Scholarships for High School Juniors


High School Junior Scholarships

As a junior high school student, applying to a college or university as well as for college scholarships for high school juniors starts TODAY. Because of today’s unaffordable and sky-rocketing costs of tuition, applying for and actually winning a high school junior scholarship is as competitive as ever. To get your start, you need to research those majors and career paths that interest you. Next, talk to a guidance counselor at your school and discuss with them your interests you wish to pursue as soon as you end your high school career. After this discussion, begin to study, prepare for, and take the ACT and SAT, depending on which school interests you. After this is achieved, and you’ve begun the process of applying to various colleges (a top 10 list of schools to apply for is recommended), researching and applying for high school junior scholarship applications are your final step the process of applying to colleges and winning the college scholarship of your choice depending on which high school junior scholarship you are applying for as well as the requirements you need to follow.

Consider the fact that there are thousands of available HS junior scholarships out there for high school students. It is up to you to investigate which ones you think would apply to your situation, career goals or interests. Even if you do not know what you are looking for, if you are eligible for an award, apply for them. You never know if you will win one or not.

If you do not know where to find information on college scholarships for high school juniors, you can talk to your guidance counselor and research books on high school scholarships for juniors and awards at the library or go to unknown scholarships which gives some great tips on creative ways on finding money to help pay for college. This site also will give a listing of obscure scholarships that are available throughout the year and awarded the following year that you are applying. It is best to apply for any college scholarship for a month before or starting in the fall of your junior high school year. If you are not sure what kind of college scholarships for high school to apply to consider these ideas below that will start you out.

National Merit Scholarships are college scholarships for high school juniors that are open to virtually all high school students who have plans to graduate and go to college or university. Applicants can be a natural born or a non-US citizen. Awards of $2500 are usually given out from March until June annually as a single payment to at least 100-700 winners depending on the type of high school scholarship applied for to the National Merit Scholarships Committee.

The Best Buy 15 Scholarship offers $1000 scholarships for high school juniors who plan to enroll into a university full-time in the United States. Those students who win these HS scholarships are based on their academics, volunteerism, and work experience. The period to apply is by March of every year with winners announced in May.

The C-Span StudentCam Scholarship Competition is a special high school junior scholarship competition in which the applicant must make a 5-8 minute video documentary on a specific topic selected for that competition period. These videos must include a C-SPAN video as part of the entry. 75 winners are chosen and at least $50,000 in scholarship money is given out to those the winners. The deadline for these videos must be received and submitted to C-SPAN by January of each year.

The Discover Scholarship Program gives out at least 10 high school junior scholarships of $25,000 to students that show outstanding performance in academics (with at least a 2.75 GPA), leadership, community service as well as personal obstacles. The deadline for this HS scholarship is January 31 of every year.

The Voice of Democracy Scholarship is a $30,000 scholarship open to high school juniors who attend and study in high schools and study programs within the United States. Eligible students must write out an essay, and record a reading of their essay on a CD that should be 3-5 minutes long based on a theme chosen by the VFW who sponsors the award that is given annually to hundreds of students every year. The deadline for this year’s essay with the theme “Is There Pride in Serving in Our Military” is November 1, 2011.

These are just a few well known scholarships which can be applied to for high school juniors but there are many coming out weekly so do some more searching and see which ones might be right for you.


  1. How do l apply for the scholarship

  2. Tiffany,

    you must go directly to each the scholarship sponsors websites to apply directly. We try to put a link in each article but if the sponsor frequently changes the their scholarship URL – we don’t.

  3. nelson mwakilasa

    I am Nelson from Tanzania,aged 21 years wants to get scholarship in your country.
    Please send me information and forms for admission and scholarships .
    Thanks in advance.


  4. Nelson,

    consider the VLIR Scholarship and see if this helps. Go to Fulbright Scholarships.

    Other reading which may help you is:

    Benjamin Gilman Scholarship Program an International study abroad scholarship
    Study Abroad Scholarships Grants are Unusual Scholarships
    Athens Greece ASCSA Study Abroad Scholarships.

  5. can you email me the url for discover scholarship program?

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