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Scholarships Grants

Aviation Scholarships Grants

Have you ever dreamed of going into the field of aviation? With some of the Aviation Scholarships Grants available today you may want to consider it. It’s not all about flying a plane. There are many types of aviation related jobs students can set their sights on in this field.

The aviation industry in the US is continuously growing and there are many different types of jobs available. You have aviation engineering, pilots, gate agents, mechanical technicians, and flight attendants just to name a few, and there are more than 100 colleges and universities with school direct aviation scholarship grant programs in the US to help you on your way. International students can apply too!

Many organizations which are directly connected with the aviation industry provide the aviation scholarships & grants to help pay for student aviation dreams too. Below are lots of top-notch scholarships grants for aviation studies with no shortage in sight.

Aviation Scholarships & Grants

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association through their (AOPA) Foundation has aviation scholarships grants starting at $2,500 and going as high as $12,000. July 7th all applications are due, so get working on your now!

The AOPA is non-profit and dedicated to protecting the freedom to be able to fly, and working hard for safety, affordability and having fun in aviation at the same time. There are over 400,000 AOPA members today! Details can be found here:


The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) provides an IMPRESSIVE list of aviation scholarships to those students looking to study the skills and technology of aviation. Financial need must be shown and proven by all who apply. You must be a current member; or recommended by one.

EAA is growing with members from all backgrounds and a broad array of aviation enthusiasm making this an all-inclusive association. EAA is unique in that they have fun with all sharing in flying, restoring of recreational aircrafts as well as building of them.

Read all about aviation scholarships from EAA at:


The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) offers students many categories of scholarships to apply to. This is nice because it allows more flexibility when applying to these flying related awards. NATA is the voice between the aviation business community and Congress, federal, state and local gov organizations. They are heavy weights in this industry with a strong backing.

The NATA ALSO has Aviation Curriculum Education Grants for Teachers available too worth up to $250. Teachers apply to this program.

Read more about all the NAT Aviation scholarships grants from at:


The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) represents over 10,000 companies providing them with over 100 various products & services to the business aviation community. Companies that need aircrafts to conduct their business operations rely heavily on the NBAA, who provide productivity and efficiency making them much more successful than without them.

NBAA scholarships for aviation are broad and can all be viewed by going to:


The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) has four aviation student aid awards all for $2,000 each and scholarship deadlines of April 15th. The GAMA started in 1970 for one purpose only; and that is “to foster & advance the general welfare, safety, interests and activities of general aviation”. They speak for the 90 plus manufacturers along with many other businesses in the aviation industry too. They are located in Washington DC and are the¬†liaison ¬†between government & aviation business.

The University Aviation Association (UAA) Scholarship Listing is an educational promoting voice for aviation in college studies. They are involved in such activities as assisting institutions in meeting the needs of the aviation industry & government, creating & influencing national policies relevant to the aviation industry and inspiring students to embrace aviation affiliated careers.

The UAA has three aviation related scholarships grants; but they have a Collegiate Aviation Scholarship Listing which outlines over 700 aviation scholarship awards. This can be purchased on their website. It may be well worth it to do so too. Go to:


The National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) is a GLBT international organization of aviation enthusiast from around the world whom offers six scholarships grants of $5,000 each. They work through Delta, United and American airlines for these awards. Deadlines are August 1st.

Aviation Scholarships For Women

Below are aviation scholarships specifically for women only.

Whirly Girls Helicopter Training Scholarship

Lots of aviation awards given out by this non-profit educational charitable organization whose focus is on promoting woman in helicopter aviation.


Women in Corporate Aviation

Non profit women’s mentoring association for professionals in corporate and business aviation offers (12) large women awards for aviation studies; and is a must look!


Women in Aviation International Scholarship Listing

(2) $1,500 awards; July 29th deadline.


Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots Scholarships

Offers an overabundance of female aviation scholarships & grants too. Amounts vary but many are $1,500 each. The NNIO are composed of licensed women pilots from over 44 countries who love to fly. They are also a not for profit charitable organization whom has thousands of members. Go read more at:


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