AMVETS Veteran College Scholarships

AMVETS College Scholarships for VeteransThe AMVETS Veteran College scholarships have military scholarships for existing Veterans offered through two colleges along with their main national AMVETS program. These colleges offer the AMVETS scholarships to active military, sons/daughters/grandchildren of the Veteran. Even if the Veteran is deceased, his family is still eligible for the AMVETS Veterans college scholarships. AMVETS has partnered with two colleges – Devry University & the University of Phoenix who offer their support in providing educational Veteran scholarships for college.  Also; Kaplan University has teamed up with AMVETS in providing huge college tuition discounts for Veterans and their families, but they offer no Veteran scholarships. Kaplan’s program is well worth the time looking into if no Veteran scholarship opportunities present themselves. Below are the two colleges offering Veteran scholarships through the AMVETS.

AMVETS & Devry University Veterans College Scholarships
Devry scholarships for Veterans offer a solid AMVETS scholarship package doling out (10) Veterans scholarships each semester and total of $1,000 per semester for a whopping $9,000 total for the full cost of the degree program the applicant has selected. If a student is attending classes part time (6-11 credit hours for undergraduate coursework) then they are eligible to receive half the AMVETS scholarship amount ($4,500). These AMVET scholarships are for Veterans as well as their spouses & children. All applicants must meet the following to apply to the Devry AMVETS scholarships for Veterans: US citizen, child or spouse of Veteran, no drug convictions, nostudent loan defaults, cannot qualify for Devry’s Active-Duty Military Tuition Rate, must be accepted to Devry’s programs & must apply to them, demonstration of financial need and cannot presently be receiving tuition reimbursement from another source. You cannot be employees or family members of AMVETS National Headquarters or DeVry University. This keeps the selection process unbiased. In order to receive the Devry AMVETS scholarship, a student must have started classes at least (2) semesters prior to the award, and application deadlines are February, June & September. A very low 2.0 GPA is only required to apply. A comprehensive essay must be written on your choice of the following questions:

  • What higher education means to me.
  • My long term career goal is…
  • america needs to support Veterans and the active duty because…

The AMVETS Scholarship Committee will select all winners. Additional questions for the AMVETS Devry scholarship program call toll free at 877-726-8387 or email at

AMVETS & University of Phoenix Veterans College Scholarships
This AMVETS scholarship for Veterans offered by the University of Phoenix is outstanding to say the least because The UOP awards (50) $4,000 AMVETS scholarships to active military, veterans and their families. The UOP shows great appreciation to those who have served in the US military and these scholarships for Veterans substantiate their beliefs. Those who apply must fall into one of the following categories: presently active member of US military which includes Reserves & National Guard, veteran who was honorably discharged, child under (21) years of age or full time student under 23 years old, spouse of Veteran. All applicants cannot be receiving full tuition coverage from any other provider. Only US citizens are allowed to apply to the AMVETS scholarship. This Veteran scholarship will not allow anyone to apply if they are employees or family members of employees of the AMVETS, University of Phoenix, Western International University, Institute for Professional Development, Apollo Group Inc., or any subsidiary of Apollo Group, Inc. The UOP wants to keep these awards as free of any type of favoritism towards applicants as possible. An essay must be written by all applicants on ‘one’ of the following (3) questions:

  • What a higher education means to me.
  • America needs to support Veterans and the active duty military because…
  • My long term goal is…

The first (300) applications that are received are only consider, so make sure you send your UOP AMVETS application in before on or before August 1st. For more information you can email your questions to

Kaplan University AMVETS offer Tuition Discount for Veterans
Offers 34% tuition discount for Veterans & 53% for active duty/reserve/guard units. AMVETS members get a 10% tuition discount for their family members. Students can earn a degree using military benefits. Kaplan university has over (100) online degree programs in which to choose from, and one can get a degree from the comfort of your own home. Kaplan claims to have the ‘same institutional accreditation as the country’s leading universities and colleges’ & states they know how to work with the Veterans educational needs. You can call 866.484.8520 to get more information.

It seems like there should be more colleges & universities offering Veteran college scholarships, and I’m sure there is, but the above colleges work through the AMVETS scholarships for Veterans program exclusively.


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