HENAAC Scholarship for Hispanics


HENAAC Scholarship

The Great Minds in STEM scholarship or HENAAC Scholarship Program offers students the opportunity to get funding for college that they may really need. As you explore the history of these programs and what they offer, you can see why so many people turn to them for the possibility of getting a minority scholarship to pay for their college education.

The HENAAC Scholarship Program are designed to help achieve the vision for keeping leaders in the USA strong in the fields of technology, science, math, and engineering. Part of that vision is to make sure such leaders are there in committees currently considered to be under served.

Studies show that many Hispanics aren’t able to secure the support or funding that they need to complete their college education. This STEM scholarship program is specifically designed to offer them the support and help with the cost so that they can pursue an area of study that can significantly assist them with their future goals. A high number of Hispanic students that enter these areas of study are also graduating, which is a sign that such a program does work.

The mission of these HENAAC scholarship funds is to offer an opportunity for those that wish to earn their education in such a field of study. Inspiring and motivating students that are struggling to find funding to pay for college is part of the process. Being able to share information with parents, students, educators, and communities about the funds available is very important.

HENAAC Scholars Program has been around for about 10 years, and in that period of time mover than 100 STEM students have been able to get educational minority scholarships and grants for college. For 2011 there is over $200,000 that will be offered in scholarship funds. The amounts of the HENAAC scholarships vary – from $500 to $8,500 per recipient. The number of these Hispanic scholarships that are annually awarded depend on the dollar amounts given.

Applications for Great Minds Scholarship Program are taken from January 1st through May 1st each year. Some of the applicants are in undergraduate programs while others are in a graduate program. All applicants must be in an accredited education program. Applicants must be Hispanic to be eligible for the HENAAC scholarships.

Applicants must also be pursuing an education in the areas of applied science, engineering, math, or computer science. Along with the application, students must send their transcripts, at least two letters of recommendation, a resume, and an essay. Only one application is required to be considered for at least 26 different HENAAC scholarships that are offered through various sponsors of the Great Minds in STEM Scholarship.

Applicants must show they have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. They also have to show community involvement and examples of student leadership. The other specifics vary based on the specific scholarship criteria by the sponsors of those funds.

Individuals that have submitted a completed application will get a confirmation by May 31st. In July the scholarship selection committee will determine the recipients and the dollar amounts to award them. Any recipients of such scholarships will be notified by August 12th. A complete list of all winners will be posted on their website by August 12th as well.

In October the Great Minds in STEM Scholarship will be presented at the Annual HENAAC Conference. The location and dates vary by year, but for 2011 it will be at Lake Buena Vista, Florida. All recipients will have their registration and hotel accommodations paid for. Some students that qualify will also be able to get assistance paying for their transportation to and from the conference.

As the support for this Hispanic scholarships for minority students continues to grow, more sponsors are getting on board. As a result, it is anticipated that within the next 5 years there will be at least an additional $50,000 offered through the HENAAC Scholarship Program.


  1. How do I apply?

  2. Maria,

    click on the link near the bottom of the webpage in the article – HENAAC Scholarship.

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