Short People Scholarships Grants for College are Easy

Short people scholarships and grants are easy to get; if you’re of shorter height. To get a college scholarship for short people; all you need to do was to be born short, or less then the average height. If you’re tall, the chances of landing one of these unusual scholarships for smaller height people are zero.


If you have been feeling like you got the short end of the straw with your height, maybe it is time instead to start seeing your stature in a whole new light. Many people who are of less than average height are often surprised to find that some scholarships are indeed actually set aside for people of shorter height. These unique and easy scholarships for short people may help to take away a little of the sting of being less than tall.


These scholarships awards are provided by Little People of America, Inc. (LPA). This organization was founded to offer support and information to short persons and their family members. Typically, in order to qualify for membership in this organization, a person can be no taller than 4’10” (58”) tall.



People who qualify for these available college scholarships for short people usually have a medical condition that has resulted in dwarfism. More than 200 medical problems and conditions can cause people to become short-statured. Because those who struggle with short stature often have a host of other physical and developmental concerns, LPA is committed to helping these individuals succeed and thrive.


Financial college scholarships for short people range from $250 to $1,000, and possibly even more. All of these awards are administered by a scholarship committee formed by LPA, Inc. In order to qualify, students must attend a university, college, or vocational school located within the United States.


LPA offers these grants for short people in a specific order. First, preference is given to individuals who have been diagnosed by a doctor with one of the medical conditions that cause dwarfism. If no qualified applicants are found among this group of people, individuals who are paid members of LPA and have an immediate family member diagnosed with this condition may be awarded theses tuition scholarships.


The third group of people who may qualify for a short people scholarships award include individuals who have been diagnosed with dwarfism but are not members of LPA. Occasionally, no other persons apply for the scholarship, and other disabled students are awarded these education scholarships. If no one else can be found who qualifies for the scholarship, people who are not disabled but have demonstrated a unique or unusual need for financial assistance may benefit from this scholarships fund.


Students must submit three letters of reference and a statement of no more than (500) words about their condition in order to apply. The short people scholarship application deadline is April 22nd of the year the student is planning to attend college. Transcripts are also required.


If you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition that results in dwarfism; stop being shy about your height and take advantage of this easy to get college scholarship for short people through the LPA foundation. Don’t allow your physical condition to keep you from finding money for college or doing what you have always wanted to do. When it comes to fulfilling your dreams, the sky is the limit with short people scholarships!



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  1. Erika,

    we’re not aware of any particular college offering scholarships for little people. You can read more about scholarships for high school sophomores though.

  2. My name is Patricia Byers and I’m 4″10 looking for some help to get started on some schooling..What is it I need to do to get started on my furture.

  3. Pat,

    target a few colleges you are interested in and fill out your FAFSA and put a few schools on the FAFSA and let the colleges fight over you. The more you put on the FAFSA, the more offers you will get. This worked wonders for my daughter and son. Competition is getting fierce for students at all colleges and just putting one school on your FAFSA will not get you the best financial aid offers. Once they get all your financial info from the FAFSA, they will fit you with the grants and school specific scholarships tailored for you.

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