Finding Minority Scholarships for College

Scholarships for Minority Students

Minority Scholarships

Are you a member of a minority group? If you are, and you will be getting a college education, you need to know how to find minority scholarships. Scholarship funds are vital when it come to paying for your education, and as a minority, there are countless college scholarships for minority students available to you. You will want to apply to as many minority scholarship programs as possible because if you don’t apply you will have no chance at winning. Treat the minority scholarship application process as a job and if you seem to fit the criteria – apply! The process of selecting minority scholarship applicants tends to be surprising at times.

The first step in finding minority college scholarships is to narrow down which minority groups you belong to. You may belong to more than one minority group. For example, if you are a Hispanic female, you belong to two minority groups – women and Hispanics. If you are also disabled, you belong to yet another minority group. You can find minority scholarships that are only available to each of these three specific minority groups to help fund your education.

Once you have identified the minorities that you belong to, you are ready to start your search. Start with the organizations that exist for the purpose of educating the public about your minority, or for the purpose of drawing your particular community together. For example, if you are disabled, you might start with the ADA website. From there, you should visit websites that are associated with your specific disability. Find out as much information as you can about the minority scholarship programs that are offered through these organizations, and apply for as many as you are eligible for.

Continue by looking at the websites of organizations that relate to any other minority group that you are a member of, continuing to apply for all of the scholarship program opportunities for which you are eligible, and then combine your minorities as they relate to you, in an effort to find specific organizations for those combined minority groups that offer minority scholarship programs. For example, there are organizations for that exist to serve blind Hispanic youth, and they do offer scholarships.

Minority scholarships are great, in that they are actually easier to get than other types of scholarships because fewer people are applying. Meeting the criteria to be considered a member of the minority group, however, is not enough to win you a minority scholarship. You must meet additional eligibility criteria as well, which may mean that you have to hold a certain GPA, have been involved in your community, and even that you have contributed in some way to help your minority group. The criteria will be different from one minority scholarship program to the next, but if you work hard, and you look hard, you can essentially find and win enough minority college scholarships to fund your entire college education.

Make sure that you step outside of your minority status or statuses for scholarship opportunities as well, taking advantage of scholarships that are offered for academic achievement, special skills or talents, for abused children, if that applies to you, for those who were raised and educated in certain geographical locations, and more. Unknown college scholarships are essential when it comes to paying for your education, and you need to get all of the random scholarships for which you are eligible, and this means that you must look at everything there is about you, and search for finding scholarships that apply.

List of Minority Scholarships

  1. Bill Gates Scholarship
  2. Target scholarship
  3. LULAC Scholarship
  4. African American Scholarships
  5. Apple scholarships
  6. Walmart Scholarships
  7. Oprah Winfrey Scholarship
  8. Mexican scholarships
  9. Google Scholarships
  10. Sallie Mae Scholarships for Minorities


  1. thank you for the help and information.

  2. Thank you! We do try and help as best as we can by unearthing all the various scholarships we can find and write about them so everyone who reads about them may apply for chance to receive one! We try to do all the research for you – it saves you’all a lot of time.

  3. Evans John Arek

    Thanks want to pursue law at Harvard have no fees am poor come com Asembo Kenya

  4. Evans,

    best bet is to apply to see if you qualify – that’s the only way. Have you looked into bursaries from your government educational website to apply? They are need based.

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