College Scholarships for Hispanics


Hispanic Scholarships

There are plenty of college scholarships for Hispanics, so find out those that you may qualify for. Some of them are specific for a given type of education. Many of them though are either financial need based or they can be used for any type of accredited college program that you may wish to consider.

The largest entity that offers them is the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Most of the minority scholarships they offer are for first generation students, but not all of them. It is a good idea to check out what they offer. They have scholarships for Hispanics that are need based, those that are based on academic achievements, and some that are for a specific field of study.

Due to the variations of what the Hispanic Scholarship Fund offers, there are different deadlines and different requirements for them. The dollar amount that can be awarded will also depend on the specific scholarship that a person applies for. It is a good idea to check this site out often so that deadlines and requirements aren’t overlooked that could prevent you from getting money you need for college.

The League of United Latin American Citizens National Scholarship Fund (LULAC) has been in place since 1929. One of their main goals is to be able to raise funds and provide scholarships for Hispanics. The amount of money that they award annually and the number of minority scholarships depends on how much money they have to offer.

Applications are taken from January 1st through April 15th. Those that will receive the scholarships are notified in June. The typical allotment ranges from $1,000 to $2,500. Students must demonstrate a financial need, potential for college success, and community contributions.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation offers Hispanic scholarships that have shown excellence in high school academically. They also look for community activities and leadership roles. The applicants need to be enrolling in a college program in the areas of education, public health, science, engineering, and more.

This minority scholarship is just one of many that the Gate’s Foundation offers annually. They select 25 individuals and the awards are $2,000 each. Those funds can be renewed for up to four years as long as the individual remains in good standing with their college. Applications are taken from October 1st through January 10th. Awards are for the school semester beginning the following fall.

If writing is something you enjoy, there are college scholarships for Hispanics in this category too. One of them is the Coca Cola Live Positive Hispanic Scholarship Essay Contest. Applications are available from April 6th through May 3rd. Those that have been selected will be notified in June, with the funds to be used for college that fall.

All applications must be either employed by Coca Cola or a descendent of such an employee. They award 25 Hispanic scholarships annually for $1,500 each. The theme of the essay changes from year to year.

The HSF/Sendero al Futuro Scholarship Program is one that Hispanic individuals should be checking into. Applications are taken from February 1st through March 31st. These minority scholarships are for community college programs that are accredited.

Many scholarships for Hispanics also depend on their status or enrollment in various organizations. There is a minority scholarship offered for members of children of members of HACEMOS. Applications are taken from October 22 through March 3. Winners are notified in June.

This is a scholarship for Hispanics that allows for the educational goals of many students to be realized. The number of awards varies from year to year depending on how much money they have and the number of applicants. The awards can range from $1,500 to $2,500.

There are various minority scholarships for Hispanics out there to apply too – if you fit into this category. It is up to you do take action and to apply for them. By doing so, you will find you are able to get the funding for college. Then you can have a bright future with the type of career that you look forward to taking part in day after day.

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