Journalism Scholarships for Journalism Careers

Journalism Scholarships

Journalism Scholarships

If it is your goal to be a professional journalist then this is the article for you because we are going to explore a variety of journalism scholarships in hopes of establishing the right one for you. We all know how important a good journalism scholarship can be so let’s not waste anytime examining your opportunities. Let’s find you a scholarship in journalism today.

The Washington Post Writing Scholarship
The Washington Post High School Writing Seminar and Scholarship Program is based in Washington, D.C. High School seniors have to attend a writing course and when it is over they write a news story. Two news stories will be chosen and each will receive a $2,500 journalism collegescholarship. This process allows you to mingle with actual Washington Post journalists and that in itself makes it worth pursuing. The deadline to apply for this program is February 7th.

The Sigma Corporation of America Scholarship
This scholarship in journalism is available to high school seniors seeking a career in photojournalism or other arts careers. This award is appealing because it is a one time cash award of $5,000 and you get $1,000 worth of Sigma products as well. The deadline for this journalism scholarship is February 15th.

The Ruggles National Right to Work Scholarship for Journalism
This journalism collegescholarship is given annually to undergraduate and graduate students who have displayed they have what it takes to complete the program and can comprehend what voluntarism means. In addition, they must understand the problems associated with compulsory unionism. The deadline for this journalism scholarship is December 31st.

The RTNDF Electronic Journalism Scholarships
College and graduate students pursuing journalism degrees can apply for these scholarships in journalism and receive up to $10,000. This also applies to those seeking journalism careers in radio and television. This journalism scholarship is sponsored by the Radio and Television News Director Foundation and the deadline is May 12th.

The Overseas Press Club Foundation Scholarship
This scholarship is available for graduate and undergraduate students who want to pursue a career as a foreign correspondent. Applicants must provide an essay that describes the area of the world they would love to cover. They can also write an essay about the international topic they feel should get more media coverage. The deadline for the Overseas Press Club Foundation Scholarship in journalism is December 1st.

The Samuel Adams Scholarship for Journalism
This journalism scholarship is sponsored by the Patrick Henry College, which was founded in 2000. They offer one $10,000 and two $5,000 scholarships or applicants desiring to attend the PHC Journalism program. This Christian college is designed for students with outstanding character and academic excellence. These journalism scholarships are funded privately. The Deadline for this scholarship is December 1st.

The National Press Club Scholarship For Journalism Diversity
The key to being a successful journalist today is diversity. This journalism college scholarship is sponsored by the National Press Club. The applicant can win $2,000 the first year and then have it renewed an additional 3 years at $2,500. There is also a $500 payment the first year to help with your books. How cool is that? This scholarship in journalism is designed for high school seniors who are seeking a journalism career. The deadline for this application is March 1st.

The Richard G. Zimmerman Journalism Scholarship
Richard G. Zimmerman was a long time member of the prestigious National Press Club. When he died in 2008 he left an endowment for this journalism scholarship geared towards those high school seniors pursuing a journalism career. This scholarship in journalism provides a one time award of $5,000. The deadline for this award is March 1st.

We sincerely hope that this article assists you in finding scholarships for journalism that will get you started on an amazing career as a journalist.


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