Little Known NBAA Aviation Scholarships Grants

Little Known NBAA Aviation Scholarships Grants

Little Known NBAA Aviation Scholarships Grants

The NBAA AVIATION SCHOLARSHIPS GRANTS, supported by the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association), offers various little known scholarships for aviation programs to the aviation scholars as well as working professionals for aviation related studies at various institutions. Annually, the total aviation scholarships grants distributed by the organization is more than $100,000 for various careers in aviation including technicians, flight department managers, flight attendants, schedulers and dispatchers – just to name a few.
Business Aviation; means business aircrafts – average aircraft size is of an SUV with 6 to 8 seating capacity & can fly up to 1000 miles. Some of the well-known business aviation aircrafts are Piston Engine Aircraft, Turboprop Aircraft, Jets and Helicopters.

The NBAA was founded in 1947 and is based in Washington D.C. It is the organization that drives the general aviation aircraft for the various companies – nearly 8000 big and small companies located throughout the US. NBAA also provides various products and services to the business aviation community for the growth & success of this industry.
The organization through its various sponsors provides wide range of programs under two main categories – unknown scholarships in aviation for enrolled students & aviation scholarships for trained professionals working in the aviation industry.

As discussed, there are the below two main categories and the little known scholarships grants in aviation under each below.

Scholarship for students
• Alan H. Conklin Business Aviation Management Scholarship
• Lawrence Ginocchio Aviation Scholarship
• NORDAM Dee Howard/Etienne Fage Scholarship
• UAA Janice K. Barden Scholarship for Aviation
• U.S. Aircraft Insurance Group (USAIG) PDP Scholarship
• William M. Fanning Maintenance Scholarship

Scholarship for working professionals
• Corporate Aviation Management Committee Scholarship
• Donald A. Baldwin Sr. Business Aviation Management Scholarship
• ExxonMobil Aviation and the Avitats International Operators Scholarship
• Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Aviation Scholarship
• Maintenance Technical Reward and Career Aviation Scholarship (TRACS)
• Schedulers & Dispatchers Scholarship in Aviation
• Schedulers & Dispatchers Training Scholarship

Each of the relatively unfamiliar scholarships from the NBAA has separate selection criteria and deadlines for applications. Most of them however do require a transcript from the college/institution. You may email your questions & inquiries to or call 202-783-9250.

The Aviation Industry is one of the largest & amongst the fastest growing industries today and needs talented resources for various activities including aircraft and ground operations. Business aviation deals with the need for transportation solutions for various businesses that they can rely on. In many places, business aviation is the only option available, opening the doors of global commerce for small and medium business community.

The education programs for the aviation industry require a good financial background. This aid is provided through such little known NBAA Scholarship Grant programs and awards. By ensuring multiple aviation awards for multiple categories the organization provides the boost required for the individual as well as industry growth.

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  2. I am a native american physical therapist who resides in central oklahoma. This is the center for native american tribes. However, with the rural areas a difficult find for medical services, the ability to fly to these areas and provide a service that can extend their quality of life. It is very hard to find extra funds with the current market, and I would appreciate any help towards my licenses. Greg Clark, RPT OKLA #2604

  3. Greg,

    for more reading which may help you go to Scholarships for Native Americans & Unclaimed and Unknown Native American Scholarships. Also, contact the state in which you reside…the educational department and ask them for guidance & suggestions which may also help.

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  7. Hi, I am a student Pilot from India. I have completed 30hours of flying and have cleared one examination but I want to learn flying abroad.Is there any scholorship for Indian female pilots that I can apply for…if yes what is the criteria & procedure???

  8. Silver Wings,

    You may want to go to women pilot scholarships that could help you. Also read up on the Delta Avia Scholarship. Read more at Women In Aviation Scholarships.

  9. Need financal assistance to finish my associat science aviation tech. degree have one year left and am a single mother of two boys.

  10. Montral Hamrick

    Hi, Im registried to go to flight school in July 2011. Im short on my aid to go back. Are there any scholarships or grants for anyone in their early 30s. I have a month left. I need help

  11. Montral,

    read about easy scholarships which may help you.

  12. Hi,

    I’ve been looking for a career change for awhile now and I’d like to learn to be a crop duster pilot but the price is more than I can handle. I’m not in college and as of now I work on the river as a licensed towboat pilot which I’ve been for the last fifteen years. Loans are out of the question and due to seasonal layoffs it’ll be that way for a long time. At 38 years old I may have waited too long but I’m hoping not. Are there any grant assistance to help with the cost which I’ve read is around $40K? Everywhere I’ve looked has been a dead end.

  13. William,

    you may want to look into student loans without cosigners. These are government loans and the terms are the best. Here is a list of scholaships which will give you many choices of scholarships to choose from.

  14. sir,
    i am doing BS. Aviation Management from Superior University Lahore, Pakistan. i’m interested to get paid scholarship for my further studies (Masters in Aviation Management). Please tell which are the requirements and where to contact you for further details. and please also tell the deadline of this scholarship program and starting date of session.
    looking for the response.
    best regards
    Lareb Muqeet

  15. Lareb,

    You may email your questions & inquiries to or call 202-783-9250 and they will answer any question you have. Also go here for more. .

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