St. Andrews Scholarships


St. Andrews Scholarships

St. Andrews scholarships are available through the University of St. Andrews, the third oldest university in the united Kingdom and located in Scotland. It is widely considered to be an acceptable alternative to either Oxford or Cambridge, both considered amongst the top colleges in the world. Because of the general prestige of the institution and its ability to turn out some of the world’s best scholars, the cost of the University of St. Andrews can be expensive. Fortunately in the past couple of decades the university has opened its doors making available a St. Andrews Scholarship for deserving students from a diverse background. Especially strong with regards to prestige is the University of St. Andrews standing in the international community. The university is widely regarded as being a top destination for students coming in from other countries to attend school at St. Andrews, and as a result it should not be too surprising that a number of St. Andrews scholarships have been established to meet this need.

Amongst the international St. Andrews Scholarships available is the Chevening Scholarship Program which is specifically designed to fund international students who are attending study in the United Kingdom to get their post-graduate degrees. All applicants will need to be studying at the graduate level with strong academic performance, be interested in returning to their home country to help develop their people, be able to speak English well and be able to express clearly how their studies will help benefit their home country. This St. Andrews college scholarship covers the cost of student visas and general academic fees. Further costs for living expenses, travel and book needs are covered as well. All application material for the St Andrews scholarship are due at different times depending on country of origin. The Croatian Chevening program just opened not that long ago and, as an example of a standalone deadline, must have all materials turned in by April 3.

Another university scholarship offered from St. Andrews specifically focusing on women, is the Academic Awards to Women for Doctoral Research. This womans scholarship gives out from 1,000 pounds up to 3,000. In order to be eligible students must be females, be going to school for a post-graduate degree full-time, and all additional tuition due must be able to be paid. Though this program does not offer as much as the Chevening St. Andrews scholarship program, it does cut a decent amount of money out of the overall cost of a post-graduate degree, and students would be foolish not to try for a chance. All application materials are due no later than March 26 of a given year.

The University of St. Andrews School of Medicine provides a university scholarship through the Danuta Richardson Medical Program. This fantastic program covers a student’s full amount of tuition costs while also providing a 12,000 pound yearly stipend for up to three years of education. Because the program is open to exceptional candidates who may begin school at different times, this St. Andrews scholarship has no set deadline and students should contact the medical department directly for full details. That being said, students are expected to have an exceptional record and be interested in research pertaining to biophotonics, immunology, virology, cancer biology, neuroscience, molecular genetics or health psychology.

Every year Wingate St. Andrews scholarships are awarded, largely to post doctoral students, to those looking to continue their research and education. This medical scholarship is designed to fund all of or part of a research project, depending on a projected budget. In order to be eligible for this St. Andrews Scholarship students will need to be residing in and a citizen of the United Kingdom. Citizens of other EU countries may be eligible to apply if they have been residents of the UK for at least three years. All applicants must be over the age of 24 and be able to show proof of financial need. The deadline for this program is February 1.


  1. Mekides Ayele Sadore

    please find me scholarship I am International students from ethiopia and know I am Addis Ababa unversity taking chemistry know I want to go to abroad and take medicin please find me bursery and send me bursery application form thank you.

  2. Mekides,

    read about bursaries for college. You must apply with whomever is sponsoring the bursary program. Also read about Canadian bursaries and scholarships. Canada (the government themselves) will provide bursaries to international students if you study at a Canadian university. Also read about ECA scholarships.

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