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unknown scholarships grants for christians

Christian Scholarships

Are you college bound and your Christian faith is important to you? Consider a career in the Church as one of the many options you have with some unknown Christian scholarships grants for college students. The good news is that many times you don’t need to worry about funding your education when you are pursuing a career in theology. There are Christian college scholarships that will finance your entire education and will help you get set in your career without placing a burden on your family or your own resources.

The fast paced materialistic world has provided many comforts and luxuries, but we still lack peace of mind. An hour’s prayer or meditation or even an hour’s work done as charity to alleviate sufferings of others offers far more satisfaction than clinching a $100,000 deal for your company. Hence, it is important to take a closer look into a Christian church calling of your faith of some sort and start with unknown scholarships for Christian students.

The Ed E. and Gladys Hurley Foundation Scholarship are offered to 100-150 theology students. This Christian scholarship is available for under-graduates as well as graduate students. The amount offered is $1,000. However, this scholarship is offered to students of select states only. Hence, you will have to check whether you are eligible for this Christian college scholarship before you plan your education. Another requirement is that you will have to major in Theology. That is pretty obvious considering the fact that this is a scholarship for Christian students that we are talking about.

Another popular scholarship is the International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons Student Ministry Scholarship. The amount is not fixed and varies between $500 and $1,000. This is an annual scholarship that is awarded to 30-36 Christian undergraduates or graduates. Again, the recipients of this Christian scholarship must major in theology.

The Mary E. Bivins Foundation offers up to $2,000 on an annual basis. This Foundation offers funding to 50-75 Christian students. An additional requirement here is that the student must attend a Texas college to become eligible for this scholarship in Christ.

The United Church of Christ offers Brown Scholarships. This little known scholarship for Christian students offers funding up to $10,000 on an annual basis. The students are required to seek pastoral degrees.

The Woman’s Missionary Union offers different Christian college scholarships for post-graduate work for students focusing on foreign missionary work and for children of international and North American missionaries. This ensures that those who have given their best years spreading the word of god do not have to compromise or sacrifice as far as their children’s education is concerned.

You can qualify and apply for all these Christian scholarships on an annual basis. You can use these unknown scholarships to fund your entire education. However, you will have to get good grades as most funding requirements are quite severe and applicants must have good grades. While this does not necessarily mean you should be brilliant, you certainly cannot expect funding when you are not even getting passing marks.

The internet is the best place to search and apply for a Christian scholarship of some kind because of the large number of them. You just have to keep track of sites that provide information on these college Christian scholarships grants and find out the due date and other procedural formalities involved. Not only that you have a number of Christian faiths and religions such as:

Baptist scholarships
Catholic scholarships
Episcopal scholarships
Lutheran scholarships
Methodist scholarships
Ministry scholarships
Presbyterian scholarships

Depending on your faith you can research that specific denomination. You can also research just “christian scholarships grants” which are unknown scholarships not affiliated to any Christian organized religion but just a church based on Christian beliefs only, which is any Christian faith. You may find more private organizations which have their own Christian scholarship program and they may tend to be unknown to most students and a little harder to seek out.

The career that follows a Christian education is for those who have a calling for it, especially in the ministry and not for everyone but for those whose heart has already made that decision.


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