How to Win Music Scholarships

Winning Music Scholarships

Winning Music Scholarships

Do you have musical talent? Are you planning to attend college? You need to know about music scholarships and how to get them – especially if you will minor or major in musical studies of any nature in college. The competition for these scholarships for music can be fairly intent, and many are awarded through various contests. As a musical student, you are probably eligible for more music education scholarships than you may realize.

First, you must pay attention to the fact that music students have the highest GPAs and do the best on their SATs and other tests than non-music students do. Most music students receive more academic honors than other students, and this alone will make you eligible for countless random scholarships outside of the field of music as well. You need to take advantage of all of those random scholarship opportunities. As a music student, you are not limited to music scholarships alone. You are only limited to all of the scholarships that you are eligible for as a whole.

One of the first music scholarships that you need to apply for is the Attrus C. Fleming Music Scholarship, which is awarded in the amount of $1000 to a graduating high school senior who will attend college with music as a major or a minor. If you play an instrument, make sure that you enter the Glenn Miller Scholarship Competition. The winners of this competition are awarded $4500, $2000, and $1000.

You also need to seek out music scholarships that are more specific. Examples include music scholarships for veterans, for those who are disabled, for those who play the drum, for viola music, for music education, for composers, for church music, and more. Narrow down your musical type and field, and start looking for music scholarship opportunities that match, as this seriously narrows the competition, making it more feasible for you to win.

If you are applying specifically for music scholarships, you need to stand out from the crowd. Make sure that your applications are perfect in every way, and that samples of your music that must be submitted are as professional and clean as possible. Do not settle for any glitches in the recordings or anything of this nature. Always keep in mind that you have competition, and the competition will be just as good as and possibly even better than you are.

Make sure that you discuss scholarship opportunities with your music instructors. This may be a music teacher, choir director, band leader or other musical instructor. Often, they can recommend scholarship programs to you, and in some cases, they may recommend you for various scholarships. Make sure that you tap as many music organizations as you can for scholarship money as well.

For information regarding the Attrus C. Fleming Music Scholarship, you should visit For information concerning the Glenn Miller Scholarship Competition. Another great place to find more specialized music scholarships is the Music Scholarships website. At this site, you will be able to narrow down your search for these scholarships for music considerably, based on numerous other factors.

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