Criteria for the Prestigious Rhodes Scholarship

Former Rhodes Scholars who received a Rhodes Scholarship for study abroad are fascinating people who lead productive, exciting, broadly innovative, and diverse lives. After all, they must be academically, morally, physically, and internationally inclined, to ever have been considered for a Rhodes Scholarship in the first place. Any person worthy of receiving Rhodes Scholarships must be very well rounded and will have a natural desire to lead others, promote international peace and understanding, and unselfishly share their wisdom worldwide in such a way that it benefits everyone they meet.

Rhodes Scholarships were first offered after the death of Cecil J. Rhodes, an extraordinary British pioneer who envisioned world peace and improved international relations brought about by the studies and efforts of diverse groups of outstanding leaders. Rhodes died in 1902, leaving a will that provided funds for people deserving of Rhodes Scholarships, which were first issued in 1904. Rhodes set high standards for students worthy of these scholarships but was adamant that no one be denied eligibility because of race or religion. Although women were not at first eligible, they, too, were included starting in 1976.

Becoming a Rhodes Scholar earns you the distinction of becoming a student of the ancient and notorious Oxford University located in Oxfordshire, Great Britain. Oxford University regularly makes the list of the world’s top 10 universities and is noted for their emphasis on individual instruction, as well as their commitment to personal and academic development. They believe in the philosophy of students educating themselves.

90 Rhodes Scholarships are available annually, with 32 of them being earmarked for United States citizens. The rest of them are distributed among various other countries, such as Canada (11), South Africa (10), Australia (9), India (5), New Zealand (3), and Germany (2). Several other countries are awarded 1 or 2 yearly, as well. Candidates for the scholarships are chosen by 16 District Committees situated throughout the country. In order to apply for a Rhodes scholarship, candidates must have completed at least 2 years of college at a qualifying university before October 1st of the year following the year they make application.

Rhodes Scholarships provide all educational expenses for anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on the degree program being sought. They also include stipends for living expenses, maintenance provisions for other necessary expenses, and paid travel to and from the University of Oxford.

No student is restricted to any particular academic field but they must choose studies that are offered at Oxford and they must have completed their undergraduate studies in that same discipline. Many students seek to obtain Oxford’s notorious Master of Philosophy degree. Oxford offers many bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees.

In order to become a Rhodes Scholar, one must be between the ages of 19 and 23, have completed the academic requirements outlined above, and possess multiple qualities of excellence in the fields of academics and sports. In addition, they must be individuals capable of contributing long-term, selfless investments to the causes of public service, world peace, and international relations. Although graduates may not necessarily dedicate their careers to these particular causes, they will be individuals capable of bringing widespread positive changes to whatever area they choose in a tremendous capacity.

Examples of former Rhodes Scholars exemplifying the extraordinary characteristics required for qualification are Bill Clinton (former President of the United States), Bill Bradley (United States Senator), George Stephanopoulos (political commentator), Kris Kristofferson (actor/musician), and Faith Salie (public radio host of “Fair Game”). There are many more examples and most of them have positively impacted the world with their own magnificent talents and dedication to excellence. The prestigious Rhodes scholarships for study abroad can do the same for you.

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