephone before or on May 1st notifying them of the scholarship, the amount, and the conditions. A check in the amount of the scholarship award will be issued in the name of the student to the college or university which the recipient will be attending. This is nice because you can attend any college of your choice. Proof of acceptance into the degree program must be provided by the winner by June 1. Checks are made available after August 1.

To apply for one or all of these special needs scholarships, here’s the contact information for the Judith Cary Memorial Scholarship, Anne and Matt Harbison Scholarship and the  P Buckley Moss Society disability scholarships.

P. Buckley Moss Society 20 Stoneridge Dr, Suite 102 Waynesboro, VA 22980 tele: (540) 943-5678 fax: (540) 949-8408

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  1. Look into an agricultural scholarship for farming. These can be easy scholarships to get if you grew up in a farming family. Monsanto; which is an agricultural company devouted to helping farmers in various ways, sponsors agriculture scholarships together with the Future Farmers of America. You can apply through the FFA website.

  2. I am a disabled african american who has been on dialysis for about 24 years I am looking for grants for kidney related and having a hard time.

  3. Michele,

    set up an appointment with the financial aids manager at the college you wish to attend to discuss all disability scholarships grants and aid of any kind which may be made available to you because of your disability. Even if you do not intend going to that particular college set up an appointment to disacuss anyways. This is you best cource of action because they will be able to assist you. Also go to student loan scholarship to see if this free scholarship search engine can find you something quickly…it’s free to use anmd a good one.

  4. Unknown Special Needs Scholarships | UnclaimedScholarships.us - pingback on August 13, 2010 at 10:56 am
  5. my sister has dyslexia but she can live a very normal life eventhough she can’t read that much-`’

  6. I a 42 year old african american who is profoundly deaf, (but not since birth) and would like to go back to school (graduate-level) and obtain my Masters Degree in Human Resources. I am possibly looking at attending Keller Graduate School of Management, but they do not have a large department which handle scholarship questions for disabled individuals. Where should I start searching?

  7. Brigittee,

    Some scholarships for master students are below:

    lpah Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation
    American Institute of Physics
    Committee on Institutional Cooperation
    Council of Graduate Schools
    Guggenheim Foundation
    Institute for Humane Studies
    Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
    Morris K. Udall Fellowship Program
    The National Academy
    National Science Foundation
    Quentin N. Burdick Program
    Roller Penhellenic Scholarship
    Scholarly Societies Project
    Social Science Research Council
    Woodrow Wilson Center
    Zonta International

    Go also to Prestigious college scholarships to read more.

    Read up at Graduate Scholarships for Deaf.

    Get some good ideas at little known scholarships website.

  8. Are there any scholarships for children who had birth parents who were drug addicts and in jail frequently? Specific drug of choice by the birth mother was heroin.

  9. Irene,

    we don’t know of any specific scholarships for that. You may be able to apply for need based grants such as the Pell grant. Grants are need based and you will have to qualify based on low income. Also look into FSEOG.

  10. elayne werner

    Hello, when I was a child of ten I won an art scholarship to Carnegie Institute of Art in Pittsburg, PA. I wasn’t able to complete my art career because my family wasn’t intact and I had to move to many different families in different states. I often wondered where my life would have taken me and not having a career has always haunted me. Would that money be available to me now? I am a Cancer patient, Ovarian Cancer and do my best to make women aware of this disease since there is nothing out there about it. Seems the Breast Cancer people have managed to get all the publicity. Shame on the American Cancer Society…

    Thank you,

    Elayne Werner

  11. elayne,

    the only way to find out if your past scholarship is still available after all these years is to call them and find out.

    Look into these possible scholarships to apply to – Scholarships for cancer and click on cancer scholarships under the category section. This site has many disability scholarships which you may qualify for. You can browse through the various art scholarships too!

  12. Hello, I am a Junior in High school. I have spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita. I know that there are scholorships for people with disabilities and I was wondering if I may have mroe in depth information about all possible scholorships. Thank You!

  13. Ricky,

    go to scholarships for disabled students. Also go to undiscovered scholarships for unusual ways to get monies for college. Club scholarships are also a good way to land a scholarship.


  15. Shatanya Sanders

    I have a learning disability/understanding also a little speech problem. I am continuing college but it will be hard for me to pay my loan back. I been looking for every end to find a scholarship and grants to keep myself afloat the fact is that I do have a child I am also struggling financially as well is paying bills,rent,food and my student loan and medical bills. I really need a break through asap. I need the help now. I been struggling for some years now and I am tired I just want a normal life for myself and for my son.I hope there is a miracle for my little speech and to be blessed for any truthful meaning for helping me.

  16. Hi I’m schizophrenic and have been battling bipolar disorder for a while now. I’m wondering if there are any resources for me to use. I’ve always loved art and want to pursue a career in graphic and traditional arts.

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