Scholarships Grants from Many Colleges is Done this Way

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Scholarships Grants from Many Colleges

All colleges offer scholarships grants for all incoming students and they may just fit into them automatically; and students won’t have to apply to them either. Other grants and scholarships you do have to apply to them.

For instance, Saint Mary’ University of Minnesota offers incoming Freshman and Transfer Community & Technical College Scholarships and if students fit into the criteria. The scholarships are awarded at the point of admission, or acceptance. A minimum of 30 credit hours are required for the transfer students. No filling out separate applications for it either.

This is why it is so important for students to apply to the college/colleges they are interested in because they may not know if you fit into them unless you apply to the college itself first.┬áJust because students apply to a college or university doesn’t mean they are obligated to attend them. They can decline acceptance anytime.

Northern Illinois University awarded 4600 of their students a total of 10 million in scholarships grants for the 2015-2016 academic school year.

They also expect to award the same in the 2016-2017 school year too!

NIU goes on to state on their scholarship webpage that you will never know if you can win scholarships & grants unless you apply to them. These are key words students should sit up in their chairs and interpret as: “we have lots of money to give to students this year so apply to see what you can get, because getting scholarships from NIU are easier this year”.

NIU is a good college and does a good job at helping students with student financial aid with scholarships grants, and here’s one more example of it.

Another example of how colleges attract students to their schools with monies they have received from outside source donations or fund-raising from former alumni and whatnot, is from the University of British Columbia and their scholarships & grants. 15 Million was raised from their donors and they gave it right back to incoming students and others too, based on a criteria that covers a broad array of students.

If colleges are trying to increase enrollment because of recent significant declines, this makes it much easier for students to win awards at those schools because the scholarship bar is brought down to allow more students in. All colleges do this in one form or another. This can be done easily with scholarships for athletics, music and dance just to name a few categories; but all categories are effected.

The University of Minnesota has a variety of grants & scholarships that covers incoming, transfer and continuing students at their school. They even have awards called ‘CLA Internship Scholarships’ for those undergraduate students working in an unpaid internship off campus.

As you can see they are making sure all categories of students are getting some sort of financial aid to help them attend the University of Minnesota to insure continued enrollment at their school.

Southern Illinois University offers incoming, freshman, transfer and current student scholarships grants likewise. This covers all student types. They even provide a link for outside scholarships students can apply to which is very helpful too. One is The Princeton Review that offers tips and tricks on being successful at getting scholarships. It’s up to date information so it’s very practical.
The University of Wisconsin Oshkosk offers students a long list of available scholarships outside their college as a courtesy to their students on their scholarship webpage along with indicating that they do have direct scholarships grants given out too.

The list offered by UOWO is extensive too and is worth the look by students looking.

Kent State University has over 700 scholarships grants given to their students every year. Some of these are department specific, while others are offered directly by the financial aids department when evaluating students every year for their student aid. To receive department based awards the individual departs must be contacted and applied to direct.

Students can apply to one application which evaluates them for up to 50 scholarships & grants. Kent state also has many grants which they participate in such as 5 federal grant programs & 3 state programs.

DePaul University has a scholarship webpage that is very good too. It covers many student categories and even has adult, graduate and alumni scholarships available to be applied to.

DePaul hands out 26 million in scholarships and grants every year so its worth a look.

Columbia College in Chicago offers a solid scholarships grants webpage for their students. There are many student awards to apply to which will cover many student categories and criteria.

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