Unclaimed Scholarship Money with Adult Education Grants Scholarships

There is a large amount of unclaimed scholarship monies in the form of adult education grants scholarships. It may be difficult to find, so most people who would qualify for it never know about it. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are sitting around and waiting to be claimed by those who want to attend college every year.


Are you aware of how much free scholarship money goes unclaimed each year? You may qualify for some of this money.


This matters most for the hundreds of adults in the United States today who want to go back to school but don’t think that they could afford it. Most of these people cannot fathom working full time while attending college classes and caring for a family. While this seems like a huge workload, they simply don’t realize areas where they might be able to consolidate time and energy.


The largest benefit to receiving one of the many unclaimed adult education grants scholarships is the fact that this money can be used for tuition, books, and living expenses. This means that you do not need to put in a full work week while you attend school. You simply need to make sure that you get enough money in adult education grants and scholarships to cover all three aspects of life while you attend college. Remember that this money is not restricted to school tuition alone. Create a budget and find out how much money you will need before you start applying to various programs.


Returning To School 

One of the biggest barriers to a higher education for many people is age. Thousands of people let the dream of a college degree go each year because they think that they are too old to get scholarships grants for adult education. They may be set in this belief, but they are misinformed. Many organizations offer scholarship and grant opportunities to people who are coming back to school after an extended leave.


Perhaps the best example of such an award can be seen in the AARP Scholarships program for people who are over the age of forty. There are no strenuous application procedures here, but you do need to apply in order to be considered. This is a general scholarship opportunity, which means that anyone who meets the age requirement may be entered into the scholarship contest.



If you don’t like the idea of a drawing, then the Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarship may be the right choice for you. Each year, the JRF Scholarships give money to those who both meet an age requirement of thirty-five as well as demonstrating a financial need. When these two qualifications are met, then the foundation will consider your goals, plans, and any challenges that are involved. The overall goal of this foundation and their scholarship is to empower those who can show the benefits that a college education will have on the family and the community around them.

In the End


The bottom line is that there are thousands of different adult education grants scholarships available to the general public every year which go unclaimed. The key is to search for these programs and find them. The last step is to apply for them. Usually there is not much competition for these programs, so you might find yourself surprised at the amount of money that you can get to pay for your own college education. The best part of all of these programs is that they are free. Don’t let your chances fall to the sidelines, find money to pursue your dreams today!

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  1. The difference of grants to the scholarships and students’ loans is that it is given to the benefactor without any expectation of repaying it. Grant is a monetary gift. Scholarship on the other hand, is awarded according to the academic merit though it is also a monetary gift.

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    I am an adult ,I would like to study development studies MA program but I can;t pay for college help me.Because I have no money to pay for colege.

  5. Yohannes,

    go to unknown scholarships and guaranteed scholarships. Many colleges have guaranteed scholarship money but you must ask them in the financial aids office. In fact you should set up an appointment with the financial aids manager to discuss all student options. Many new programs come out monthly and the students who know about them will get the awards. Once the money is used up for that year you must wait the following year to apply. It’s amazing how many students do not follow my advice on setting up a personal one on one meeting with the financial aids office/manager. When student do this then great things seem to come out of it!

    as a last resort read up on student loans with no cosigners.

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  7. Do Duc Tuyen,

    Go to Fulbright Scholarship for overseas study. Try also Canadian scholarships too and the DAAD Scholarship program. The World Bank Scholarships for Graduate Students may also help you. VLIR Scholarship Programs could also help you. You may also try contact directly private companies in your field of interest.

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