UNCF Scholarships for Minorities

UNCF scholarships

UNCF scholarships

The UNCF scholarships, or the United Negro College Fund Scholarships have raised millions to help minorities reach and graduate college, a goal that unsurpassed by any other scholarship besides the United States government. UNCF scholarships for minorities are plentiful, but two basic minority scholarships are listed here: UNCF General Scholarship 2010/2011 Academic Year, and the Oracle/UNCF Corporate Scholars Program 2010.

The United Negro College Fund is the nation’s largest supporter of minorities for education. For over six decades, the UNCF grant scholarships for minority students  up to a thousand institutions, as well as professional training for faculty and administration. The UNCF scholarship directly supports 39 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, as well as other schools who support minorities. The HBCUs focus primarily on African-American students, with an understanding and care for their growth, well-being, and future after college.

Two UNCF scholarships for Your Consideration

The UNCF General Scholarship 2010/2011 Academic Year offers a minority scholarship value of $5,000.00 USD to those given a grant. This grant is offered to a college student with a Grade Point Average of 2.5, and whose college is a member of a UNCF Institute. College freshmen, juniors, sophomores, seniors, and graduates can apply. The most common of the UNCF scholarships for minorities, several hundred applications come in months before the scholars are announced.

All majors are open, but the application deadline is on Sunday, May 15 of the next academic school year (2011). Those who qualify and are interested can apply online for this particular UNCF scholarship. If there are other scholarships that a single college student believes he/she is eligible for, then he/she must separately apply for that scholarship grant through the ‘Apply Online’ process.

A UNCF general scholarship application must be passed, which will then nominate passers for scholarship assistance. Once the application is completed, you will be matched according to the many specific programs for the 2010-11 academic school years at UNCF.

The Oracle/UNCF Corporate Scholars Program 2010 offers scholarships for College juniors, sophomores, and seniors with a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0, with a grant value of $10,000.00 USD.

This particular scholarship applies to those majoring in Accounting, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Marketing, and Software Development.

All students studying in UNCF Institutes, as well as HBCUs, are eligible, and can apply online before Tuesday, February 15 of the next academic school year (2011). They are eligible to participate in their paid summer internship at an Oracle location in Reston, Virginia or Redwood Shores, California for eight weeks. Once a student successfully passes the internship, they will be eligible to receive the $10,000.00 USD scholarship grant.

Tips for Getting Approved for Your UNCF Scholarships for Minorities

Depending on the various minority scholarships granted by the UNCF, there are still common requirements to be fulfilled. You must be a college student in a university with an official membership in the UNCF or a HBCU, and have financial needs that neither you nor immediate family cannot fulfill. Contact your university’s financial aid to get a full assessment of your needs. The financial aid director will continuously support and vouch for you throughout the application, so you must give complete and accurate information regarding your financial status.

Be sure to notify all your professors, teacher’s assistants, and employees about giving their letters of recommendation. Inform them a way ahead of time, so that they can access your current situation and write their recommendation before the deadline. Always keep several photocopies of your documents, in case they get stolen, misplaced, or damaged throughout the process of getting your scholarship for UNCF. Always ensure you double-check your submissions, and that they are on time, as colleges rarely accept late entries. Apply to the United Negro College Fund Scholarships for minorities today if you feel the UNCF criteria fits with your particular background.

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  2. is UNCF a tax free status under the IRS and do they provide financial assistance to white students.

  3. Rick,

    UNCF only provides assistance to minorities. I would direct the tax free status to UNCF because this can change from year to year lately for many organizations.

  4. I am Thomas p. cooper,a African from Liberia, but I am not yet in any college, how can I get assistance to start my college life.

  5. Thomas,

    apply to those student awards which you feel you match up to the qualifications. Have you looked into educational bursaries for college? Look to apply to your own government bursary programs first. They are easy to apply to and easy to get!
    Then – Go to the financial aids office of the college you want to attend and discuss your personal situation with them on student aid specifically for yourself..

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