Arthur M Godfrey Aviation Scholarships Grants

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Arthur M Godfrey Aviation Scholarships Grants

The Arthur M Godfrey Aviation Scholarships Grants are great for those looking for flying scholarships to help pay some of their college tuition. They are not for everyone of course because such a small percentage of students are actually serious enough about going into this type of profession.

This is one field of study that is unique, and only for those who hungered for this since they were a child.

Not many students applying for this aviation scholarship would have known who Arthur Godfrey was, or his past history. He was a radio and TV broadcaster and eventually an entertainer in the 1930’s who had an infectious smile and personality.

He was extremely likable and promoted general aviation in that time; especially for Eastern airlines. While in the military “during the 1950’s Arthur Godfrey had flown every airplane in the U.S. Armed Forces inventory”.

It seems to fit nicely that he would sponsor a flying scholarship. A Foundation (The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc.) was formed upon his death to promote and provide his aviation scholarship.

Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc. Flying Scholarships Grants Categories

Two categories of scholarships grants were set up with the Godfrey scholarship. The first one is categorized as A&P Mechanic, The Private Pilot or Light Sport certifications group open to ages 16-20 years old at application time. This is a $10,000 scholarship grant!

The second category is the The Advanced Certification level and is open to ages 18-25 years old at application time. All applicants must have a private pilot license which is current. This scholarship is worth $5,000.

Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Scholarship Guidelines

  • All who enter give theirs rights to their submission to the The Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation, Inc.
  • Both categories use the same submission requirements for this competition
  • If under 18 years of age, you must have parents’ written authorization
  • You can only apply to one category
  • September 1st is the deadline date for submissions

What you must do to win the Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Scholarship

This is the easy part; all you have to do is to submit a video of yourself flying upside down for 5 minutes (no I’m just kidding).

  1. All applicants must develop a video with audio (DVD) which must be at least 12 minutes long and not exceeding 15 minutes in length.
  2. The content of the video is to promote general aviation directed towards an audience of individuals ages 16-20 who are not presently into aviation.
  3. The whole idea of the video is to “help a young person realize their aviation dream”.

This sounds simple enough and even fun too. Those who have a knack for video presentation may do very well on this competition. 12-15 minutes of an aviation promoting video could be worth $5,000 to $ 10,000 to use on college. Seems like a nice trade off to me and time well spent too.

Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Scholarship Judging Criteria to be used

The judges for these aviation scholarships will evaluate the submitted videos based on the following:

Creativity, enunciation in narrative delivery, clarity of picture quality, visual stability, the person narrating must be the applicant, visual and audio quality, and age appropriate message.

If no video submitted fits all of the above then no scholarship will be awarded.

How you must use the Arthur Godfrey Aviation Scholarship if Awarded to You

  • If you win this aviation scholarship you must go through training with an FAA certified instructor within the US.
  • Scholarships expire in 36 months if not used
  • Flying scholarship winners must demonstrate a normal rate of progression to receive future funding.

There are other smaller restrictions which apply and you must read them thoroughly in the submission guidelines at the Arthur M. Godfrey Aviation Foundation scholarship website.

This website is very simple and easy to understand with many people who submitted their questions and comments about this program. They answer them clearly and are very interesting to read, giving you a better understanding of what this Foundation and their scholarship is all about.

Foundation scholarships and grants are high on our list on awards students should not hesitate to apply to, for they are not as difficult in winning as other higher profile student aid programs where you may have hundred times the applicants.

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