Unheard of WID Horizon Scholarships for Females

WID Horizon Scholarships

WID Horizon Scholarships

The unheard of Horizon Scholarships for Females is funded by the Women In Defense (WID) a national security organization. Not too many people have heard of this organization, but it’s primarily a women’s club, although men are welcome to join too. This non-profit entity have members whose careers revolve around national security defense of the US. Most of its members who join are females and the membership is all about the promotion & acknowledgment of women in all aspects of national security. WID is an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association. The NDIA is all about preserving the US national technology and industrial base here in the US so it remains competitive and establishing strong ties with the US government branches through open lines of communication.

One thing is certain about this industry is that it will only grow and expand tremendously in the foreseeable future with US security becoming ever more important. New departments are being set up every day all across the US & overseas to strengthen US security. Small US cities which have lost their industrial basis are being revitalized because of the national defense industry setting up offices there. College students & those who will be entering college in the near future must take note of the fact that the national security industry is big business all across the US and the job outlook should be consistently strong along with good starting salaries. This type of work is not for everyone but perfect for others.

The Horizon females Scholarships are designed to assist & promote women who are interested in a career in national security defense. The average Horizon females scholarships range from $1200 to $4000 per year with 3 – 5 chosen yearly. The WID female scholarships began in 1990. WID pushes for the study of professions related to technology, science, education, and math with its female scholarship recipients. This area of study will specifically help students who eventually work for the US national security defense team.

To qualify for the WID  female scholarships applicants must be female, US citizen, GPA of 3.25 (which is very fair), exhibit & prove financial need, show interest in a career related to US national security or defense, and presently enrolled full or part-time in an accredited college. Undergraduate & graduate students are eligible to apply. Even if you have won the Horizon award in the past, you still may reapply. Winners will judged using all of the above criteria and WID states they will not discriminate in the selection process whatsoever. July 1st is the deadline to have all your required paperwork in. You will be required to write a (500) to (600) word essay explaining your desires on exactly why you want to pursue a career in national security defense. You must touch on these issues – statement of interest, statement of prior accomplishments & proposed program/course emphasis. To start the application process for these unheard of females scholarships you can go to WID Horizon Scholarships for Females. A career in national security defense can be exciting and salaries can only go higher in this fast growing field.

Contact information for WID
Women In Defense, National Security Organization HORIZONS Scholarships
2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22201-3061
Voice mail 703-247-2552 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            703-247-2552      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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    This is to inform you that I am teaching in a Montessori school in Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit (Hunza) and I have done one year training in Montessori education at American International School at Islamabad. I would like to get more training in Montessori education in your esteemed organization and please also let me know either expense is bear by your organization or have to pay personally.

    Please guide me how I can get admission in your organization?.


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