Colorado Christian University Scholarships and Grants

Colorado Christian University Scholarships and Grants

Colorado Christian University Scholarships

Consider college Christian scholarships from Colorado Christian University if you are a Christian looking for a pristine college setting and outstanding scholarships for Christian students. Here’s why. Colorado Christian University has been in existence for almost a century. Located in Lakewood, Colorado – the campus is nestled comfortably close to the Rocky Mountains making attending college here surreal to say the lest. The city of Denver can be reached in a matter of minutes as well. The University is interdenominational and it is estimated that 85% of the 3,400 undergraduate students receive some type of aid financially. This typically involves University Christian scholarships, loans or grants.

The University offers all the basic academic programs and is fully accredited. CCU offers many affiliate campuses throughout the state. Colorado Christian University is guided by Christian principles. Their mission is to Honor Christ, to teach the Bible, and to teach students to think for themselves. In addition, they want the students to be able to communicate effectively so that they may become invaluable assets in our society.

CCU Christain Scholarships and Grants
It is the intension of Colorado Christian University to provide scholarships based on financial need, service to the community, individual talent, and ability to lead. Eligibility is determined in regards to the initial enrollment year. In order for a student to be eligible; it is imperative that they submit their application for submission and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the March 1st deadline of the enrollment year.

Academic Scholarships for First-Time Freshman
Colorado Christian University offers numerous scholarships to First-Time Freshman. The students must remain constantly enrolled for the 4 year period of their undergraduate studies to maintain eligibility. Determination for the Christian college scholarships is based on GPA scores and SAT or ACT test scores from the high school the student last attended. It should be known that if your GPA scores were only fair; strong test scores could offset that problem. Let’s look at their Christian university scholarships that are available:
• $10,000 Trustees’ Scholarship ($40,000 total for 4 year program) – In order to qualify for this scholarship the applicant must have received a SAT II score of 1,860 or a ACT score of 28. In addition, they must have carried a 3.8 GPA in High School. In order to keep the scholarship they would have to carry a 3.5 GPA at CCU.
• $8,000 President’s Scholarship (A four year total of $32,000) – Eligibility requires an SAT II score of 1,650 or a 28 ACT score. The High School GPA must have been 3.8 and a 3.3 GPA must be maintained at CCU.
• $7,000 Dean’s Scholarship (4 year total of $28,000) – For this scholarship the SAT II requirement is 1,530 or an ACT score of 22. The student should have carried a 3.4 GPA in High School and will be expected to maintain a 3.2 GPA at CCU.
• $5,000 Honors Scholarship ($20,000 total over 4 years) – The SAT II score here can be 1,410. The ACT score can be 20 and the High School GPA 3.0. A 3.2 GPA must be maintained at CCU.

Colorado Christian University offers scholarships directed at Transfer Students
If a transfer student has acquired at least 15 college credits since High School, then that GPA will be accessed for the scholarship. However, if the student has less than 15 college credits their High School GPA will be used. Let’s review the Christian scholarships for transfer students:
• $8,000 Transfer Scholarship 1 ($4,000 each semester) – Prospective transfer students must have a 3.5 GPA and maintain at least 3.3 at CCU.
• $6,000 Transfer Scholarship 2 ($3,000 each semester) – Transfer students must have a 3.25 GPA and maintain at least 3.2 at CCU.
• $4,000 Transfer Scholarship 3 ($2,000 each semester) – Transfer students must have a 3.0 GPA and maintain a 3.0 at CCU.

Additional Colorado Christian University Grants and Scholarships that are not repayable are offered to undergraduate students as well. Let’s review these opportunities:
• Colorado Christian University Grant – This grant is based on financial need. The requirements and benefit amount vary from year to year.
• Athletics Scholarship – These amounts vary as well and are offered to student athletes. The athletes must be recommended by the CCU Athletics Department and typically satisfactory academic progress must be maintained.
• Music Performance Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded to students with exceptional ability in music. Applicants must join the CCU Band or Choir and must pass an audition. The award amount varies and the student must maintain progress in their academics.
• Partner Initiative Scholarships – Many Christian churches and ministries, along with other Christian schools and organizations, have partnered with CCU to offer financial opportunities for students in need.
• First Generation Minority Student Scholarship – The competition is fierce for this scholarship. It is designed for minority students who are in financial need. This is for students whose parents did not attend college.

As you can see Colorado Christian University offers a variety of scholarships and grants for Christian students designed to offer them a helping hand and to make attending their university as financially worry free as possible. They really try and help students cover their college tuition and their student aid record proves this to be the case. With the beautiful views surrounding this campus students would have a hard time not wanting to a part of all CCU has to offer. For more information about scholarship and grants opportunities at CCU visit Colorado Christian University Scholarships and Grants

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